Understanding the True Causes of Eating Disorders

Man Suffering From Eating DisorderEating disorders are a threat that cuts across the gender and age table. Contrary to the belief of many, eating disorders not only affect young people who are conscious of their self-image. Eating disorders can affect older people who have little regard to how they look.

Even though specialists are studying the causes of eating disorders in places like Colorado Springs, they were only able to relate the cause of eating disorders to three factors.

  • Biological factors
  • Psychological status
  • Environmental conditions

Biological Factors Leading to Eating Disorders

Biological factors are the strongest cause of eating disorders and can affect anyone. The underlying conditions range from irregular hormonal function to nutritional deficiencies. Another heavily contented biological cause of eating disorders is linked to genetics. The jury is, however, still out deliberating on exactly how genetics lead to eating disorders.

Psychological Status and Eating Disorders

This is by far the most recognized cause of eating disorders. Negative body image leads to poor self-esteem forcing someone to either binge eat to gain weight or avoid food in order to cut weight and attain the ideal figure.

Anorexia is the most common psychological eating. Anorexic people are obsessed with what they eat and can easily starve themselves into shape.

Environmental Factors

The environment you live in might affect how often you eat and what you eat. A dysfunctional or poor family setting might not be in a position to supply the right food to everyone. Some careers like ballet might promote thin slender bodies might push someone into anorexia.

With so many factors leading to eating disorders, it is clear to see why the condition can affect virtually anyone. Eating disorder diagnosis is on a behavioral basis. No lab tests are required. This means that you can either self-diagnose or diagnose a loved one who has been subject to the above factors from the comfort of your home. You, however, need expert help to verify the conditions and implement a successful therapy plan to fully recover from the condition.