Types of Documents Required for International Shipping

fragile package in a boxThanks to the internet, the world is a global village now. You can hence expand your business beyond your location’s physical borders. In this case, international shipping becomes essential to your business.

International shipping is however not as easy as sending products to your clients abroad. There are various documents involved in international shipping which are best handled by a freight forwarder in the Philippines. Here are some of these documents.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice comprises the bill to your buyer. This document includes all the particulars of your transaction. These include your details, product information, currency, cost and your consignee’s details.

The state or government of your product’s destination typically uses your commercial invoice to assess the customs duties and tariffs you need to pay for your shipment.

Packing List

A packing list includes your product’s gross and net weights and dimensions in metric and US imperial measurements. This vital document identifies all the markings which appear on your package.

Any special instructions which ensure the safe handling and delivery of your shipment are also included on the packing list.

Certificates of Origin

A certificate of origin is an essential document in most countries to identify where a shipment comes from. The consulate office or chamber of commerce of the shipment’s country of origin signs this document in most cases for a small fee.

You might be eligible for some tariff rate reductions depending on the good you are shipping. You might also need other country-specific certificates that serve a similar purpose depending on the shipment’s destination.

These documents might seem easy to get and handle, but they are not for a novice. Any issues with the papers will lead to delays and sometimes legal consequences with your shipment.

These delays will make you lose customer confidence and essential repeat business opportunities. With a freight forwarder, however, you are sure that your delivery will get to its destination safely and punctually.