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How Restaurant Kitchens Can Save Money

restaurant kitchenIf you manage a restaurant, you know how costs can add up, especially with the fluctuating prices of ingredients and utilities. When most places don’t survive after a year or two, you want your own place to not just make it but thrive.

Cost-cutting is one way to do this, but how do you trim down costs without losing customers or making quality suffer? Here’s what successful establishments say you should do:

1. Buy some ingredients ready-made.

When you buy pre-made low sodium chicken base, sauces and mixes, you can save on labor costs. Instead of someone minding the bases and other components, your staff can be doing something else to improve the quality of the food. You can adjust the taste of the components to your preference later.

2. Soak your dishes.

Instead of running hot water indefinitely throughout the day, soak the plates so the food will loosen and you can wash them without needing a heater. You may have to delegate an area for this, but it will save you hundreds of dollars on heating.

3. Change your lighting.

Did you know that you could save a lot on overhead bills if you go LED? While the investment may be hefty at first, switching to these lights could shave off your electric bills, especially if you rely on this type of ambiance.

4. Reduce items on your menu.

See what people don’t order and take them out. You may find that you won’t need to stock certain ingredients or end up with rotten stock since no one ordered it for the past few days or week.

Make sure that when you cut costs with the suggestions above, you don’t let your food quality suffer. Go for obvious money-saving strategies before cutting costs with your food items.

Make Gordon Ramsay Proud by Learning to Deep Fry Like a Pro

Restaurant kitchenThe mouth-watering combination of a crunchy exterior and moist interior of juicy fried shrimps, crispy fries and other fried snacks is all because of the deep fryer. Most chefs in restaurants have always been worried about cooking with lots of oil because of safety and health reasons.

There are mechanical filters specially created for this purpose, though. Choosing the right equipment is essential in serving quality healthy meals. The cooking oil filtration machine from Hostservice makes it possible to make healthier deep fried meals. Plus, there are numerous cooking methods and techniques to help you deep-fry like a pro before opening your business.

Choose your oil wisely

Using extra-virgin olive oil might sound tempting, but it is not the best option. It produces a low smoke point and has a distinguishable flavour. Instead, use vegetable oil as it is inexpensive, has a neutral flavour and produces a high smoke point. Other options with high smoke points and neutral flavours are grape seed and peanut oils.

If you do want to reuse the oil, make sure to filter it first to avoid a dirty flavour on your food. Burnt tasting food that is not really burnt is because of dirty oil.

Season your flour

If you are planning on cooking yummy looking deep-fried candy bars from the Today show, the first step is to evenly coat it in flour. It is the element that makes the batter stick to the food. When cooking savoury fried dishes, just add salt and pepper or other spices to the flour. When frying sweet snacks, add sugar or cocoa powder to the flour, but never forget salt as it makes everything taste even more delicious.

Make the perfect batter

The secret to getting the perfect crisp exterior is to make the right batter. It should be very thin and very fresh. It is only made up of five ingredients, which are salt, water, flour, baking soda and malt vinegar.  When cooking slippery food, such as sausages, let the bitter set for a while before you deep-fry it.

Deep-frying like a pro only involves proper preparation and right ingredients. Avoid getting the stink eye from Gordon Ramsay by learning the ways before starting your own restaurant.