The Taming of the Shrub: Simple Gardening Ideas for the Busy Homeowner

Beautiful garden with different flowers

Beautiful garden with different flowersA beautiful garden can start to look unkempt after a few months without garden maintenance. If a busy lifestyle prevents you from regularly tending to your garden, it may be completely overgrown by the next time you have time to see to your garden.

2nd Chances Ltd, a London-based team of specialists in waste clearance services, notes that a well-maintained garden not only creates a good impression on your visitors but also enhances your home’s kerb appeal. It may take some time, effort, and help, but you can still turn the situation around. If you plan your garden overhaul and restoration properly, you can have a stunning garden that won’t grow wild while your back is turned.

Down Low and Up High

Perennials, such as lily of the valley and daisy, may seem like a good investment. After all, they can live for a long time and comes in a variety of sizes, flower colours, and bloom times. Take note, however, that they can take over your garden if left alone for too long. If you’re set on having flowering perennials in your garden, then it’s best to keep them contained in planters.

Herbs are great choices for your garden, too. Basil and mint can grow with practically zero maintenance, although mint does tend to grow wild if planted in the ground and left unchecked.

Trees, meanwhile, may be slow-growing but they come with a huge payoff. Fully-grown trees offer privacy and may even bear fruit. Consider the eventual height and shape of a tree before planting it, though, to avoid invading your neighbour’s space.

Sticks and Stones

A garden is made up of more than just plants. Metal, wooden, or stone ornaments can help fill out your garden while you’re waiting for your plants to grow.

A gravel or stone walkway is not only low-maintenance but also acts as a contrast to all the vegetation. Decorative garden rocks, therefore, are great for creating a border around your plants. You can also use it to either camouflage or complement the pots and planters in your garden.

It’s also important to choose a fence that will enhance the beauty of your garden. A hedge bordering your garden looks great but would require more maintenance, for instance.

Creating a low-maintenance garden means carefully thinking about the plants you want to grow and the ornaments you want to use. The greater time and effort you put into the planning stage, the longer you can leave your garden to its own devices without worrying about it growing too wild.