The 3 Popular Kinds of Calibration

Weighing ScaleIf you have used any measurement equipment, then you know what calibration is. It is a necessity even for the most precise of instruments to avoid errors. Calibration checks accuracy by referring the measurements of a device to standards. When you buy equipment from top brands, you expect that they will be perfect.

Many people send their instruments to test equipment calibration services in Chicago offered by firms such as Acme Scale Technologies to confirm their accuracy or to have them calibrated. As a rule of thumb, this should be regular.

In some cases, inaccurate measurements can mean the loss of life. In others, they ensure proper operation of safety systems. The following are three common calibration services on the market today.

Pressure calibration

This process measures hydraulic and gas pressure across a full spectrum. The professionals use pressure balances and gauges to perform the task. Most of the calibrations take into consideration International Organization for Standardization guidelines.

Experts perform pressure calibrations on equipment such as barometers, test gauges, digital indicators, and transmitters.

Electrical calibration

This service measures resistance, the frequency of current and voltage. Like with pressure calibration, electrical calibration has to confer with accredited standards. The process monitors thermocouple simulation and resistance as well.

Equipment tested for electrical calibration includes clamp meters, data loggers, insulation testers, and multi-meters.

Mechanical calibration

Mechanical calibration facilities are usually temperature controlled. They factor in dimensions such as torque, mass, force, and vibration. Pieces of equipment tested for mechanical calibration include accelerometers, weight sets, balances, and torque wrenches.

In most cases, companies or industries require that calibration service providers combine techniques when testing their devices. That way, equipment is safe for use and trusted to perform at optimal standards.

When looking for such a service, pick one that references standards that marry with your industry, location and the type of equipment in question.