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Children using laptop

Taming Tech Tantrums: 3 Ways to Cut Down Kids’ Screen Time

Children using laptopIt’s the struggle modern parents are facing today: limiting screen time for kids. Children just love poring over their tablets and smartphones that pulling them away from it will only result in either them throwing a fit or you throwing a fit. That shouldn’t be your case every time. Here are tantrum-free ways to help your kids break away from their gadgets:

1. Divert their attention to other stuff

One of the reasons kids refuse to give up their tablets is there’s no fun alternative to it. You’ve emptied their hands, but haven’t replaced it with any. So, what you should do instead is encourage them to engage in other activities. Being glued to the screen makes for a sedentary lifestyle, so why don’t you suggest physical activities?

One of the best exercises, which doesn’t look like an exercise for kids, is biking. It improves muscle strength, strengthens bones, and curbs obesity. Teach your children how to bike. If they’re not comfortable yet, ease them into riding by taking them on a family bicycle, suggests MADSEN Cycles.

2. Designate “technology-free” areas in your house

Children should be well aware that using their gadgets has limits. When you’re able to train the mind, tantrums will be less likely. So, assign spaces in your home where it’s not allowed to use tablets. For instance, the dining room is an ideal “technology-free area” since it should be dedicated for family conversations over meals.

Aside from assigning spaces at home where tech use isn’t allowed, designate times as well. For instance, an hour before bedtime shouldn’t be spent on screen time.

3. Deal with it like a reward

Screen time should be something kids earn, not freely given. It’s a reward, not a privilege. So, for instance, you can have a rule where kids can only play on their tablets when they’re done with their homework. On the flip side, when they weren’t able to do their chores for the day, take away the privilege of screen time. Make sure not to add hours of screen time though when they’re able to do over and beyond what’s expected of them.

Are your children spending too much of their time on the screens? Pull them away from the gadgets, with fewer tantrums, with these tips.