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Gold Standard: Getting a Foot in the Door of High-Paying Tech Firms

IT administrator checking serverAn IT certification gives you a leg up in the industry. It provides you an edge in finding employment or retaining your current position. It also serves as proof of your professional credibility and opens up better job opportunities.

In fact, certifications have helped many IT professionals receive their long-awaited promotions, shares CertBlaster, a provider of reviews and exam guides for the Network+ N10-007 and other certifications.

The many certification programs available are not made equal. It may be more expensive, but getting qualified by the biggest certification providers in the IT industry pays off in the long run.

CompTIA Project+

The CompTIA Project+ is an entry-level certification for project managers. It’s an excellent certification to get if you’re a fresh graduate as there are no prerequisites for taking the exam. The Project+ is also a great fit for IT professionals who deal with small- and medium-sized projects.

The Project+ trains your skills in managing a project life cycle, maintaining project documentation, and more. Earning this certification is also a great boon financially; average salaries of Project+-certified employees reaches up to $90,280.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the top cloud computing platform for a number of businesses and organizations. Its AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification requires candidates to have at least a year of hands-on experience in designing scalable distributed systems on AWS.

The certification will test your understanding of network technologies and skills in building secure applications. The hard work you put into getting it pays off generously, as certified employees stand to earn an average annual income of $123,801.

Project Management Professional

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the most in-demand and difficult certifications in the industry. Take note of the strict requirements for taking this exam, as well. These include at least 35 hours of formal project management education and over 4,500 hours of leading projects if you hold a bachelor’s degree.

Holding a PMP certification not only strengthens your job security; it can also help you land jobs in other sectors such as finance, manufacturing, and publishing.

IT certifications show your initiative and commitment to continue improving your skills. Taking the certification exams from major IT certification providers is more challenging but significantly improves your prospects once you pass.

What are the High-Paying Tech Jobs?

An IT personnel in front of computer screensThe relevance of information technology and demand from many industries serve as some of the reasons people can earn a high salary, depending on the nature of work.

A high-paying IT job does not necessarily mean you should be in an executive role, although a C-level position certainly warrants a large compensation. As IT jobs in the U.S. continue to increase, a big salary would be a good reason to pursue a career in IT.

Big Pay Checks

Network architects are some of the jobs that provide an annual salary of up to $150,000. This job usually requires professionals to execute the IT requirements of a company, which is largely similar to how a conventional architect creates a blueprint for a certain building.

An IT security manager earns between $115,000 and $125,000 per year. You will need some form of experience and bachelor’s degree to land this type of position. However, being certified is also another way to increase your market value to the industry such as CompTIA’s A+ certification. A practice test or training program will help you gain the necessary skills even if you are just an entry-level professional.

C-Level Positions

Like any other industry, executive in the IT sector take home a rather handsome amount for their work and experience. Chief information officers are the highest-paid position that you could achieve in the tech industry, as median salaries can amount up to $219,000 per year.

A chief security officer is another C-level position that earns up to $195,000 per year. Both of these jobs require extensive work experience, yet having certification at the same time could easily fast-track your progress to become an industry executive.

A career in the IT industry is a lucrative prospect, but you need to make sure you have the necessary skills and certification to justify a big salary.

What Is Big Data and How Can It Benefit the Company?

Man working in a server roomAny business thrives on data. Data drives the decision-making in a company and can give you a bird’s-eye view of the current situation of the company. Your company can then make a decision on what strategies to employ to hit your targets. A growing trend now is the emergence of what is called big data.

Big data is basically the huge amount of information that is available on the internet. The data is so huge that IT development for big data is outsourced to companies such as CloudXtension, which can focus on the development of applications that can process all that data.

What is “big data”?

Imagine all the information and data that float around the internet. These include user information, profiles, likes, the users’ visit information, etc. Companies such as Facebook and Google capitalize on this information so that they can bring content relevant to you. By gathering and analyzing all the information, they can target the content and market to a specific audience.

That kind of data needs to be processed by an application or software that can go through all that information, sort it out, provide analytics and even predict a person’s needs and desires. The capability of knowing what a person would be interested in is something most big businesses will want to have as it can drive their sales and enable them to be prepared to meet market needs.

Why should you outsource IT development?

Big data may be obtained from user profiles, which may include personal information like civil status, sex, age, work, and preferences such as sports and hobbies. There are so many bits of information to sort through that it may even overload a single server or a group of servers.

With that much information, no one can manually do it using in-house data from a small server. You need to implement auto data mining and analytics of this big data for it become useful. If you try to go through the information manually, it may take years or even decades. By then, the information may no longer be relevant.

This is why it is best to leave big data collection and processing to a company that knows what it is doing. There are many software and IT development companies that design the tools you need to use big data. They will be able to customize tools and software for you based on your objective.

This way, a business can focus on other things and leave IT development in the capable hands of another company. Outsourcing IT services to a tech company is hassle-free and a win for both parties.