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Readying Your Little Ones for Kindergarten: Some Things to Know

Children at a kindergartenTime flies fast. Before you know it, your little one is due for their first day of school. When that happens, you want nothing else for them to be fully prepared as they start this new learning chapter in their life. There’s no better person to help them do that than yourself as their parent. That’s why to fulfill this role, here are a few guides you could teach them right before they officially enter the academe:

Separation Anxiety

No parent wants to see or hear their babies cry because they don’t want to be left alone at school. Parents struggle to get past this stage, but the good news is there are tricks to help your child overcome separation anxiety. One good way is to come up with a goodbye routine (like giving them a kiss, hug, and special gesture) and ensure them that you’ll be seeing each other after class. This way they’ll feel more positive and at ease as you leave them at school.

Physical Readiness

As your little ones enter a preschool program in Phoenix, AZ, the center might likely require their participation in various activities. Help build up their stamina by giving them things to work on, like Lego blocks, puzzles and etc. This would help improve their physical energy as well as train their level of concentration in doing tasks. Another thing to check is their nap schedules. If you notice that they often take long naps during the day, then you might have to reconsider the idea of sending them to school yet.

Social Skills

As you send your little ones to school, they will meet and encounter a variety of people. One of the biggest worries of every parent is how their kids will react to this sudden change. That’s why to prepare them for this, it’s always good to have them go to public parks where they could also meet and interact with other kids. This way they could slowly come up with their own method when dealing with a new face. It’ll also help them feel less awkward whenever they’re in a crowd. You may also consult your child’s pediatrician for recommendations on improving their social skills.

Support your child’s overall growth and development as you let them enter a school for the very first time with these tips. There’s no better way to harness their learning than to start it in your homes.

School Lunch for Kids: Make it Teeth-Friendly

Kids on school lunch breakWhile prepackaged foods may seem a convenient and a practical way to pack your kid’s lunch, they are not the healthiest options. The same is also true for food choices offered at the school cafeteria and vending machines. Many of those snacks contain artificial flavors and added sugars that can contribute to decay. The best thing to do is to prepare a healthier lunch that can promote good oral health.

Give Them Real Fruit

Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry and other kids’ dentists noted that children may love fruit-flavored snacks like fruit leathers, but they are sweet and sticky. It’s likely the sugar will cling to the teeth, encouraging plaque and acid attack. Choose real fruits and pack kids with slices of apple and banana. You can also offer them oranges, strawberries, and grapes.

Avoid Starchy Treats

Crackers and pretzels, like candies and cookies, are not sugary so they may seem fine for your kids. The truth is, however, these starchy snacks can be as harmful as sugars. When these foods break down, they encourage plaque and contribute to cavities. Give kids almonds, sunflowers seed, and other savory treats like cubes of cheddar cheese and hard-boiled eggs.

Choose Plain Milk

It is more likely that children will prefer flavored milk like those with chocolate or strawberry flavors. These may contain calcium, but they also have added sugars. It is best to choose plain milk, as well as fat-free or low-fat dairy products. You should also encourage them to drink water instead of soda and juice drinks.

Offer Them Vegetables

Kids may not usually prefer veggies for school snacks, so it is a good idea to idea to make vegetables fun and colorful. Choose baby carrots, dark leafy greens, strips of bell pepper and others. Steamed veggies, like broccoli topped with melted cheese, are also a great choice. You can also try other healthy recipes with fruits and vegetables in them.

Protect your children’s teeth and health by serving and packing healthy lunches. It is also advisable to get them into the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day and visiting the dentist.


The Answer to Your Summer Hair Disasters

hair school in Salt Lake CityIt’s summertime and living’s supposed to be easy — not for your hair, unfortunately. Heat could easily degrade your hair’s protective proteins, oxidizing your dye job or natural hair color to a brassy nightmare, eliminating luster, and leaving your hair brittle. What’s more, moisture-zapping saltwater and chlorine, frizz-inducing humidity, and UV rays could easily leave your mane parched.

Keep you hair shining and protected with these summer hair care tricks:

How to Fight Frizz

Humidity makes your hair susceptible to frizz. Even if your hair isn’t typically prone to damage, humidity could roughen your cuticles and allow water molecules to penetrate your hair shaft, which in turn makes it swell. Consider a silicon-based smoothening serum. This would temporarily hold your cuticles together, flatten the roughness, and prevent the absorption of those pesky water molecules.

How to Protect your Dye Job

Whether you have your natural hair color intact or a pricey dye job, sunlight will bleach it out. However, the results might not be what you’re looking for. Although it’s possible that your hair might gain some pretty highlights from sun exposure. If your hair is processed, it could lose its luster and turn brassy, says a hair care expert from Collectiv Academy, a renowned hair school in Salt Lake City.

Counteract the effects of the sun by making a sunblock for your hair. However, since there’s really no effective dye or products to negate the effects of UV rays on your hair — added SPF could help, though — go for a wide-brimmed hat with a tightly woven fabric or one made with UPF fabric.

How to Minimize Greasiness

If you have an oily scalp, prepare for it to get worse during the summer because heat will trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, while sweat adds to your problem, making your mane look greasier and dirtier. If you have extremely an oily scalp, consider shampooing daily, even twice daily if you’re very active during the summer. But, take note that you could have very greasy roots, but dry ends, so don’t skip your conditioner. Make sure, though, to only apply it on your ends and parts where you feel your hair needs it.

While you might live to bask in the sun when summer rolls around, remember that you also have to take extra care of your hair. So while you lie out in the sun and tan your skin, keep these summer hair care hacks in mind.