Tips for Getting Through Divorce

Gavel and legal documents

Gavel and legal documentsDivorce can be difficult for everyone involved. The legal and administrative processes take place alongside emotional ones and this can make it tricky to see things in a clear and practical way. This is why it is often prudent to involve a professional, impartial party to help sort things out.

Choosing good family solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew & Andrew, can help the whole process progress more smoothly. The right firm will have a team that is skilled at communication and digging out the important details from what can seem like a cloud of emotions and information.

There are some strategies to bear in mind when going through divorce. Family solicitors in Portsmouth can help with these:

  • Don’t hide anything – it may be tempting for someone to conceal assets or savings. If discovered, it can reflect badly on the client if the case goes to court;
  • Don’t try to have everything – divorce is a process of compromise and adherence to legal guidelines. It is better if a dispute during separation does not need to go to court but, if it does, the solicitor will be able to make a case for anything their client may be entitled to;
  • Don’t try to give everything away – if there are issues that someone feels guilty about then it can be tempting to give up all rights in order to make reparation. However, this doesn’t heal emotional troubles and can leave one party severely disadvantaged;
  • Do prioritise children’s need – the welfare of any children involved needs to be the central consideration when it comes to divorce. Their upkeep, living arrangements and access to each parent needs to be addressed;
  • Do dig out any records of agreements or purchases – if there is any debate, evidence is very helpful. If it comes down to one party’s word against another, it may not be clear how a judge will rule;

Do talk to family solicitors in Portsmouth – solicitors are familiar with the nuances of divorce. They can help clients get the results they want. The more detail they have, the more likely it is that they will be able to build a strong case.