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How Do Professional Baseball Teams Use Analytics To Their Advantage?

Pro player hitting baseballProfessional baseball teams have begun to rely on data analytics to resolve certain issues with performance among players, but the challenge involves applying the information on the field during actual matches.

For instance, a laser radar gun connected to a smartphone app may analyze a pitcher’s spin rate and speed, but it’s still up to the person if they wish to absorb the information and make the necessary adjustments.

Scratching The Surface

Some experts admitted that baseball analytics is still a relatively new concept, but it has become an integral part of the sport especially in the next 10 years when developments would be more noticeable. Coaches and team managers are careful about feeding too much information to their players.

Even if numbers don’t lie, the nuances of providing a lot of details on their performance could be overwhelming and may affect their in-game performance. Other clubs simply focus on a certain chunk of data such as improving their batting technique. There is a downside to this, however, as games tend to be riddled with strike-outs that cause most fans to lose interest.

Record Strike-Outs

The batting average has reached below .250 that’s considered a new low since 1972, due to a new statistic in baseball. The launch angle, or the vertical position of the ball after making contact with a bat, has become a more common strategy among hitters.

This relatively new method increases the chances of hitting a home run, but the risk is heightened through strike-outs. It’s more likely to see players change positions in the field, simply because many pitchers could throw a ball at more than 95 miles per hour.


Statistical analysis will always be a part of any sport, but it doesn’t have to be all about numbers. Some devices provide real-time information on a player’s batting or pitch speed, but these shouldn’t entirely define a player’s development potential.