Two-Step Tactic That Doubles the Impact of Your Video Marketing

Online Marketing

Video content is a great tool to engage users and drive traffic to your website, as well as social media profiles. However, not all digital marketers know how to use videos to their fullest potential. If you’re one of those who struggles to get more views on their video content, here are several tips for you:

Hook the Viewers in the First Three to Seven Seconds

Nowadays, people have a shorter span of attention, and they quickly click away once they get bored. So, the challenge for video marketers is not only that they should catch the attention of the viewers, but to make the audience hooked for the whole duration of the video, as well.  To achieve that, make sure that your video has interesting visuals, strong message, and clear audio. It will also help if the video has an interesting thumbnail, bold subtitles, compelling or witty caption, and a first few seconds of eye-catching shots, according to Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting. This way, the video will stand out among other content on a website or a social media feed.

Engage with Your Viewers

Video marketing doesn’t stop after you post and optimize your video content. You also need to engage your viewers for two key reasons: one is to signal social media platform algorithms that you’ve posted a quality content, and another is to encourage viewers to view your other video content, too.

With Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms, a video would stay on top of the newsfeed if it appeared engaging (with a lot of likes and comments) from the time it was posted. Hence, it is crucial that you reply to the comments so you can engage the viewers in a lengthy discussion, encouraging them to put more comments in the video content. But every time you reply to your audience, remember to promote your other content, as well.

Try the strategies mentioned above, and you’ll see significant improvements in your video marketing campaign. You’ll increase the viewership, drive more traffic to your targeted site, and even make your videos go viral.