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The Most Viewed: How to Make People Watch Your Videos ‘Til the End

a videographer workingIt may sound unbelievable, but according to recent studies, people today generally have a shorter attention span, compared to a goldfish — a total of eight seconds. With so much content online, it’s harder to filter out information and hold attention to what you’re supposed to pay attention to. In the context of video content, it’s so easy to click ‘skip’ and thumb-scroll through the news feed to find the next amusing cat video to pore over.

This presents a challenge for brands: how do you make sure that your video content is watched until the end? How do you make your videos unskippable and thumb-stopping? Here are some tips to do just that:

1. Hook viewer’s attention immediately.

Break through the clutter of content by capturing people’s attention before they click on your video. How do you do this? With caption and title. When people search for videos on YouTube or scan through their social media pages, one of the things they’d notice easily is the caption and title, so you have to be creative about crafting them.

The rule of thumb here is to tell what your video is about, but leave some mystery to it to tease the viewers to finally click on it. What marketers often do is to tell what the problem is, then tease the audience with the solution.

2. Provoke emotions right from the start.

The first 10 seconds of your video should make viewers feel excited, intrigued, surprised, amused, etc. The principle is you have to make them feel things. Emotions are powerful in sustaining one’s interest, precisely the basic human response you’re appealing to. Decide on which emotion to evoke, based on your brand tone and the message you’re trying to convey. Consult Denver social media marketing videos and production agencies as you brainstorm.

3. Create a compelling story.

A video that has no persuasive story sets itself up for engagement failure. Remember, you’re cutting through the clutter of online content, so a narrative that’s special to your brand will make you stand out.

Moreover, it makes you more relatable to your audience, which is another element of unskippable videos. Before you decide on the technicalities, create a compelling story first. You have lots of sources for this, from employees and customers to industry experts and general human relationships.

Your social media videos may be losing traction because people are losing interest over it. Capture the short attention span of your audience with these tips.