Things to Do with Family in Albuquerque

Blue fish in aquariumTouring Albuquerque with kids might limit your options. There are many exotic sides of this bristling town you won’t see, but, apart from the crowd favorite Cliff’s Amusement Park, there is an equal share of family-friendly destinations that will keep your family’s spirits high throughout.

Don’t sweat it trying to plan that holiday without some help. Here is a quick list of things to do with the family in Albuquerque to nudge you in the right direction.

The Immaculate Albuquerque Aquarium

Albuquerque taps into the rich Rio Grande and brings you closer to a wide range of aquatic life. This will be your chance to watch and pose with bamboo sharks and stingrays as well as witness barracudas carouse in the clear waters of the Rio Grande.

The Sandia Tram

This amazing tram line is not only the longest in the world but also a great way to see the sprawling Albuquerque as you go up the Sandia Mountains.

The 2.7-mile trip will take you to a 10,378 feet elevation where you can either just soak in a view or visit the Sandia Ranger Station to learn more about the mountain trails, animals, and plants.

The Rio Grande Zoo

If your kids have never come across exotic animals like elephants, giraffes, and polar bears, the Rio Grande Zoo is the place to be.

The 64-acre establishment has more than ample space for your kids to run about and blow some steam as they view the animals, eat snacks or food from the Cottonwood Café and ride camels all day long.

The Balloon Museum

The final destination should be at the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum where you can let your kids hop into a balloon basket for a virtual gondola ride. If you get your timing right, you can drop in just in time for the fall International Balloon Fiesta event.

This is just but the tip of an iceberg. There is so much you can do with the family and kids in Albuquerque. All you need is to know the juicy destinations and the events that will be as interesting to the kids as they are intriguing to you.