Why You Should Insulate Your Home During Construction

Ceiling with insulation installed

Ceiling with insulation installedYou stand a better chance of enjoying the home owning experience if you can keep the costs low from the get-go. Other than taking an affordable mortgage, you should bear in mind other recurring costs such as the utility bills. See, you’re likely to incur up to $2,000 a year in energy bills.

Heating and cooling the home is likely to account for over 40% of this tab. With proper new home insulation, you can lower your energy bills. It takes a considerably lower amount of energy to heat or cool such a house.

Proper Duct Installation

A central air conditioning unit is the most efficient way to control a home’s temperature. It gives you greater control of your home’s environment, and with proper installation, you can keep your energy bills affordable. Central air conditioners use a system of ducts to distribute air throughout the house.

For the best results, you need to install these ducts during the construction process. Poorly installed ducts are subject to leaks and holes, wasting about 20% of your expensive conditioned air. That means you’ll have a hard time making the house comfortable regardless of the settings on the thermostat.

Better Air Quality

Other than paying for themselves in energy savings, properly installed ducts improve the quality of indoor air. Since they are properly sealed, such ducts lockout dust, pollutants, and allergens from dusty attics from circulating in the home. When you have a leaky duct system, you’ll have to contend with the musty smells from damp crawlspaces, which puts your health at risk.

Dust and allergens circulating in the home aggravate allergies and asthma problems. With proper installation, you can keep your home comfortable and sidestep costly hospital bills. You’ll also avoid the larger problem of back drafting where combustion gases from home appliances are drawn get into the ventilation system.

In addition to keeping your energy bills low and affordable, insulating your house during the construction process bears considerable benefits. It keeps your air conditioning trouble free while supplying you with clean, fresh air.