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4 Devices to Install at Home to Increase Convenience and Security

a man scans his fingerprint to gain access to a home security systemHome safety and security have greatly improved since electronic gadgets have come around. Do you know that you can still enhance security in your home?

Here are some of the innovative devices you can install on your property to keep your family and your belongings safe:

Uninterruptible Power Supply System

Widely known as UPS, this one is an older technology and was developed to remedy data loss and prevent damage to electrical devices due to improper shutdown caused by a power interruption. Newer designs, however, are slimmer, lighter, and longer lasting. They have also become more portable than before. This technology has been around for a long time but continues to prove itself useful. Make sure you have a UPS backup battery replacement ready.

Digital Door Locking System

Digital locks are a great enhancement to your home security system. Initially, there was the PIN method, but today there are several other entry methods such as using a fingerprint scan, an access card, and most recently by using a Bluetooth app for access. The PIN method was also updated from using a button keypad to a touchscreen keypad.

Home Alarm Systems

The main purpose of an alarm system is to alert homeowners of potential burglary. The system is a combination of sensors and surveillance equipment working hand in hand. The sensors are for motion detection and for monitoring movements at entry points of the house, such as gates, doorways, and windows.

These sensors send information to the control panel, which in turn alerts the homeowners by triggering the alarm or through an app on their mobile device. Some are even connected to monitored security systems and can call for help automatically.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Whether it’s a traditional ceiling mounted device or one that can be managed through an app, having fire and smoke alarms at home is extremely important, especially when you have kids around. They also trigger the sprinkler system, if you have one installed. Some are especially sensitive to smoke, so if you are installing one in the kitchen, make sure that your space has proper ventilation; otherwise, the alarm might sound if you accidentally overcook something.

These are just some of the devices you can set up to enhance the level of security within your premises. Remember that some of these devices depend on batteries, so make sure you have a backup battery replacement for each device. Proper maintenance of these devices ensures continuous protection coverage for your home.

3 Unintentional Ways of Inviting Burglars to Your Home

Home Burglar in Pl TitirangiDespite the obvious technological advancement in the security sector, crime rates remain relatively high with police reports showing periodic spikes. While the average criminal is becoming more innovative and resourceful, homeowners are likewise becoming more complacent. As such, they make it easy for the wily criminal to accomplish their evil mission of relieving them of their possessions.

Here are some ways you could be encouraging thieves and burglars:

Hiring unqualified technicians

Although their services come at a considerably lower cost, unskilled practitioners are likely to make substandard installations or cause additional damage to your locks. Additionally, they are likely to arm you with ineffective systems that anybody can override. Rather than gamble with the security of your home, hire the services of a professional. Whether they’re working out of a vehicle like mobile locksmiths or have their own location, you’ll have someone to tend to your emergency needs.

Leaving valuables on open display

A simple oversight, like leaving your curtains open for too long with the lights on, can draw the attention of any passerby to your home appliances and fixtures. Criminals then make specific neighbourhoods their possible targets. The same situation applies to leaving cash, laptops and expensive watches lying around the home. Anyone visiting your home might unwittingly make a mention of such a fact to the wrong ears, and you end up being a victim.

Poor trash disposal

As worthless as you may think it to be, your trash tells a story of your purchase. Therefore, to the discerning eye, your trash is a goldmine of useful information. It alerts them to your expensive new purchases, enabling them to mark you as a potential target. Alerting criminal elements to new valuables in your possession prompts them to act quickly.

Many people fall victims to the actions of the thieves and criminal elements not knowing that their actions make them potential targets. By avoiding these mistakes, you can increase the safety and security of your home.

4 Tips to Maximise Home Security

Home Security in AucklandThe security and protection of your loved ones should always be at the top of your list. Outlaws can break into your property anytime they want. The best thing you can do is to maximise home security and prepare at all times.

Auckland-based home security experts share these basic home security tips.

TIP #1: Upgrade your door lock mechanism

Burglars are ingenious locksmiths, after all. Inspect the door locks and replace old hardware if necessary. Make sure everything is functioning well. For external hinged doors, install key-operated dual cylinder deadlocks and add a security screen. A durable knob lock system is also a good investment as it provides a dead latch mechanism. This prevents intruders breaking into your doors using credit cards or paper clips.

TIP #2: Check the sliding doors

Intruders usually break into properties through sliding doors. To prevent this, install highly secured bolts and key operated locks including sliding doors in the balcony and the veranda entry point. Some even add wood or metal towel to the track to secure the doors. Installing shatter alarm is also a good idea.

TIP #3: Secure the windows

While adding screens or grills is the common option to secure the windows, UPVC windows have become a popular home security device. This is made of durable layers, making it more difficult for intruders to break in. It also gives you more time to call the authorities for help. These types of windows can also protect your property from harsh weather conditions.

TIP #4: Install security cameras around the house

It is always better to have security cameras around the house. This makes it easier for you to monitor any suspicious acts within your property. Further, you can connect these cameras to your mobile phones or any gadget, such as laptops or tablets giving you peace of mind as you leave the house.

These are just some of the things you can do to maximise home security. Always consult a professional to make sure every area is safe.