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4 Ways to Become a Celebrity Hairstylist

Hairstylist trimming the hairSome people want to become celebrities. There are also those who would wish to become instead one of those people working in the background as someone else takes the spotlight. One of the jobs closely tied to the celebrity culture is the hairstyling profession.

These are effective tips that may help you on your journey to becoming the next celebrity hairstyling star.

Purchase top-notch hairstyling tools

If you want the attention of top celebrities in the world, you need to make sure that your tools are up to it. You are joining the big leagues, and you do not want to use anything that is substandard. For example, the scissors that you will use to cut hair must be of great quality.

Look for the best hairdresser shears or scissors that you can order now.

Come up with a strong portfolio

Gather eight to ten of the best of your work and post them online. This way, celebrity managers and agents can find your work and evaluate if they are the right fit for their client.

Ensure that the pictures you will be picking are the best you can do so you can persuade them of your professional experience and skills.

Gain experience

What people may not realise, however, is how difficult it can be to become a celebrity hairstylist. You will be experiencing a lot of hardships on your way to the top. However, your experience will be the strongest items on your resume, so you have to work hard on this.

Join professional networks and groups

Part of becoming a celebrity hairstylist comes down to having the right network. These groups will be your support cliques and can bring you opportunities later on.

If you do these four things, you will be four steps closer to achieve your dreams of becoming a celebrity hairstylist.

The Answer to Your Summer Hair Disasters

hair school in Salt Lake CityIt’s summertime and living’s supposed to be easy — not for your hair, unfortunately. Heat could easily degrade your hair’s protective proteins, oxidizing your dye job or natural hair color to a brassy nightmare, eliminating luster, and leaving your hair brittle. What’s more, moisture-zapping saltwater and chlorine, frizz-inducing humidity, and UV rays could easily leave your mane parched.

Keep you hair shining and protected with these summer hair care tricks:

How to Fight Frizz

Humidity makes your hair susceptible to frizz. Even if your hair isn’t typically prone to damage, humidity could roughen your cuticles and allow water molecules to penetrate your hair shaft, which in turn makes it swell. Consider a silicon-based smoothening serum. This would temporarily hold your cuticles together, flatten the roughness, and prevent the absorption of those pesky water molecules.

How to Protect your Dye Job

Whether you have your natural hair color intact or a pricey dye job, sunlight will bleach it out. However, the results might not be what you’re looking for. Although it’s possible that your hair might gain some pretty highlights from sun exposure. If your hair is processed, it could lose its luster and turn brassy, says a hair care expert from Collectiv Academy, a renowned hair school in Salt Lake City.

Counteract the effects of the sun by making a sunblock for your hair. However, since there’s really no effective dye or products to negate the effects of UV rays on your hair — added SPF could help, though — go for a wide-brimmed hat with a tightly woven fabric or one made with UPF fabric.

How to Minimize Greasiness

If you have an oily scalp, prepare for it to get worse during the summer because heat will trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, while sweat adds to your problem, making your mane look greasier and dirtier. If you have extremely an oily scalp, consider shampooing daily, even twice daily if you’re very active during the summer. But, take note that you could have very greasy roots, but dry ends, so don’t skip your conditioner. Make sure, though, to only apply it on your ends and parts where you feel your hair needs it.

While you might live to bask in the sun when summer rolls around, remember that you also have to take extra care of your hair. So while you lie out in the sun and tan your skin, keep these summer hair care hacks in mind.

This Year’s ‘IT’ Hair Colouring Trend

Introducing the Layage: This Year’s ‘IT’ Hair Colouring Trend

This Year’s ‘IT’ Hair Colouring TrendLayage is this year’s hottest hair trend for highlighting hair, and while it sounds similar to another hot highlighting trend, the balayage, they’re a bit different. So what exactly is it and why is it so popular among women all over the world?

Circles of Subiaco reveals what the rage is all about.

What Exactly is the Layage and How Does It Look Like?

The layage technique involves separating your hair into sections, spreading them on a flat, huge board, and then applying hair colour with a small brush. It’s similar to ombre, but is subtler and more refined, just enough to highlight your natural hair colour by mixing in complementary tones. According to expert hairdressers in Perth, it should look like the colour is seamlessly graduated, cascading in uninterrupted tones. This means that you will look like you’ve just gotten back from a sunny holiday.

Layage is similar to balayage in that in both techniques, the colourist freehand paints hair colour onto your locks to give your hair some depth and dimension. However, with the layage technique, your head will be tilted back and your hair laid flat so your colourist will have more control over the application. With balayage, on the other hand, you’ll simply sit on the chair while your colourist paints highlighting colour with a brush. Both techniques promise to give you that perfectly seamless, gradient effect.

Why You Should Give Layage a Try

The best thing about layage is that it can work for pretty much anyone. If you have light hair, opt for a sun-kissed effect similar to Gigi Hadid’s or Jennifer Aniston, or if you have darker locks, you can have the ends of your hair subtly lightened like Lily Aldridge. However, take note that while the layage technique looks simple, every brush stroke is done precisely and in slightly different ways so it’s best to leave the job to the pros.

Overall, whether you’re on the lookout for an intense, but more natural looking highlighting effect, or a subtler one, layage can achieve either one. Laying your hair flat gives your colourist more control over the application so every stroke will be sure to come out natural-looking — who wouldn’t want that?