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Dental Implants: Managing Post-Surgery Pain at Home

Dental Implant SurgeryThere are numerous ways to restore or replaced damaged tooth to give back the smile and confidence a person has. Aside from dentures, people turn to dental implants. Implants are titanium post that is positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum. Your dentist would then place the replacement teeth or bridge in the said post.

Because it requires getting to the roots of your mouth, there is often pain and recovery period needed after your new teeth have been implanted. Dentists in Gainsborough would surely give you tips to take home to manage the pain. Some of those would include these simple home remedies.

Tips for recovering from a dental implant surgery 

  1. Tea bags

Bleeding on the operated is normal. Your dentist would tell you to  bite down a gauze pad gently to help reduce bleeding. The gauze can also be replaced with used tea bags. Tea can help prevent your gums from bleeding further.

  1. Upright position

Sit upright and lie down with your head elevated to 90 degrees. This would help remove blood from pooling to the affected area and can contribute to reducing pain and swelling.

  1. Ice packs

Put ice packs on the affected jaw. The coldness can help numb the affected part as well as reduce swelling.

  1. Lessen your activity

A dental implant is a surgical procedure. Therefore, proper caution should be observed when doing usual activities. Avoid exerting too much effort to prevent pain and discomfort at least three days after the procedure.

  1. Pain relievers

Over the counter pain, relievers can be taken to help reduce the pain and throbbing.

  1. Soft diet

Avoid chewing near the implant site for 3-5 days and make sure you observe a soft or liquid diet.

  1. Salt solution

Gargling with salt and water solution can help the wound heal quickly and reduce the pain.

Feeling uncomfortable or slight pain is normal after surgery. Consult your dentist immediately if your symptoms do not improve after a few days or do not respond to medication.

Dental Implant

Why You Cannot Go Wrong with a Dental Implant

Dental Implant The negative effects of losing a tooth is more serious than you can imagine. First of all, the teeth alignment gets affected, since the remaining tooth will move to fill the gap left. Apart from this, the psychological effect of having to smile with a missing tooth can affect a person’s social life, especially if it is a front tooth that is missing. Not many may be aware, but the way you look affects the way you feel about yourself and has a huge impact on your self-confidence.

Fortunately, modern dentistry has made it possible for you to smile confidently again. Another good thing about this is that you will not have to wear dentures. You can set an appointment with a professional cosmetic dentist to have yourself assessed for dental implants.

These artificial teeth roots are implanted in the patient’s jaw to replace the missing teeth. Since it is an implant, it looks just like a natural tooth. According to Edinburghdentist.com and other cosmetic dentists Edinburgh, it is a great option for those who have lost teeth due to injury or dental diseases.

Long-term solution

Unlike dentures, dental implants are built to last. Traditional bridges, on one hand, may last approximately five to seven years – or even a decade when taken care of properly. Dental implants can last you a lifetime, with periodic check-ups and adjustments from your dentists. However, this does not mean you will not treat them like natural teeth. They need to be cared for properly to last.

Protect your bones

Although some may not be aware, losing a tooth affects your jawline and facial bones. When you get dental implants, you take care of these, too, since you are actually getting “new” teeth (although not natural) implanted.

Keep in mind that you do not easily see the symptoms of unhealthy tooth and gums. This is why seeing your dentist at least once or twice a year is advisable. This may help your dentist deal with any issues immediately and keep you from losing any tooth.

Dental Implant

A Tooth Implant May Be the Best Solution to Missing Tooth

Dental ImplantIndeed, dental care has gone a long way. You are no longer limited to using false teeth or bridges for your dental concerns. With tooth implants, teeth still function normally and the affected tooth is replaced without the possibility of damaging nearby teeth.

What is a Tooth Implant?

As the name suggests, a tooth implant is a dental device that is implanted or embedded in the jawbone. Since a tooth implant acts as the root of the tooth, it needs to osseointegrate and heal. In most cases, the material used for the tooth implant is made of titanium, which is recognised for its strength and durability.

Once the tooth implant is in place, a dental crown is then attached by your dentist. This crown is made to match the existing teeth. And because of its strong base, the tooth can function like any other healthy tooth.

Benefits of Using Tooth Implants

A tooth implant gives you proper teeth functions that false teeth or dentures cannot provide. There would be no damage to nearby teeth unlike when you use bridges.

Another benefit would be the prevention of further bone loss. The dentist gives the tooth implant time to integrate fully with the jawbone before attaching the crown.

Clinicians from Sheen Dental Implants mention two kinds of dental implants: single tooth restoration or complex full mouth rehabilitation, which may involve bone restoration.  If you use dentures, this means they can be stabilised when attached to the implant. In this way, damage may be prevented with minimal teeth loosening.

When attached properly, a tooth implant offers comfort and an improved appearance. This allows you to  chew food like you would with a natural tooth.