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3 Reasons SEO is Still Not Dead, And Will Not Die

SEOIn this day and age, where the Internet is a vital part of our lives, technologies that made our lives easier, such as search engine optimization (SEO), may have become a thing of the past. However, SEO is still very much alive and well. To prove this, here are some reasons it still continues to help businesses:

SEO Continues to Evolve

As with all technological advancements, SEO continues to grow and adapt to the new changes search engines sites have implemented. This ensures that whatever updates are applied or algorithm alterations that may occur, SEO will still stay relevant no matter how drastically the changes are. Consult with Utah SEO marketing firms for a better grasp of the current trends and even set up the best possible SEO techniques for your website.

Allows for a Fair Game

Perhaps the biggest selling point that SEOs have is they allow smaller businesses to have a fighting chance against the bigger brands in their respective markets. Online marketing and advertising is a different playing field altogether, and the way search engines set up their algorithms make it a fair game between businesses regardless of their size. All smaller businesses need to do is to optimize their website to increase their chances of appearing first in search results.

Mobile Searches

Nowadays, most online searches are being done on mobile devices. This is where SEO comes in to help your business capitalize on this ongoing trend. How? By making your website more mobile-friendly. Optimizing your website to load faster and be better suited for mobile devices can help your brand stay visible amidst the growing number of competitors in the business.

As a businessman, you would grab every opportunity to ensure your company’s success and growth. The use of SEO is still a strong medium for marketing since it’s hard to replace it. This online tech has been proven and tested for decades and will still be a part of businesses for many years to come.


Easy SEO Strategies for Businesses Who Don’t Understand SEO

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The majority of businesses assume that SEO delves deep into the technical aspect to help rank your site in Google. Even though SEO does really have a technical side that the SEO agency in New York can handle, you can follow the simple strategies below. By understanding the basic workings of SEO and knowing how to think like a user, you’re already on the right trajectory.

Create Plenty of Outstanding Content

Writing an amazing content is probably one of the most important non-technical aspects of SEO. For this to work, you have to add content regularly to be able to pass Google’s standards without the need to do anything else. You’ll have more chances of getting into the rankings if you regularly write more content. As long as you produce great quality content with plenty of phrases and words, there’s a possibility that you’ll rank.

Hubspot reports that the number of blog posts you publish directly connects to your rankings. They discovered that websites who produced more than 16 posts monthly receive three times more traffic compared to those who only post zero to four. Even though 16 blog posts monthly is not a practical goal for most business owners, they should try to produce two to three posts weekly.

Ensure that Your Content is Sufficiently Long

The thing is, you cannot create every piece of content equally. You just have to make sure not to create a content that is too thin, too short or doesn’t properly wrap up your topic for those wouldn’t even rank. There really is no optimal word count, but the longer it is, the better. You just have to consider the perfect length for your audience and niche. This is why it’s essential for you to check your analytics to determine what will work best for you.

You don’t need to be ashamed if you don’t know a thing about the technical side of SEO. Just handle the basic strategies for content in order for your site to rank and give you a great start.

Building Website Credibility in Denver

Effective Online Marketing Strategies to Implement Right Now

Building Website Credibility in DenverAny business that wants to build an online presence should always be on the lookout for recent SEO changes and trending online marketing strategies. This is because online marketing is an ever changing industry. What works best now may not work at all after a few weeks or months. You need to be proactive in keeping your strategies up-to-date.

Here are some strategies that will benefit your business website today:

Mobile Emphasis

2015 was the first year that saw more online searches from mobile devices compared to desktop. This means the mobile audience is getting stronger than ever. You need to hire experienced Denver web designers to make your website as mobile-friendly and optimized as possible. Google will only make more effort to cater to the mobile audience better, so be sure to check if your site needs adjustments.

Google Knowledge Graph

According to digital marketing experts, such as Denverdata.com, Google Knowledge Graph is the list of questions that appears on top of search results. This means it gets even more exposure than the number one search result when people use Google. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must create your brand’s Wikipedia and Google+ pages, implement schema markups, add links to other related websites, and use entities and nouns in your content.

Trust and Authority

As your site ages, you need to constantly build up your brand’s credibility and authority. This way, both Google and users can build their trust in you. The best way to do this is by creating content that matters. This is the only way for people to share your content on their social media feed and make other credible websites link back to your site. As long as you provide valuable content regularly, you have nothing to worry about.

These are just some of the things you must be doing to reach more audiences online and make sure your website becomes a reputable source of information.

Creating Content

Better Content Creation: Three Essential Ideas

Creating ContentCreating content for your websites and social media accounts entails one important aspect: search engine optimisation or SEO. Unlike traditional marketing content, you need SEO when creating content that will be specifically used online as it is the only surefire way to make sure people know about your site. When people search for a specific keyword, you want your site to be among the top search results. With this, you will be able to generate that much needed traffic to your company site or blog. DMB.com.au shares some ideas below:

Create Content Intended for Your Target Audience

Nobody would want to read content that seems like it has been spun from several articles by means of a software. Invest in good content creators. Make sure that your content is truly informational and engaging and not simply filled with fluff for the sake of ranking. Think of your readers — your clients and prospects — and create content that you know will pique their interests and engage them.

Use Keywords, But with Caution

Before, keyword density was a big thing when it came to online content creation. After all, it was perceived that the higher your keyword density was, the better. But, content stuffed with keywords that don’t belong naturally will bring more harm than good: search engines will likely tag your site if it finds such things occurring. Also, it ‘cheapens’ your site because of its low-quality content that does not provide reliable information.

Create Longer and High-quality Content

One way to make sure you are creating quality content is to view the process as a goal of becoming the go-to expert in your field. Aim to be a specialist in your niche and related topics and create content based on your knowledge. Also, try to write longer content: research has shown that search engines tend to favour sites that provide lengthier content.

Keep all these things in mind when planning your SEO strategy.


3 Things You Need to Know about SEO as a Business Owner

SEOSearch engine optimization takes time. You can’t expect to climb your way to the top of search results in an instant. You have to come up with great strategies that will work best for your target audience. There are many ways to achieve success in online marketing, but with research, planning, and evaluation, you can find a formula that works best for you. Here are some things you need to know about SEO as a business owner.

You Should Think Long-Term

SEO is not a one-time strategy, but a rather long-term commitment. Once you hire an SEO company that you can trust, you should think of your long-term goals as a business. You should have a good working relationship to make it work. Results will only appear after a few months, so stick to your strategies with patience. When you finally see results, you should still monitor your performance to make it better.

Know the Metrics for ROI

Some mistakes SEO rankings to be a good metric in measuring return-on-investment. However, that isn’t enough to measure your overall online marketing performance. SEO rankings only reflect website traffic or the number of people visiting your website. Better metrics to measure how well you’re doing are leads, repeat customers, conversion rates, and improvement in sales. Users shouldn’t just click on your link, but actually see you as a credible website and turn into a customer. According to PR Caffeine, as many business owners are not familiar with SEO, it’s an advantage to get a professional.

SEO Isn’t Cheap

Businesses that hire SEO experts for very low prices usually fail because these aren’t legit. SEO is a major marketing tool that honestly costs a lot. Google has a complicated, ever-changing algorithm. That’s why legit SEO experts offering comprehensive services may cost money. 

Keep these things in mind to understand how SEO works and learn how to collaborate with your hired expert to achieve the best results. This way, you can enjoy more profit and revenue in no time.