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Why You Need a Regular Facial

Woman Getting a FacialThe skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than other areas of your body. It requires a different treatment and maintenance from your body. Facial treatments can help improve your skin’s tone and texture, giving it a smoother and softer feel. Many salons and spas in Tauranga offer facial treatments of various kinds. The following are the most common offerings.

Types of Facials

Microdermabrasion Facial

This type of facial treatment removes dead skin caused by aging, pollution, and exposure to the sun. This also brings the softer and more youthful-looking skin to the surface. As the term implies, the dead surface skin is gently scraped with microscopic abrasive crystals and vacuumed away.

Lymphatic Massage Facial

This is a type of facial that incorporates a stress-releasing massage and boosting the lymph flow in our face. Gentle massage strokes are applied behind the ears and below the jaw to encourage the proper functioning of the lymphatic system.

Acupuncture Facial

Acupuncture facials apply fine needles in the face to relax it and ease the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles. The treatment also relaxes the facial muscles, giving you a smoother appearance and a healthier glow.

Hydrating Facial

This treatment is used when your skin continues to remain dry despite the use of regular moisturizers. Face masks with humectants (substances that constantly keep the skin moist) are used for this treatment.

LED Facial

This facial treatment uses LED (or Light Emitting Diode) at specified wavelengths to address acne breakouts and skin rashes.


Your life exposes you to pollution, sunlight, and stress, but you don’t need to let it show. Get the facial treatment that is right for you and get a smoother and more vibrant aura.

A lifetime of dental care

Woman flossing her teethGood dental health is something that can be enjoyed at any age with the help of a dentist. Even with the most diligent daily brushing and flossing, persistent bacteria can take hold in and around your teeth. This leaves you vulnerable to developing tooth decay, gum disease and other dental diseases. You can avoid the discomfort of poor dental health by keeping up with your regular dental check ups.

With the skills, guidance and advice of a dentist you can keep your teeth and gums in good shape. For professional dental care, there are many dental practices to choose from in London, including Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Routine care to save you time

Regular visits to a dentist and dental hygienist will save you time in the long run by reducing your chances of dental disease. Professional cleaning, scaling and polishing by a dental hygienist will reduce the build-up of bacteria, which are known to cause tooth decay and gum disease. A dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth and gums to pick up the early signs of disease. You can therefore get treatment before more damage is caused. This will save you from unnecessary discomfort.

Modern treatment for effective relief

When dental disease crops up, prompt and effective treatment can relieve your pain and worry. Whether it is infection, decay or damage, modern dental treatments offer reliable solutions. Root canal therapy can resolve infection, fillings and crowns can repair decay and dental implants, dentures and bridges can restore missing teeth.

Whatever your treatment, your dentist will explain exactly what you can expect. You will have the chance to have your questions answered and concerns addressed. Local anesthetic is available to keep your discomfort to a minimum and sedation is also an option you can explore with your dentist.

More than just general dentistry

With advances in dental technologies and materials, dental care not only addresses your general dental health but also the cosmetics of your smile. Cosmetic dental treatments, including veneers, teeth whitening and gum lifts, can be tailored to enhance the look of your smile. Visiting a dentist in Harley Street can therefore be something to look forward to.

Serve Clients Optimally: Ensuring That Your Spa Equipment is in Good Condition

A woman getting a spaRunning a spa means that you should make clients happy all the time. From the moment they enter the doors up to the time they leave, you have to make sure that they are satisfied. One thing that will enable you to give the right service is to ensure that your spa equipment runs optimally.

Here’s what you can do so your equipment will run in the most efficient manner and keep clients happy:

Go Through the Manual

If you’re just starting and you have no idea how to run spa equipment, make sure to go over the manual carefully. Remember that equipment costs thousands of dollars and mishandling them could mean your equipment conking out in a short period of time. Take note of the nitty-gritty details involved in running your equipment. You surely don’t want to keep clients waiting while you figure out what to do with the equipment if it breaks down. Make sure that you check what you’ll do in cases of emergency, as well.

Keep Your Water Clean

If you use filthy water, chances are your equipment would be affected. This would easily wreak havoc to your cover and filter, which would be detrimental to your business. If you see any sign of getting dirty water or that the filter is not working properly, immediately refer the matter to a spa service in Salt Lake City.

Prolonging this problem can lead to disaster for your equipment and your business. If you don’t keep your spa sanitary, you will be opening your place of business to bacteria and lawsuits.

Go For Routine Maintenance Checks

In anything, maintenance reigns supreme. Proper maintenance of your spa equipment will ensure that it will last you for a long time. Make sure that you contact spa service to do the routine maintenance. At the slightest sign of anything amiss, you must likewise seek their help. While the trouble is still small, better have it fixed than waiting for it to balloon before you call for help.

Aside from having the best staff, your spa equipment is one of the things that give life to your business. With this in mind, it is right for you to make sure that they run optimally and are always in the best of shape. As long as your spa is open, your equipment must be ready to serve your clients.

3 Benefits of Preventative Care That You Should Know

diabetes problemAccording to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), several chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease account for 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans annually. These diseases are also responsible for about 75 percent of the country’s entire health expenses. And yet, these diseases are highly detectable and “largely preventable” through preventive care such as screenings.

Here are 3 benefits of preventative care that will show you just how important it is.

Disease prevention through vaccination

Based on CDC data, there were about 2,500 acute hepatitis A infections in the U.S. in 2014 alone. The infection can spread through person to person contact and through contaminated food and water. Preventive care includes immunization vaccines for adults for a wide range of diseases and infections including Hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes zoster, measles, influenza, mumps, and pertussis.

Type 2 diabetes detection

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the country. In 2010, 69,071 Americans died whose death certificates listed diabetes as the “underlying cause of death.” There was also a total of 234,051 people whose death certificates listed the disease as the “underlying or contributing cause of death.” Preventive care offers diabetes screening for adults suffering from high blood pressure. When detected early, persons at risk can better adjust their lifestyle to prevent the development of the lifelong disease.

Prevention of high cholesterol

High cholesterol can lead to a severe and life-threatening accumulation of cholesterol and other deposits in the arteries. These can then affect the blood flow and result in chest pain or worse, heart attacks and strokes. Based on CDC figures, approximately 610,000 Americans die of heart attack annually. Preventive care offers cholesterol screening for adults within a certain age bracket or those who are at high risk of developing high cholesterol levels.

Prevention is Better than Cure

There is no better time to search for preventative care in Lehi than the present. There are diseases and infections that are highly treatable when detected and addressed early. Some people see preventive care as an added cost but remember, preventive care is always better and there is no high price for good health.