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How Web Design Will Look Like in 2018

Web Design conceptWeb design trends change almost every year. With 2018 right around the corner, people can expect new visual and functional trends to emerge. Providers of managed IT services here in New Jersey and beyond will have to keep up.

These trends change because of numerous reasons. Some can be attributed to industry demand, others due to clamor for better user experience. Either way, the year 2018 will bring a new range of trends to follow in the web design landscape. Here are a few.

Goodbye Flat Design?

Web design expert Will Grant hopes that more visual variety will emerge. In particular, he would like a little more deviations from the “standard” flat design that many professionals favored this year. There is science to back this up.

According to research by Nielsen, roughly 22 percent of users find it hard to navigate through a flat design. While there is no way to prove that this number will go up or down, one can expect changes in the coming year.

It is a Serif World Again

Flat design always comes with the use of sans-serif fonts. These fonts are without serifs or small lines that finish off a stroke when drawing a letter. But with 2018 coming in, perhaps fonts like Times New Roman will return to the spotlight.

Much negative talk surrounds fonts like TNR, but websites such as that of Kickstarter are starting to bring it back. Who knows whether other sites will follow Kickstarter’s lead?

Minimalism Still Reigns

First, flat and minimalist designs are two different things. As flat goes a bit out of style, minimalist still reigns as king. Design expert Paul Jarvis believes that this philosophy will never go out of style. The year 2018 may see numerous developments to the minimalist design.

It may see added functions and more bright colors, though one should not expect anything too crazy. It is minimalism, after all.

It looks like 2018 is shaping up to be a good year in web design. Here is to hoping there will not be anything bad that comes out of it in terms of both visuals and function.

There are No Shortcuts to Great Content

ContentContent development and marketing is similar to caring for a newborn child — it demands to be loved and nurtured the way you would an infant.

The best content strategies require attention, care, and massive patience. It’s not a short-term commitment; it will need persistence as well. One thing is certain: there are no quick fixes to some of the problems faced by businesses and brands of all sizes.

No Quick Fix

Content experts like PayPerContent believe in the power of the written word when it comes to all aspects of marketing on the digital front. It has become such a critical component of the practice, and it is important to follow through for visible results. You need to change your outlook if you are among those who do not think content marketing requires investment and nurturing.

Start by making an effort to figure out why your marketing efforts aren’t producing results. Simply posting a blog entry and sharing it on Facebook isn’t enough — it doesn’t work that way. There is a science to coming up with effective strategies that will generate results.

Beware of the Content Audit Shortcut

Some clients will insist that they don’t need a content audit, but you should know better.

Running a comprehensive and thorough edit is the marketing strategy. You wouldn’t know where you are unless you chart it down. Audits shouldn’t just focus on what is already there — it should also identify what is missing and what can be done better.

Conduct audits at least twice a year. Once the first audit is done, you’ll get a better picture of how to move forward with your strategy.

Hitting the Sweet Spot

Google is a big fan of changing its algorithms. It automatically affects reach and content strategy — two aspects that also need persistence and patience. Quick fixes aren’t enough, especially in Google’s standards.

There’s no such thing as magic when it comes to content marketing. Your strategy should reflect a sustainable and reputable process — one that screams hard work.

Creating Content

Better Content Creation: Three Essential Ideas

Creating ContentCreating content for your websites and social media accounts entails one important aspect: search engine optimisation or SEO. Unlike traditional marketing content, you need SEO when creating content that will be specifically used online as it is the only surefire way to make sure people know about your site. When people search for a specific keyword, you want your site to be among the top search results. With this, you will be able to generate that much needed traffic to your company site or blog. DMB.com.au shares some ideas below:

Create Content Intended for Your Target Audience

Nobody would want to read content that seems like it has been spun from several articles by means of a software. Invest in good content creators. Make sure that your content is truly informational and engaging and not simply filled with fluff for the sake of ranking. Think of your readers — your clients and prospects — and create content that you know will pique their interests and engage them.

Use Keywords, But with Caution

Before, keyword density was a big thing when it came to online content creation. After all, it was perceived that the higher your keyword density was, the better. But, content stuffed with keywords that don’t belong naturally will bring more harm than good: search engines will likely tag your site if it finds such things occurring. Also, it ‘cheapens’ your site because of its low-quality content that does not provide reliable information.

Create Longer and High-quality Content

One way to make sure you are creating quality content is to view the process as a goal of becoming the go-to expert in your field. Aim to be a specialist in your niche and related topics and create content based on your knowledge. Also, try to write longer content: research has shown that search engines tend to favour sites that provide lengthier content.

Keep all these things in mind when planning your SEO strategy.

Web design company in Minnesota

Get Help to Say You’re The Greatest

Web design company in MinnesotaOne of the many secrets to business success isn’t just being good at what you do; it’s making people realize that you’re good at what you do. Perception is reality, and the sooner business owners come to this conclusion, the faster they can make their companies grow. So, how exactly can businesses go about convincing people who don’t know them that they’re the best?

Let’s use a web design company in Minnesota as an example. This company is trying to sell a company on the design of a new website by telling them about the detailed design specifications of their graphical mock-ups. The last part of that sentence probably didn’t make much sense to most people; just imagine what the explanation would be like.

Now apply the same scenario to your own business, how do you convince people that you’re the best in your niche? These days, the secret lies in having an easy to understand and interactive website, making the above example much more relevant – everything’s connected. But, how do you know whether a web design company is good for you?

First, if you can’t follow the conversation for more than a few seconds without the need for clarification, drop them. If they can’t express the technicalities of their own work in terms anyone can understand, don’t trust them to make the details of your own business any clearer.

Second, choose people who use all the tools at their disposal to say what they want to say. A website isn’t a book; it has HTML, CSS, illustrations, videos, links, and more to help people get the general idea. These people are supposed to get paid for their creativity, make them showcase and apply everything they have on your site.

Convincing people that you’re the best can sometimes mean roping in other people to get the message across. Just make sure they can do the same for themselves before making them part of the team.