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Beat the Investing Gap: Investing Mindset Hacks for Millennials

Rentals in Turnkey Millennials are known to be risk-takers. They relish challenges and dive head first into anything that excites them, be it learning a new language or traveling on their own. But there is one thing that millennials aren’t so much fond of — investing.

According to a survey, only 9% of millennials see themselves as investors. More interestingly, only 62% of them said they have investment accounts. While the survey also said that they are willing to be educated about investing, a majority are still hesitant about actually doing it.

What’s stopping them from being investing-savvy? One probable reason is that they still don’t have the mindset of an investor. It’s how they look at the personal wealth that’s making the difference.

If you want to know how to develop an investor’s mindset and finally reach your financial goals, take a look at the following:

Make money work for you

Make your money work for you, not the other way around. Create a proactive plan where you consciously lower your spending and allot more budget for investing. One example is to set aside a part of your income to savings and investments then use the remaining as your budget for the whole month.

Arm yourself with options

If you keep stumbling upon the phrase, “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” — it’s because it’s true. The key here is to spread the risks that come with investing. If you already have investments in mutual funds, consider investing in real estate. Turnkey rental properties, for instance, historically give decent returns in the long run. In case the stock market hits a snag like what happened to China in 2015, your entire portfolio will not that affected as you have other investments.

Have a plan B

Investing is all about taking risks. To protect yourself and your financial future, make sure you have a plan B. Create a sizeable emergency fund that should cover 3 to 6 months worth of your monthly expenses. Get insurance plans so you’re covered if ever you find yourself in a financial or health problem.

Think long term

Lastly, think long term. This is probably the hardest part as sometimes it’s hard to feel the difference when you’re just starting. But invest diligently and smartly and your future self will thank you for doing so.

A change in perspective can be all that millennials — and you — need to set yourself to financial success. When you have in your finances order, you can breathe easier and take on life’s other challenges head on.

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Second Home

Home Loans in Fort Myers Some people decide to buy a second home so they could sell or rent out their first or as an investment for the future. This process can be a bit easier compared to when you buy your very first home because you’ll have an idea as to how it works. However, you still need ample time to prepare for it because it’s still a big investment.

Here are some of the things you can do to make sure you’re buying the best second home for your needs:

Banks Won’t See Potential Renters

When applying for a home loan in Fort Myers, don’t expect the bank to include the potential income you’ll get from renters when assessing your capability to pay your monthly mortgage. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. noted that even if you tell them that you’re planning to put your first or second home up for rent, it wouldn’t matter. That’s why you need to keep your credit score in check and stay employed to have a steady income that will help you qualify for a loan.

Flipping Is Difficult

Flipping, a term used when you want to buy a house and renovate it to resell, is a challenging project especially in today’s real estate climate and economic environment. There is a chance that you won’t recover the cash you’ve spent renovating the property. If you’re buying a second home, the best reason to do so is because you actually want a new home to live in.

Decide the Location

Knowing where to buy a home and what type of home to buy are two decisions you need to take your time with. Choosing badly will make your future difficult because selling a home is no joke and you could lose a lot of money. Choose the location based on your future plans, where you want to settle down, and what you intend to do with it.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind to make sure your second home purchase is just as right or even better than your first.

Investing in the Future: An Eye Towards the End

Burial plots in LondonWhen discussing matters about real estate investment, residential and commercial properties always come to mind. There is, however, one type of real estate that many people often neglect — a final resting place.

Unless a real Elixir of Life or Fountain of Youth comes true, all life comes to an end. Property development often focuses on the living. As the world population grows, the demand for both residential and commercial properties increases. At the same time, the land where the dead can rest grows increasingly scarce.

A Hidden Investment

Funeral costs in the U.K. have increased and can go well past £4,000. The same holds true for burial plots. Burial plots for sale one to two decades ago cost roughly £30. These days, the same lots can sell for more than 1000% of the original cost. The numbers vary greatly, but Harley Investments Ltd and other experts say that most people would find them quite attractive.

A Better Investment?

If the practicality of investing in death appeals to you, there are investment companies you can talk to. They focus on decentralising burial locations from London and other areas with spaces to spare. As with any property investment, location is key. Naturally, plots that are in areas where space is fast becoming scarce will be more costly. If you are purchasing a plot (or more) as a matter of investment, you may be better off finding ones in cemeteries in development. In either case, purchasing the plot, whether for yourself or for investment, it is always better to purchase early and watch it appreciate in value.

What is the Catch?

As with any investment, there are risks involved. Cremation is far less costly than a burial, and more people are going towards the former. As a result, there is no guarantee that new cemeteries will attract more investors. There is still hope if the cemetery is near a community with a large population of Muslims or other groups requiring burial.

In the end, intensive research is necessary to ensure that your investment does not likewise end up dead. Make that investment before it goes even more costly the next few years.


Online Real Estate Continuing Education Offers Perfect Flexibility for Your Convenience

OnlineIs your schedule so busy that you hardly find time to sneak in other tasks you actually have to accomplish? Perhaps one of the things you need to do would be to renew your real estate license, but tend to think that a lot of time is needed in the process?

Well, fortunately for you, taking the necessary courses has never become more flexible. There are certain learning centres that offer the subjects online so you will no longer have to go out of your way to keep on being in the real estate industry. Of course, this would be a big thing, especially if this business serves as your bread and butter.

Save More Money by Taking the Courses in a Package Deal

One thing you ought to know is that renewing a broker license for the first time has a heavier load compared to all subsequent renewals. In addition to the core curriculum as well as the 30 hours of elective courses, you would also have to take subjects pertaining to real estate law and advanced real estate.

Whether it is your first time to renew or not, to take your real estate continuing education in WA, cbtrealestate.com suggests that looking for an online package would allow you to explore good discounts.

Study at Your Own Pace and Preferred Schedule so You Can Always Ace Exams

With the advancements in technology, being able to study through the Internet can be a huge convenience. Imagine taking your subjects whenever you are available. At the same time, you would be able to process all the knowledge you have to absorb at your own pace. More than that, you could even be reminded about when you have to prepare for succeeding renewals.

Suffice to say, this system allows everything to be done for you already. In deciding to pursue this, you would be able to maintain your work and ability to gain income in the real estate industry.