Wonderful Whittlesea: Where You Are More Than Welcome

Ocean road in Victoria Australia

Ocean road in Victoria AustraliaLocated in Melbourne’s north section, the city of Whittlesea in Victoria is a large yet humble municipality. It is about 20 km away from the central business district and is known for its picturesque rural area.

Despite its quiet and humble image, Whittlesea is actually a growing residential destination. In fact, it is one of Australia’s fastest-growing municipalities. The city welcomes around 8,000 new community members each year. That’s around 156 new neighbours per week!

What really makes Whittlesea a prime location to move into? Here are some reasons.

It is Building its Residential Locations

To accommodate the overwhelming number of people moving into the city, developers are strategically creating communities in and around it. This explains the fast growth of the real estate in Whittlesea, Victoria.

There are currently 68,000 houses, but this number is expected to almost double in the next 18 years. By that time, the city will be home to more than 27,000 families, amounting to a whopping 72% surge.

It Welcomes All Cultures

One of the most interesting things about Whittlesea is that it is home to people of different races and cultural backgrounds. This creates a diverse and colourful mix of people peacefully living in a close-knit community.

According to their official website, the city is one of Victoria’s most multicultural municipalities. In fact, over 40% of its people speak a language other than English. Some residents are from Italy, Greece, Macedonia and India.

It Offers Various Attractions for Everyone

Whittlesea offers a wide range of attractions and places for recreation for families and children, hobbyists as well as adventure-seekers. The place has golf and bowling clubs if you want to test your skills on weekends.

For families, the Funfield theme park and the Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre are must-sees. Forest adventure parks and farms are also open for those who want to get close to nature. Art exhibitions are also regularly held.

Other than the many things to see and places to visit in Whittlesea, the city is a promising location to build a life in. It is definitely a place to check out when looking for a new community to be part of.