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Remaking Wall Decor With Decorative Steel

Wall Decor MakeoverFor some time, wall decor has always meant lighting, framed pictures, wall decorations, and paint. Many people exclude steel as a decor concept, banishing it to structural role settings, such as fences, doors, and stair rails. Many people have forgotten the beauty of steel as a piece of decorative material.

However, metal is making a design comeback! If you want to incorporate steel into your interior decor, you will not only have to buy the steel pipes and bars, but also work with a reputable ornamental steel foundry to turn your ideas into reality. Wasatch Steel recommends that you choose a steel provider that gives you the right measurements that fits your design concept.

Go for Elaborate Fabrications

With machining and fabrication getting cheaper these days, you can now afford to get elaborate steel decorations without breaking the bank. Think of something that complements your home, but would also catch the eye. An elaborate steel forest or a floral metal wall plaque will make your home unique and classy.

Add Some Value to The Fabrication

While most steel decorations will stand out by themselves, the addition of LED light or other decorative lights will make your steel decor pop. Some backlight will accentuate the design, while LED light strips could stroke the edges, lending the design a fresh breath of life.

Simplicity Still Wins

If you are not into elaborate decorations, you can still use simple but intuitive steel pipe designs. Think of a mounted candle holder that resembles construction scaffolding, or precise geometric stair rails and window frames.

This will give you a way to use steel in your house without sabotaging your modern design theme.

Interior design professionals admit the fact that more and more people are contemplating to incorporate decorative steel into their design ideas. You can even use other metals such as copper or bronze. With these possibilities, the prospects of steel as a decorative concept will open up a wide range of design ideas for your house or office.

What Type of Metal Coating is Right for Your Project?

Metal CoatingMetals can produce a variety of things – from industrial equipment and consumer electronics to aircraft and automobiles. The only downside to using metals as primary materials is that it is susceptible to corrosion. 

Kenro shares that to delay or eliminate this, metal manufacturers use coatings as preventive measures. For the many types of metals, there are also various types of coating that emit different appearances and serve different purposes.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

This involves dipping a piece of steel into molten zinc. After the zinc sticks to the steel, it immediately reacts with oxygen, forming an oxide layer that prevents corrosion. The coating does not flake off because of the metallurgical bond between the steel and the zinc. Plus, manufacturers can paint this to the customer’s specifications.


For this process, it uses electric current to adhere the solution of either chromium or cadmium to a metal. With this type of metal coating, however, it may be difficult to achieve a consistent thickness. But it does provide a pleasing appearance, as well as prevents corrosion.

Powder Coatings

This is the more environmentally friendly choice when it comes to metal coatings because it does not require the use of solvents. They also come in an array of colours.


Commonly used with aluminium – also used on titanium or zinc, anodising increases the thickness of the aluminium oxide layer, making it even more resistant to corrosion. This process also serves as an adhesive for other finishes and paints.

The Appropriate Thickness

To determine the thickness of the coating you need, it is important that you understand the environment the product is going to stay in. Different environments have various rates of corrosion. Air impurities and temperature, for example, are major contributors as they cause dramatic effects on certain metals, such as zinc.

For your next project, make sure that you coordinate with your contract manufacturer about what type of metal and coating they will use so that you are informed. This will also help you gauge the lasting effects of their product’s resistance to corrosion.

Finishing Strong: 3 Ways to Get Better Surface Finishes

Metalworking in TaurangaThe finishing stage of metalworking can be pretty wasteful for some shops. Naturally, this is something businesses could never ignore. After all, wasted materials are wasted money.

Whether you’re creating pipe fittings or any other piece, you would want to have the best finish possible. To do that, you need to know the right techniques and tools to accomplish a perfect finish.

Here are three of these tips and tricks:

Speed Up

Sometimes, all you need is turn up the speed a little bit more. This is because higher surface feet per minute (SFM) on any surface would reduce the built-up edge. As a result, you get to have a tool that’s sharp and durable. Consequently, it keeps the notion of tool failure at bay, which could damage a finished part quickly.

Cut Down on Feed

During the roughing phase, it’s common practice to use a high feed to shape the material as quickly as possible. Come finishing, the principle gets reversed. This is because a lighter feed merits a lower inch per revolution (IPR), which also slows down flank wear. The only risk to avoid here is to use feed that’s too light, as this would simply rub on the material, not cut it.

Inspect Tools

What machinists often leave out during finishing is the inspection of the tools being used. Most people overlook this, but toolholding and workholding are both important during this part. An old toolholder has a much higher tendency to move the insert, which could easily ruin a finish. Remember that any chatter due to movement would lower the quality of the finish.

These three tips sound simple, yet these are often ignored when handling various metalworking projects. If you want to achieve a better finish for your items, follow these tips. For sure, anything you work on afterwards would come out superb.

Wedding Ring

Options in Unique Wedding Rings and Metals

Wedding RingWhen considering options in rings for a special occasion, be it an engagement or wedding, you should know that there are multiple options to consider apart from the usual platinum or gold. If you only consider diamond, that is just the icing on the cake, one must also be able to look deeply into what will be added to complete the piece, which is the metal that adorns the ring. There are a number of options to consider in the market including both traditional and modern ones. You can choose among contemporary, traditional or a modern statement piece.

When considering the metal for a ring, be sure to consider the options available and your personal style statement. Abby Sparks recommends customizing your ring.

Everyone will have a different idea about what is the perfect choice for his or her ring. Do be sure to consider what makes you happy and complements who you are. What someone else gushes over may be a big rock which is highly expensive, but may not be your style or something you would love to wear. If you want a simple band, then do choose for that, in some elegant and fun styles which are available.

In addition to the material it is made of, you should also consider various aspects like the durability, engraving and the embellishment choice, which makes the ring looks stunning and sharp. Platinum used in jewelry is about 90-95% pure, however, bear in mind that with time platinum will undergo wear and tear, but the jeweler you purchased from can polish it to remove any scratches on it.

Beyond the basic traditional alternatives, there are also some offbeat choices that are popular in the market. The lightweight modern equivalents are a more contemporary choice and include several metal alloys. The choices vary between cobalt, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten among others.