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Travel Made Easy: Do It Yourself or Hire an Agent?

Booking Agent With everything now at your fingertips, it may seem superfluous to have a travel agent book your holiday trip for you. While some travellers prefer to book holidays themselves, competent travel agents can get you more value for your money. The keyword, of course, is competent.

When Do You Need an Agent?

If the urge to hit the slopes comes during peak season, ski holidays in Les Arcs may be impossible or impossibly costly to arrange yourself. When “everything is fully booked”, the service of a competent travel agent becomes invaluable. Travel agents have their own networks allowing them to find deals and discounts far better than what is available online.

Complicated itineraries will also require the assistance of a professional. While a solo trip may be manageable, arrangements for group travel may be difficult to figure out. A travel agent can easily help you find the best packages.

Finding the Right Agent

There are numerous agent horror stories floating around on the internet. This does not mean you should mistrust your agent. Rather, these should encourage you to get to know your agent.

One way to go about this is to look for the agent’s certification from associations like ABTA. This does not automatically guarantee excellent service, but having it means the agent member is liable to an overseeing body.

Seek referrals from people you know, preferably for an agent in your area. Meet the agent and take the opportunity to conduct a brief interview. Ask if the agent adds a surcharge for the service and if there is one, how much? Do the prices they quote include taxes and other fees, or are they giving you the base price? Is the travel agent incentivised by hotels, airlines, or other tourist destinations to lead travellers there?

Build a Relationship

If your first time to book with an agent ends well, you may want to consider using their services regularly. As they get to know you, they may be able to recommend places to visit, giving you more options for future vacations.


We Shall Fight In the Beaches! – Plan your Perth Adventure in 3 Parts

car rentalSummer has finally reached Australia. You can feel as the temperatures rise, and the days become a little bit more sunny. For students everywhere in Australia, this means the summer break. The summer encompasses Christmas and the New Year – and then some. This said, nowhere is it better to spend the most vibrant season of the year than in the beaches of Perth. If you are looking to plan your summer beach trip for the season, here are three components you should put into your plan.

Trip Itinerary and Destination Plan

First things first: know where you want to go, and what you will be doing there. Perth is home to multitude of beaches and beach resorts. Know which exact one you will want to be going to. Plan your destination well, and how you will be budgeting the entire duration of your trip there. To be specific, call up your friends who will be joining you for the trip and draft up your ideal itinerary.

This should include the time table of what you will do from arrival to departure. Though you can always go guerrilla and ad lib your trip, the itinerary will serve as a guide when you need a reference. List in the draft also the other sights and places in the city you will want to see, so you will not miss out.

Packing the Kit

The next thing, is figuring out what you will be bringing on the trip. Depending on the duration and your overall plan for your beach vacation, your bags may be packed with only the most minimal of supplies and effects, to a full week-long kit. Just remember the basics: clothes, swimwear, personal medication (if any), cameras, and anything else you would like to bring along. Try to pack light so you can enjoy touring the city and the beaches without having to be encumbered by excess baggage. For the other things, just bring pocket money.


Of course, you cannot  get there just on foot (or maybe you could, but that is on you). To travel into the beautiful city of Perth, you would need to get good transportation. And even when you arrive in the city itself, you will still need a good way to get around. If you or any of your friends have a car around, then dandy. If not you, there are many car rental companies about the city you can hire if you need a lift, AriesCarRental.com.au notes. Pick a nice car that will suit your travel and itinerary requirements, and also your style, like a van for example if there would be a lot of friends with you.

As the great Winston Churchill once said: “We shall fight on the beaches!” Go on and enjoy your Summer vacation!

Mormon Temple

How to Enjoy Your LDS Trip with Your Kids

Mormon TempleImagine having an LDS trip where you can bring your family along. It can be a holy land tour or a visit to all the church-related historical sites, or a cruise. However you want to spend this special family vacation, do realize that you will be bringing your children along.

If you are a bit apprehensive at the thought of bringing youngsters or teens along for this important and inspiring pilgrimage with Cruise Lady, here are a few pointers you can keep in mind during the trip.

Reserve Personal Time with Them

It is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of your daily itinerary that you can readily forget that one of the reasons for this trip is to spend quality time with your children. Assign at least half an hour of the day for sharing your insights, comments and opinions with each other. Preferably, do this over dinner or before you tuck them in.

Fun List of “No” Rules

The word “No” automatically gives a negative feel. However, having a positive list of “No” rules can allow you to use the word with less resistance from your brood. Examples of these “No” laws include “No calorie counting!”, “No to being too serious!”, “No pouts, just smiles!”, etc. Be as creative — and positive — as you can be with your list.

Set Expectations

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when bringing their children along on holiday is that the kids are unaware of what they will do, see and the way they are expected to behave. Discuss what your children should expect on this LDS trip. Give them a summary of the things you will be doing there along with what kind of behavior they should display when in public. This way, both your expectations are set and there’s less reason for conflict.

With these simple pointers, your children and you have a better chance of enjoying this trip together. Do keep in mind though that you are bringing them along because you love them and would like to share mutual memories that you can treasure for years to come. Make sure that they are truly wonderful ones.