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For Your Travel Comfort: Van Rentals in Manila

Family in a VanThe Philippines is a beautiful country. If you are visiting it for the first time, you must start with its eclectic and energetic capital: Manila. From there, you can go to many different scenic spots in nearby provinces with the help of a premium car service.

Whenever you are out on leisure travel, transportation is always a concern. That’s especially true if you are going to a place away from home and you cannot bring your vehicle with you.

The Philippines is one of the more popular destinations for foreign visitors due to its countless scenic attractions, good food, and hospitable locals. The capital can provide transport options for travel-savvy individuals.

If you are coming as a group of 5 to 10 people, it would be ideal to look for affordable vans for rent around Manila, from companies like RentCarManila.com. This could help you cover significant distances and a number of wondrous attractions with utmost comfort.

Roaming Around in a Spacious Car

One of the things that should make you choose a van rather than a sedan or an AUV is comfort. With much space, there will be seating available for everybody. It makes for the safest choice, especially if you are traveling as a group of more than five or if you are traveling with kids. There is so much you can do with all the available space, from transforming it to a comfy bed to using it to keep your things organized.

Getting Somewhere, Anywhere

When you are out on vacation, especially in a foreign country, you naturally would want to see the best of it while making the most of your time. Ideally, you should roam around the capital first. From there, you can go to different destinations that are a few hours away with the help of vans for rent. These include Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines, and Ilocos, which offers one of the tastiest regional cuisines in the country.

When you have an efficient car rental service that provides a highly skilled and courteous driver, you will be able to cover as many destinations within the city, as well as the surrounding spots that are only a few hours away – without sacrificing comfort and time efficiency.

Old couple traveling with their RV

4 Notes On How To Travel Without Hassle With An RV

Old couple traveling with their RVAn RV has anything you might need: a kitchen, a comfort room, a bed, and a fridge. An RV could practically become your own home, one that would allow you to go from state to state. While this may all sound fun, taking care of an RV is serious business.

These vehicles could be a considerable investment, so you better make sure you get your money’s worth when buying one. A seller of travel trailers in Corpus Christi shows how you can make sure an RV is functional before you buy it.

1. Test the RV’s brakes

Like any other vehicle, the brakes are life-saving parts that need to get tested. Doing so will let you know if it works or if it needs repairs. It’s crucial to have brakes on a huge vehicle like an RV, so they better work on the RV you’re eyeing.

2. Ensure the lights work

The signal lights let other drivers and pedestrians know that you’re there, while headlights help you see the way ahead. Traveling in an RV without these lights could cause accidents, so make sure they’re installed and functional.

3. Check the tires for inflation

Tires that are deflated could cause the vehicle to run erratically, resulting in crashes or other accidents. Before heading out or buying an RV, make sure its tires are inflated properly.

4. Inspect the batteries and generator

Because an RV is pretty much a mobile home, it’ll require lots of power to keep the lights and appliances on. To avoid power shortages and other forms of travel inconvenience, see if the batteries and generator of the RV are functional.

Travel without hassle

In summary, an RV is the vehicle of choice for people who prefer to travel or go somewhere while having the amenities they have at home. It’s essential to check if an RV is working before you commit to buying it. Doing so would ensure that you’ll travel without any hassle.

5 Great Places to Enjoy in Sydney

Skyline view of Sydney, AustraliaSydney, one of the largest cities in Australia, is best known for its interesting places. It surrounds the world’s largest natural harbours and sprawls. As you plan your holiday with family and friends, you may want to experience relaxation in its sun-drenched beaches.

Traveling around Sydney is nice and easy. In fact, as Concord Coaches noted, you may get in touch with a transport company and hire a minibus for easier travel. Thorough planning can help make your trip memorable and hassle-free. Want to know the most exciting places you can visit?

1. Sydney Opera House

In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can have photo shoots while gliding by the harbour cruise and enjoying great food nearby. This beautiful building is one of the world’s great icons; it’s shell-shaped and is surrounded by water. You can find studios, exhibition rooms, a concert hall, and a cinema in it.

2. Sydney Tower

Being the tallest building, sightseers will enjoy panoramic views of Sydney and the suburbs nearby while enjoying great food from the revolving restaurants and coffee shops in this great 309 m high landmark. Sophisticated cinema experience is also offered. You will get an overview of the city’s major icons from its 4D cinema.

3. Fabulous beaches

Just 15 minutes drive away from the city, travellers can enjoy calm water and sugary sands. Get rid of stress with exciting surf experience, food trips and cosmopolitan vibe in these beaches, which are tucked around the harbour. The place is a popular venue for famous lifesaving competitions. In summer, there are volunteer lifeguards patrolling to ensure safety.

4. Royal Botanic Gardens

Along the waterfront from the Sydney Opera House, take a brief and scenic stroll to experience the tranquil oasis in the midst of the busy life of the city. This 30-hectare garden was established in 1816 with themed gardens. Towering trees, orchids, roses, and a flock of fruit bats are only some of the highlights of this magnificent tourist spot. A hillside picnic is also a great activity to enjoy the beautiful harbour view.

5. Queen Victoria Building

Travelling will not be complete without shopping. Formerly a market hall in the late 1800s, the Queen Victoria Building was restored to its original state where high-end shops are located. Aside from shopping, travellers will enjoy how it was restored with its gorgeous stained glass windows and mosaic floors.

Travelling is great, as it gives you a strong desire to visit more places, meet new people, experience a new culture, and try authentic cuisines. It gives you a sense of wanderlust, as it opens travellers to new insights and ways of seeing life.

If you feel that you’re stuck and don’t know what you want to do with your life or what career to pursue, go travel. It allows you to see the beauty of strangers who may even be willing to help and take care of you during your stay.

Travel 101: Your Trip-Planning Checklist

A couple travellingMany of us dream of traveling around the world. While living this dream promises to be a lot of fun, planning it is a different matter altogether. There are many details you need to oversee before you can go on your travel adventures.

1. Secure your travel documents

Even if you’re just taking a trip to another state, it would be better to have valid travel documents, such as a passport and other government-issued IDs, always at the ready. Make sure that your photos on your IDs, especially your passport, are recognizable.

In Utah, there are passport photography services that can take care of the document’s photo requirements. Equally important, your name must match on all your travel documents as well as your airline tickets.

2. Make your travel arrangements

After you’ve decided on your travel destination and dates, make all the arrangements needed for your trip. Preferably, this should be done weeks before your trip to allow for any changes and the chance to save on arrangements that are cheaper when booked way ahead.

Aside from transportation (air, water, rail, or ground) and accommodations, you should also make reservations for any activity, such as tours, concerts, sporting events, and so forth, which might have limited availability.

3. Plan your travel itinerary

Though just winging it can be enjoyable, having an itinerary will help you make the most out of your trip. Plan your activities from Day 1 to the last day to experience your destination’s local scene as best as you can.

For your itinerary, you could include stops at popular tourist spots. These could include museums, diving sites, parks, and more. Of course, allot time to trying the local cuisine, shopping for souvenirs, and mingling with the locals during your trip.

Planning a trip can be a tedious and even boring task, but just think about all the fun you’ll have when you’re already on your trip.

Things to Do with Family in Albuquerque

Blue fish in aquariumTouring Albuquerque with kids might limit your options. There are many exotic sides of this bristling town you won’t see, but, apart from the crowd favorite Cliff’s Amusement Park, there is an equal share of family-friendly destinations that will keep your family’s spirits high throughout.

Don’t sweat it trying to plan that holiday without some help. Here is a quick list of things to do with the family in Albuquerque to nudge you in the right direction.

The Immaculate Albuquerque Aquarium

Albuquerque taps into the rich Rio Grande and brings you closer to a wide range of aquatic life. This will be your chance to watch and pose with bamboo sharks and stingrays as well as witness barracudas carouse in the clear waters of the Rio Grande.

The Sandia Tram

This amazing tram line is not only the longest in the world but also a great way to see the sprawling Albuquerque as you go up the Sandia Mountains.

The 2.7-mile trip will take you to a 10,378 feet elevation where you can either just soak in a view or visit the Sandia Ranger Station to learn more about the mountain trails, animals, and plants.

The Rio Grande Zoo

If your kids have never come across exotic animals like elephants, giraffes, and polar bears, the Rio Grande Zoo is the place to be.

The 64-acre establishment has more than ample space for your kids to run about and blow some steam as they view the animals, eat snacks or food from the Cottonwood Café and ride camels all day long.

The Balloon Museum

The final destination should be at the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum where you can let your kids hop into a balloon basket for a virtual gondola ride. If you get your timing right, you can drop in just in time for the fall International Balloon Fiesta event.

This is just but the tip of an iceberg. There is so much you can do with the family and kids in Albuquerque. All you need is to know the juicy destinations and the events that will be as interesting to the kids as they are intriguing to you.

4 Dreamy New Zealand Destinations for Couples

Panoramic view of Wellington, New Zealand.What’s better than a weekend with your significant other, surrounded by nature and enjoying its serene charms with a chilled bottle of fine wine? Doing all that in New Zealand, of course!

Home to breathtaking coastlines, picturesque mountains, and magnificent fiords, New Zealand offers plenty of splendid sights for couples to behold. Out of dozens of suitable weekend destinations that you could drive to on a rental from metropolitan.co.nz, we recommend these four dreamy locations.

Coromandel Peninsula

Just the sight of the Coromandel’s pristine beaches is enough to relax anyone. Take a scenic walk from Hahei Beach to Cathedral Cove, a natural arch-like formation that frames a magnificent sight of the sea and the sky. You could also chill underneath the pohutukawa trees lining the shore, or relax in a steaming spa pool at Hot Water Beach (or do both) for the full Coromandel experience.

Marlborough Sounds

This series of sunken river valleys offer a unique experience courtesy of the famous Classic New Zealand Wine Trail. Trek through the valleys and behold some of New Zealand’s most dramatic sights, all while tasting the flavourful wine products across Hawker’s Bay, Wairarapa, Wellington and Marlborough.

Forgotten World Highway

Despite its name, tourists still flock here to scale the rugged grounds of Strathmore Saddle. At the Saddle’s peak, revel in the beauty of Tongariro National Park’s trio of volcanoes to the east and the snow-capped Mount Taranaki stratovolcano to the west.


The high point of New Zealand’s largest urban area is its nightlife. Auckland teems with stunning attractions to impress your date with, including a diverse selection of cafés, restaurants, and museums. For panoramic views, visit the spectacular Sky Tower and dine at Orbit — a 360-degree revolving restaurant for a truly unique dining and sightseeing experience.

New Zealand offers a captivating mix of idyllic and adventurous haunts, but each destination guarantees a swoon-worthy feast for the senses. No getaway can be more romantic than that.

Traveling in NZ

What To Do Before You Travel

Traveling in New ZealandFor a wanderer, nothing beats the feeling of getting out of the country — of travelling overseas.

There’s the unexplainable feeling of lifting off from the ground, seeing your homeland from afar, knowing that you will just leave it for a few days to venture into an unknown place. It’s the feeling of endless discoveries that mostly draws in travellers to keep going.

But before heading out for some fun, you should take note of things you should be doing before hopping on that plane.

RESEARCH. So you already booked tickets for your trip… congratulations! You scored cheap airfare? Good for you! Now the tough part comes: making your itinerary. Unless you have a travel agency helping you out, you should have the initiative to review the city or town of the country that you’re visiting. It’s best if you do this yourself though, so that you won’t miss out on anything — a place you’re dying to see, food you’re curious to try.

LOOK FOR A PLACE TO STAY. You have your itinerary intact, yes? Now, you will be able to determine the perfect place to stay during your visit. Since you now have an idea of the places you will go to, you should find yourself a hotel or hostel that’s near those destinations. That way, you’ll be saving up on money, time, and effort.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BELONGINGS. You’re going away for a week. In that period, apart from bringing only the important stuff with you, think about whom you can trust your home, pet, or car with. For instance, you could ask your best friend to take care of Maggie, your golden retriever for you. It’s that or you could book a pet hotel for her. Have a relative watch over your house while you’re gone. Keep your car in the Christchurch airport parking — that way, it won’t be a hassle to travel from your home to the airport, according to AirparkCanterbury.co.nz.

Travelling is extra fun if you know how to do it the hassle-free way. So you think you’re all set? Happy travelling!

Travel in Perth

5 Safety Tips for Travelers in a Foreign Land

Travel in PerthVisiting a foreign land is exciting—you get to see new places, try new food and even meet new friends. Whatever the destination, however, your safety could be at risk if you don’t keep in mind a few important things. Whether for business or pleasure, know safety precautions before you leave the country to stay away from danger and other problematic situations.

  1. Pack important things, especially your travel documents like passport, identification cards and airline itinerary. Make at least two copies of these documents and place them in a separate compartment in your baggage or in a different bag. This is helpful in case you lose or have the original copies stolen from you.


  1. It’s relaxing to have time to rest after a long trip, so make sure you plan where you’re going to stay. For a hassle-free arrival, you might want to book pickup services. If you’re planning to visit Perth, airport hire car services need advanced booking so you can get the ride you want.


  1. Research the country you’re visiting. Know if there are specific rules for tourists. When visiting Italy or France, for instance, there are times when tourists need to surrender their passport to the hotel they are staying in. Another example is going to the KSA, as it’s important to know that women aren’t allowed to drive.


  1. Avoid any suspicious offer from strangers. Don’t exchange money or share a taxi with a stranger. One of the safest ways to get around is by hiring a car, but you have to make sure that the dealer is reliable. Review traffic rules, as they might be different from your country. Taking public transport is acceptable, but make sure to avoid unlicensed buses and taxis.


  1. Dress appropriately and avoid wearing items that can get attention, like expensive gadgets and jewelries. Avoid dressing up like a tourist even if you’re one.


Make the most of your travel and enjoy it to the fullest by being mindful of the country you’re visiting. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but make sure to speak with the locals in a polite manner. Plan to avoid any problematic situation that could put your safety at risk.