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4 Dreamy New Zealand Destinations for Couples

Panoramic view of Wellington, New Zealand.What’s better than a weekend with your significant other, surrounded by nature and enjoying its serene charms with a chilled bottle of fine wine? Doing all that in New Zealand, of course!

Home to breathtaking coastlines, picturesque mountains, and magnificent fiords, New Zealand offers plenty of splendid sights for couples to behold. Out of dozens of suitable weekend destinations that you could drive to on a rental from metropolitan.co.nz, we recommend these four dreamy locations.

Coromandel Peninsula

Just the sight of the Coromandel’s pristine beaches is enough to relax anyone. Take a scenic walk from Hahei Beach to Cathedral Cove, a natural arch-like formation that frames a magnificent sight of the sea and the sky. You could also chill underneath the pohutukawa trees lining the shore, or relax in a steaming spa pool at Hot Water Beach (or do both) for the full Coromandel experience.

Marlborough Sounds

This series of sunken river valleys offer a unique experience courtesy of the famous Classic New Zealand Wine Trail. Trek through the valleys and behold some of New Zealand’s most dramatic sights, all while tasting the flavourful wine products across Hawker’s Bay, Wairarapa, Wellington and Marlborough.

Forgotten World Highway

Despite its name, tourists still flock here to scale the rugged grounds of Strathmore Saddle. At the Saddle’s peak, revel in the beauty of Tongariro National Park’s trio of volcanoes to the east and the snow-capped Mount Taranaki stratovolcano to the west.


The high point of New Zealand’s largest urban area is its nightlife. Auckland teems with stunning attractions to impress your date with, including a diverse selection of cafés, restaurants, and museums. For panoramic views, visit the spectacular Sky Tower and dine at Orbit — a 360-degree revolving restaurant for a truly unique dining and sightseeing experience.

New Zealand offers a captivating mix of idyllic and adventurous haunts, but each destination guarantees a swoon-worthy feast for the senses. No getaway can be more romantic than that.

Traveling in NZ

What To Do Before You Travel

Traveling in New ZealandFor a wanderer, nothing beats the feeling of getting out of the country — of travelling overseas.

There’s the unexplainable feeling of lifting off from the ground, seeing your homeland from afar, knowing that you will just leave it for a few days to venture into an unknown place. It’s the feeling of endless discoveries that mostly draws in travellers to keep going.

But before heading out for some fun, you should take note of things you should be doing before hopping on that plane.

RESEARCH. So you already booked tickets for your trip… congratulations! You scored cheap airfare? Good for you! Now the tough part comes: making your itinerary. Unless you have a travel agency helping you out, you should have the initiative to review the city or town of the country that you’re visiting. It’s best if you do this yourself though, so that you won’t miss out on anything — a place you’re dying to see, food you’re curious to try.

LOOK FOR A PLACE TO STAY. You have your itinerary intact, yes? Now, you will be able to determine the perfect place to stay during your visit. Since you now have an idea of the places you will go to, you should find yourself a hotel or hostel that’s near those destinations. That way, you’ll be saving up on money, time, and effort.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BELONGINGS. You’re going away for a week. In that period, apart from bringing only the important stuff with you, think about whom you can trust your home, pet, or car with. For instance, you could ask your best friend to take care of Maggie, your golden retriever for you. It’s that or you could book a pet hotel for her. Have a relative watch over your house while you’re gone. Keep your car in the Christchurch airport parking — that way, it won’t be a hassle to travel from your home to the airport, according to AirparkCanterbury.co.nz.

Travelling is extra fun if you know how to do it the hassle-free way. So you think you’re all set? Happy travelling!

Travel in Perth

5 Safety Tips for Travelers in a Foreign Land

Travel in PerthVisiting a foreign land is exciting—you get to see new places, try new food and even meet new friends. Whatever the destination, however, your safety could be at risk if you don’t keep in mind a few important things. Whether for business or pleasure, know safety precautions before you leave the country to stay away from danger and other problematic situations.

  1. Pack important things, especially your travel documents like passport, identification cards and airline itinerary. Make at least two copies of these documents and place them in a separate compartment in your baggage or in a different bag. This is helpful in case you lose or have the original copies stolen from you.


  1. It’s relaxing to have time to rest after a long trip, so make sure you plan where you’re going to stay. For a hassle-free arrival, you might want to book pickup services. If you’re planning to visit Perth, airport hire car services need advanced booking so you can get the ride you want.


  1. Research the country you’re visiting. Know if there are specific rules for tourists. When visiting Italy or France, for instance, there are times when tourists need to surrender their passport to the hotel they are staying in. Another example is going to the KSA, as it’s important to know that women aren’t allowed to drive.


  1. Avoid any suspicious offer from strangers. Don’t exchange money or share a taxi with a stranger. One of the safest ways to get around is by hiring a car, but you have to make sure that the dealer is reliable. Review traffic rules, as they might be different from your country. Taking public transport is acceptable, but make sure to avoid unlicensed buses and taxis.


  1. Dress appropriately and avoid wearing items that can get attention, like expensive gadgets and jewelries. Avoid dressing up like a tourist even if you’re one.


Make the most of your travel and enjoy it to the fullest by being mindful of the country you’re visiting. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but make sure to speak with the locals in a polite manner. Plan to avoid any problematic situation that could put your safety at risk.