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A Brief Guide to a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

Man opening the Youtube app via mobileThere’s no better time to do YouTube marketing than today. According to SmallBizTrends, more than 78% of consumer traffic will come from videos. More importantly, HubSpot revealed that 90% of users consider videos as part of their decision-making process. Almost 65% would purchase after watching a clip, especially when the URL is easy to remember or when there’s a clickable link on the video.

Video marketing can make or break a business, so you would want to make sure you do it right the first time. To help you, here’s a short guide for beginners:

Decide what type of video you want to create

Is it informational or a product demonstration? It could be a testimonial of one of your loyal customers, too. The kind of video you wish to upload determines the length, the message, and even the special effects. For example, product demonstrations are usually long. These may take about 10 to 15 minutes, while reviews are shorter and straighter to the point.

Use the existing videos you have

You don’t need to make videos from scratch over again. It’s possible to use those that are in the archives and share with a different caption.

One of the easiest ways to make this work is to communicate with a Denver video editing business thoroughly. A video editor could polish the clip. They could perhaps improve the color contrast or saturation with a whole new feel. Adding specific elements, including animation and graphics, is a good idea as well.

Create your YouTube channel

This one needs a lot of work. You’ll be setting up your channel and optimizing it for search engines. If there’s one thing to keep in mind, it’s to always consider your brand.

Do analytics

Your YouTube videos are excellent marketing tools to go to waste by not monitoring their performance. Analytics allows you to determine the success of your video. You will know which kinds of videos attract the right traffic as well. Google already has its analytics platform, but if you want a more in-depth report, consider hiring an online marketing team.

Videos will dominate all types of platforms, from desktops to mobile devices. Ride the wave and use them to improve your marketing strategies online.

3 Facebook Changes That Can Affect the Way You Market Online

User Browsing Facebook There is no doubt Facebook is presently the biggest social networking website in the world. In fact, it is so huge it is now less likely to find someone who does not have an FB account.

For this reason, Facebook is a great online marketing option especially for businesses that want to improve their customer reach and engagement. Thankfully, the website does not disappoint when it comes to providing tools for businesses. When it updates a feature, however, you should be aware of its effects on your marketing strategy. Here are some of them.

Advanced Measurement

Any online marketer needs to track advertising performance. Facebook is trying to help you in this area through Advanced Measurement. This tool will be helpful in determining your reach and attribution not only on this website but also in Facebook networks such as Instagram and other publishers.

What You Can Do: It is not enough you just buy social signals. Work with a company in helping you track performance using this tool.

Reactions vs. Likes

If you want your posts to appear more often in the news feed, you need to get more than a virtual thumbs-up. It looks like Facebook’s algorithm update favours reactions such as sad, happy, or love icons than the staple blue thumbs-up. One of the possible reasons is the idea these reactions portray a much better picture of the user’s level of engagement or interest on the post.

What You Can Do: Emotions are a powerful tool for marketing, and you can capitalise on that when doing Facebook ads.

Tagging Fake News

Facebook is also taking the new adage “Think before you click” more seriously. Due to the increasing complaints of the growth and spread of fake news on the social media site, Facebook is now tagging suspicious news links, displaying the word “disputed” along with the organisations that evaluated the source.

What You Can Do: Do your own policing. Before posting any third-party content, verify all the information to avoid the risk of ruining your credibility.

These updates are still in their infancy, so it is unclear their main impact to online marketing, but that does not mean you should ignore them. Explore, get to know more about these changes, and modify accordingly to give yourself a good head start against competitors.

A Merger: Brand Advertising and Direct Response

Brand awareness

Most business owners are unaware of the existence of direct response and brand response advertising – you might be one of them. When you think about advertising, you almost always refer to brand advertising, not direct response.

The two aspects go hand in hand, but before you dive into the merger, knowing the difference matters.

Direct vs. Brand: Sales vs. Awareness

The marketing consultancy and creative agency thecoalshed categorises direct response under the form of advertising that provides customer offerings. Included in this type of advertising are online ads, direct response TV production, marketing emails and other advertisements that entice consumers to respond.

Brand response, on the other hand, focuses on brand awareness. Through raised awareness, companies have a goal to get consumers to remember them whenever they need something, which should be part of the brand’s range of products.

How About a Merger?

Which of the two is better? Their differences always set them apart.

A number of marketers believe there is a divide between direct response and brand response. Other experts, however, insist that these two kinds of advertising can help each other.

Marketing can be seen today as the optimisation of the relationships of companies with their markets. In this context, one expert said that brand response advertising acts like deposits into a client’s relational equity account. Additionally, direct response acts like withdrawals from the said account. The principle is to practice brand response before you can do direct response.

Practice Both

You can practice both direct response and brand response advertising with the help of a marketing consultancy agency. You can implement both in your search ads, TV productions, Facebook videos, online content and others campaigns.

In your implementation, put up an ad for valuable content and run traffic through your content. Next, drop cookies on your prospects and retarget them with relevant and direct response ads. Finally, lead the prospects to a landing page that generates sales and leads.

With the previous steps, making direct response and brand response advertising work for you is easier. Gain a loyal client base together with increased leads and sales with this effective strategy.

Is It Necessary for Your Business to Transition to SMM?

Social Media MarketingLiving in a fast-paced world requires people to adapt quickly. This is important to businesses because they have to offer what the consumers need to be relevant in the market, and the demands these days can be overwhelming.

SocialConnect.us shares that being in the digital era pushes businesses to transition into the Internet, as well. Traditional marketing is still relevant, but digital marketing proves to be more effective in promoting brands, as almost everyone is online and most of them are on social media.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing consists of various news media, including television, print, and radio. Unlike digital marketing strategies, such as social media, this only provides one-way communication, which means that while consumers may receive the information given by the marketer, they won’t be able to provide feedback. While traditional media do reach the masses, targeted or not, there isn’t a real connection established between the company and its customers.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

This is currently the fastest way businesses can reach their customers and connect with other industry leaders. This is your opportunity to build lasting relationships, which will help promote and expand your brand in the future. Through social media, you can have access to insights that may be helpful to your brand. This also helps you target and retarget your ads, as social media is highly customizable.

When you have a strong social media presence, this builds brand loyalty. Engaging and interacting with your consumers makes your brand more human and less like a stiff corporation.

While businesses have been using traditional media since the dawn of advertising, it is slow to adapt to the fast-paced world you now live in. Plus, consumers are looking for faster and more interactive ways to interact with businesses so they can have access to more information about the company's products and services.

Social media provides the solution to this because it is simply the most accessible and engaging medium available. Plus, SMM is able to provide businesses with statistics regarding the number of people viewing their content and the feedback are being recorded in real time.

What Are Gifographics, and Why Should You Care?

Gifographics in Ogden<span “>Just when you thought visual content has reached its peak, gifographics come along. If you’ve seen, or at least heard about infographics before, gifographics are practically the same — only they have animated parts.

They have yet to burst in popularity yet, but 2016, or the next few years, would most likely see this new kid on the block dominate Facebook newsfeeds. Most social media managers are slow on adopting gifographics, but Standard Examiner and other digital marketing agencies are already seeing their profit potential.

Here are some of the many promises gifographics bring to the table:

They Can Make Lots of Noise

Because they’re refreshing to the eyes, gifographics can induce a serious amount of engagement on social media. Just like their cousin inforgraphics, gifographics can squeeze data into one powerful visual.

If you turn statistics into bite-sized pieces of information delivered in such as a fascination fashion, you can just imagine how many would engage with your content.

They Can Generate Tons of Traffic

According to a study, animated pieces tend to get shared more often than their static brethren. If infographics, which are already considered immensely shareworthy, get reposted a lot, there’s no reason gifographics wouldn’t go viral.

As you know, the more your content spreads like wildfire all over the Internet, the greater its chances to generate traffic. The link the comes with your post proliferates every time your gifographic multiplies.

They Can Create Plenty of Content Diversity

If you post text-based pieces, videos, and pictures and repeat, don’t be surprised if your fan base stagnates and your lead generation stops bearing enough fruits. You need diversity to keep your followers interested in your brand.

Considering the limited number of content types out there, a gifographic would certainly add variety to your posts.

Despite their invention a few years ago, gifographics still don’t get the respect their deserve. Even if you don’t see anyone posting them now, just remember exactly what trend-setters do. If you work with an experienced digital marketing team, you can harness the full potential of gifographics.


3 Things You Need to Know about SEO as a Business Owner

SEOSearch engine optimization takes time. You can’t expect to climb your way to the top of search results in an instant. You have to come up with great strategies that will work best for your target audience. There are many ways to achieve success in online marketing, but with research, planning, and evaluation, you can find a formula that works best for you. Here are some things you need to know about SEO as a business owner.

You Should Think Long-Term

SEO is not a one-time strategy, but a rather long-term commitment. Once you hire an SEO company that you can trust, you should think of your long-term goals as a business. You should have a good working relationship to make it work. Results will only appear after a few months, so stick to your strategies with patience. When you finally see results, you should still monitor your performance to make it better.

Know the Metrics for ROI

Some mistakes SEO rankings to be a good metric in measuring return-on-investment. However, that isn’t enough to measure your overall online marketing performance. SEO rankings only reflect website traffic or the number of people visiting your website. Better metrics to measure how well you’re doing are leads, repeat customers, conversion rates, and improvement in sales. Users shouldn’t just click on your link, but actually see you as a credible website and turn into a customer. According to PR Caffeine, as many business owners are not familiar with SEO, it’s an advantage to get a professional.

SEO Isn’t Cheap

Businesses that hire SEO experts for very low prices usually fail because these aren’t legit. SEO is a major marketing tool that honestly costs a lot. Google has a complicated, ever-changing algorithm. That’s why legit SEO experts offering comprehensive services may cost money. 

Keep these things in mind to understand how SEO works and learn how to collaborate with your hired expert to achieve the best results. This way, you can enjoy more profit and revenue in no time.

Marketing Strategy in Eagan, MN

Color Your Consumer’s Life, Color Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy in Eagan, MNYou might think blue is the warmest color, but is it the right one for your brand?

Color possesses the power to psychologically impact every individual’s behavior and decision. In fact, it is one of branding’s successful tools for success. Color can also be the solitary reason behind the drive to buy or accept advertisements from your brand.

When it comes to choosing the right color for your marketing campaign, there is one right answer. Actually, there are more than a few — and it’s your job to select the right ones.

The Power of Varying Shades

As mentioned, color has a powerful effect on the subconscious, particularly in your consumer’s decision to act.

In a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, the researchers discovered that 90% of snap judgments regarding your products depend on color alone. Customers decide if the color you used is appropriate for your brand, if the shade fits what you sell.

Other studies also suggest that brains prefer brands that are easily recognizable, which makes it crucial for your marketing strategy.

Colorful Impressions Last

First impressions matter and the right pallet can leave lasting positivity on your consumers. Color helps in how your potential audience will perceive your design. Underestimating the power of first impressions can result in underestimating the power color trigger in the consumer’s subconscious.

Successful marketing in Eagan, MN requires knowing the color that best represents your brand. If you wish to encourage appetites or excitement, red is your color. For products that promote beauty and anti-aging, purple is the marketer’s go-to.

The colors you use for your campaign may be the primary component you need to grab your consumers’ attention. The perfect shades depend on the message you wish to send to your target market. While there is no such thing as wrong or right colors, it pays to know the hues that are most appropriate for your message.

Infuse your marketing with color combinations that attract attention. When you color your consumer’s life, they are more likely to color yours as well.