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Industrial Office Decor and Furniture Ideas

a modern officeIndustrial style decor and furniture draw inspiration from factories and warehouses that dominate the urban landscape today. Ceiling beams, weathered wood, and brickwork are some of the common artistic touches found. Some modern spaces go so far as to embrace concrete and exposed piping to portray an open atmosphere. Industrial office furniture from reputable companies like Urban 95 is available to complement the office environment. Here are some simple ways of incorporating industrial style to your office layout.


Industrial interior design is characterized by battered and aged shades. Look for options that reflect an earthy accent. Steel and iron-based tones are an important aspect of industrial design. Natural wood and shades of white can also be used to balance the palette.


Broken bricks and cracked concrete makes a strong industrial statement and gives a warehouse feel to any modern office. Brick is widely available and is very versatile both for interior walls and as a form of cladding. It can also act as an insulator. Brick is also durable, as many structures built in brick have lasted for years.


In its various forms, metal, whether used artistically or to serve a particular purpose, is an important element of industrial office decor. Some options include rustic, galvanized or corrugated metals.


Balance the coolness of metal using rough or refined wood. Wood is another important element of any industrial office decor.


Industrial office style remains incomplete without leather furniture complementing the rest of the office decor. Leather also adds a warmer touch to your office.


Hardware, such as gears, nuts and bolts can be artistically used to enhance any industrial office decor.


Rivets have been characterized as an important industrial element for more than a century. Don’t forget to add this stylish detail in your industrial office decor.

Industrial chic is a design that stands out and shows imagination and originality. The style is functional and need not be expensive, offering an attractive option for the modern workspace.

Common Mistakes People Commit When Buying Office Chairs

Interior design of an officeThere are so many things to consider when you order office chairs on the web from sites such as Online Office Furniture. The best office chairs shouldn’t be hard to come by, although there are certain mistakes that you have to avoid when choosing the best one for your workstation.

Take a look at some of the most common mistakes and see if they apply to you.

Wrong fabric

One of the most crucial factors you need to consider is the fabric. It has an effect on maintenance and cleaning. These pieces of furniture are often exposed to dirt and stains.

Vinyl is the most popular choice because its fabric doesn’t stain easily. However, most companies that have a large budget often choose leather since it’s easy to clean, and liquid doesn’t seep into it.

Wrong color choice

You can never go wrong with a black chair, especially in the office. But, there are times when you just want to see a pop of color to give your office a more modern look. Furthermore, white and brown chairs look stylish and classic, but they might seem boring at times.

As such, choosing bright colors, such as red, can add a little flair to your office aesthetics. Consider how you want your office to look.

Not testing the chair

The office chair may look great and looks like an interesting addition to your office. However, it won’t do you any good if it’s damaged or doesn’t work that well. It’s better to try the product first to see if it’s comfortable enough to sit in for a few hours a day and if it’s free from any damages or defects.

There’s more to an office chair than just being a piece of furniture. That’s why it’s important to choose the best one for your office needs. These mistakes are something that you have to keep an eye on.

Simple Hacks to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding

vintage style weddingFrom elegantly romantic, old Hollywood glam, to country rustic, with a low-key, fun backyard wedding vibe where beloved guests drink and eat from vintage tableware and play carefree games, there’s a vintage trend for you no matter your budget.

The Key is to Mix and Match

When decorating a vintage wedding, keep the word ‘mismatched’ mind. Nothing says vintage than table centrepieces with mismatched knickknack differing from one table to another. Consider pairing lace with more rustic textures like wood and burlap. For a more shabby chic vibe, pair your flower arrangements with delicate pompoms and buntings, delicate antique tablecloths, as well as exquisite vintage crockery. Bust out your grandmother’s vintage teapots, cups, vases, old telephones, suitcases, and typewriter. To maximise what you paid for hired vintage wedding cars, experts at Noosa Woody Hire suggest that you incorporate them into your décor.

Stay away from having uniform floral arrangements and opt for smaller ones with different flowers, some branches and twigs. For more rustic and natural floral centrepieces, opt for tiny, country or wild flowers that look like they’d just been plucked and place them in mismatched vases, pots, or crockery. Mason jars could also serve as the perfect flower holders — colour them according to your wedding colours, or to contrast with your wedding colours, for subtle pops of colour all around your venue.

Another excellent idea to hang everything. Hanging a pretty selection of vintage props and wild flowers above tables would look dreamy when paired with candles in vintage containers on the tables. You could also put flowers inside tiny vintage jars and hang them around the venue. Don’t forget those dainty chandeliers. You could use just one suspended in the dancing area as a statement piece or multiple chandeliers in different sizes and styles for a more dramatic effect. Wrought iron chandeliers and candelabras dressed with delicate flowers and vines also make remarkable centrepieces.

The Takeaway

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should steer clear of cookie-cutter, uniform centrepieces where every single table looks exactly the same, and instead have fun, keep everything elegant and classy, but in a romantic and understated manner — that’s what vintage chic is all about.

Web design company in Minnesota

Get Help to Say You’re The Greatest

Web design company in MinnesotaOne of the many secrets to business success isn’t just being good at what you do; it’s making people realize that you’re good at what you do. Perception is reality, and the sooner business owners come to this conclusion, the faster they can make their companies grow. So, how exactly can businesses go about convincing people who don’t know them that they’re the best?

Let’s use a web design company in Minnesota as an example. This company is trying to sell a company on the design of a new website by telling them about the detailed design specifications of their graphical mock-ups. The last part of that sentence probably didn’t make much sense to most people; just imagine what the explanation would be like.

Now apply the same scenario to your own business, how do you convince people that you’re the best in your niche? These days, the secret lies in having an easy to understand and interactive website, making the above example much more relevant – everything’s connected. But, how do you know whether a web design company is good for you?

First, if you can’t follow the conversation for more than a few seconds without the need for clarification, drop them. If they can’t express the technicalities of their own work in terms anyone can understand, don’t trust them to make the details of your own business any clearer.

Second, choose people who use all the tools at their disposal to say what they want to say. A website isn’t a book; it has HTML, CSS, illustrations, videos, links, and more to help people get the general idea. These people are supposed to get paid for their creativity, make them showcase and apply everything they have on your site.

Convincing people that you’re the best can sometimes mean roping in other people to get the message across. Just make sure they can do the same for themselves before making them part of the team.