Why Never Forgo Your Chances of Hiring a Credible Legal Defense

lawyer defending accused in courtMany things may come as a surprise. You’re busy going about your day, unaware that you’ve been accused of a crime in the court of law. In such a case, as criminal defense attorneys in Kent explain, a judge will issue a warrant for your arrest that authorizes the police to launch a search.

It’s at such a time that patrol cars show up in front of your house with the alarms wailing. Understandably, you would be shocked beyond measures by such a development. And that’s where many people go wrong. They panic and forget to call a lawyer.

Not an admission of guilt

One thing you need to realize is the police are not your friends when you’ve been accused of a crime. Meaning, underhand negotiations are a no-no. They’re merely doing what they’re trained to do — to arrest bad guys or those who are accused. If you’re bundled in the back of patrol car, fingerprinted, and later herded into an interrogation room, then you may have done something wrong.

If you don’t have a skilled lawyer by your side, the interrogators can trick you into incriminating yourself. Once the Miranda Rights are read out to you, you’re better off requesting for a lawyer. Regardless of what the police might tell you, hiring an attorney is not an admission of guilt — it is a right.

Beat illegally obtained evidence

The Fourth Amendment is your ally when you’ve been accused of a crime with illegally obtained evidence. The police have no right to tap your phone or search your premises without a warrant from the court of law.

However, there are times when they cut corners and do it anyway. In such an event, they’ll come at you with the hopes that you crack and give them credible evidence. A seasoned lawyer can see through this charade and call their bluff.

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of having a credible attorney by your side when facing a criminal charge. It makes the difference between whether the charges stick or they are dropped off as quickly as they were brought up.