Water To The Rescue: 6 Injuries Water Can Fix

Minor Injuries Having a few scrapes here and there is normal, especially with children, but these minor injuries can pose risks when not attended to at once.

Emergency help will not always be available and most minor injuries can be treated on your own – sometimes even with something as simple as water at hand.


Minor burns mostly heal on their own, but the pain can be unbearable. Apply a cold compress to keep the pain at bay and wrap it loosely with a clean cloth.

Never use butter to rub it in the affected area as it may only slow down the healing process.

Frozen Skin

As with a frozen skin, on the contrary, do not run it over with hot water that may only cause further harm. A warm compress will suffice. Make one by soaking a clean towel in warm water and pressing it against the skin.


On top of over-the-counter medication/s, drink fluids when you have a fever to help regulate your temperature.

Cuts and Wounds

Wash over any cuts or wounds you may have with running water. These may and they will be good portals of entry for microorganisms to cause an infection, no matter how small a cut is.

Washing them with still water will only increase the chance of the bacteria going back into the broken skin.

The same should be done when a foreign object comes in contact with your eyes or at least when you feel like there is a foreign object in your eye.


A cold compress will constrict the veins around the sprained area, which is perfect to decrease swelling – exactly why warm compress is not advised, as it will only promote inflammation.


Drinking a lot and a lot more water can bring about vomiting.

(To induce vomiting is not the first advisable step to treating poisoning by ingestion. Do so only if you are sure it is safe or if advised by your local poison department.)

Following these steps will slow the progression of the injury or take the pain away immediately, at least for the time being, to buy you more time to get more appropriate help. Taking a first aid training course from Australia Wide First Aid in Sydney, Australia can give you more knowledge, especially when you have not much of a background in the medical field.

In the end, the best medicine is not laughter, but prevention.