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Two-Step Tactic That Doubles the Impact of Your Video Marketing

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Video content is a great tool to engage users and drive traffic to your website, as well as social media profiles. However, not all digital marketers know how to use videos to their fullest potential. If you’re one of those who struggles to get more views on their video content, here are several tips for you:

Hook the Viewers in the First Three to Seven Seconds

Nowadays, people have a shorter span of attention, and they quickly click away once they get bored. So, the challenge for video marketers is not only that they should catch the attention of the viewers, but to make the audience hooked for the whole duration of the video, as well.  To achieve that, make sure that your video has interesting visuals, strong message, and clear audio. It will also help if the video has an interesting thumbnail, bold subtitles, compelling or witty caption, and a first few seconds of eye-catching shots, according to Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting. This way, the video will stand out among other content on a website or a social media feed.

Engage with Your Viewers

Video marketing doesn’t stop after you post and optimize your video content. You also need to engage your viewers for two key reasons: one is to signal social media platform algorithms that you’ve posted a quality content, and another is to encourage viewers to view your other video content, too.

With Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms, a video would stay on top of the newsfeed if it appeared engaging (with a lot of likes and comments) from the time it was posted. Hence, it is crucial that you reply to the comments so you can engage the viewers in a lengthy discussion, encouraging them to put more comments in the video content. But every time you reply to your audience, remember to promote your other content, as well.

Try the strategies mentioned above, and you’ll see significant improvements in your video marketing campaign. You’ll increase the viewership, drive more traffic to your targeted site, and even make your videos go viral.

There Goes the Opportunity: How Brands are Missing Out on Facebook

Social Media Marketing in SeattleFacebook is a very powerful tool for brands, mostly because of the sheer scope of their user population. In fact, there are nearly 1.5 billion people on Facebook. According to John Lipe, with more customers going online and digital, it should not be surprising that many brands are using the tool to promote their brand and sell their product.

While most brands are on Facebook, only a few seem to be maximizing their use of the social media platform. Often, brands unwittingly make mistakes that prevent them from cashing in on the opportunity to be successful in the social media landscape.

Focusing on a Broad Fan Base

While there’s nothing wrong with forming a fan base, gathering a wide but shallow pool of online users won’t do much to boost a brand. A particular focus on numbers (particularly price and quantity) rather than quality means brands are throwing away marketing funds on individuals who are not likely to purchase the brand. A company’s marketing resources would be more profitably used in converting a small but highly targeted group of individuals instead.

Focusing on Reach

Another common online marketing pitfall is focusing too much on reach and making it a measure of their success. The problem with prioritizing quantity over quantity is that reach does not help brands cultivate a quality fan base. This method simply pulls in the masses rather than cultivate true fans who will appreciate their brand’s products and services.

Focusing on Engagement

When a wide reach isn’t earning the conversions a brand needs, the tendency is to move on to engagement. A weak online marketing strategy would allow the sharing of photos (perhaps memes) or videos loosely connected to them. This paper-thin approach will likewise fail because a brand can’t form a long-term relationship with their target market through mere shares, likes, comments, and clicks.

Focusing on Sales

Some brands completely bypass the last three strategies and care only about the bottom line. All they do is try to sell product and use that as a metric for their success. It is worth noting, however, that people hate being sold to, especially when done persistently. Furthermore, brands can’t expect much success if they try to sell their product or service to the wrong people.

What should be Done Instead?

Forming an audience who will find their brand product relevant should be the main concern. By creating lots of helpful content, investing in a website and driving traffic to it, brands can use website traffic to help form a Facebook audience. This way brands generate more traffic, more quality fans, and ultimately, more sales.

Brands shouldn’t rely on shallow online marketing strategies to drive their conversions. Instead, they should focus on investing in the future of their brand by driving quality traffic to something of their own.

Knowing the Ideal Social Media Platform for Your Business

Social MediaSocial media has become a popular mean to connect with people all over the world. Its innovation has helped businesses reach audiences they have never imagined. If you’re planning to take your business to the world of social media, below are four websites that will help you do it successfully.


Every day, billions of people use Facebook to share updates, photos, and videos, making it the most popular social media site by far. Its high level of engagement is one of the main reasons why Facebook has become a necessity for businesses worldwide. It allows businesses — whether big or small — to interact with customers and advertise products or services, gradually increasing a company’s credibility and revenue. Facebook is also one of the best platforms to start a business or hype an existing yet dwindling one.


Many companies still haven’t discovered the marketing magics of LinkedIn. According to an agency from Minnesota, digital marketing efforts can increase dramatically thanks to the B2B powers of the social media platform. Businesses use LinkedIn for professional marketing; expanding business connections, sharing expert insights, and connecting with people from the same industry. With over 400 million registered users, LinkedIn is definitely the ideal social media platform for B2B marketers.


Google+ may not be as trending as Facebook, but this Google-powered platform is a great tool for businesses that wish to enhance their search engine optimization (SEO) value. Bloggers and B2B marketers typically use Google+ to hype existing posts coming from other social media websites. It’s great for e-mail marketing, too.


The micro-blogging capabilities of Twitter is ideal for targeting customers on-the-go or customers with a short attention span. Twitter’s 140-character limit has attracted 320 million active users, making it the top platform for information-hungry users. It is also the right social media site if you want to lead conversations, build your brand through mentions and retweets, or create a trend by using hashtags.

Social media for business isn’t all about posting and sharing — it’s about choosing the right platform and targeting the right people at the right time. Boost your business online by choosing the ideal social media site.