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Readying Your Little Ones for Kindergarten: Some Things to Know

Children at a kindergartenTime flies fast. Before you know it, your little one is due for their first day of school. When that happens, you want nothing else for them to be fully prepared as they start this new learning chapter in their life. There’s no better person to help them do that than yourself as their parent. That’s why to fulfill this role, here are a few guides you could teach them right before they officially enter the academe:

Separation Anxiety

No parent wants to see or hear their babies cry because they don’t want to be left alone at school. Parents struggle to get past this stage, but the good news is there are tricks to help your child overcome separation anxiety. One good way is to come up with a goodbye routine (like giving them a kiss, hug, and special gesture) and ensure them that you’ll be seeing each other after class. This way they’ll feel more positive and at ease as you leave them at school.

Physical Readiness

As your little ones enter a preschool program in Phoenix, AZ, the center might likely require their participation in various activities. Help build up their stamina by giving them things to work on, like Lego blocks, puzzles and etc. This would help improve their physical energy as well as train their level of concentration in doing tasks. Another thing to check is their nap schedules. If you notice that they often take long naps during the day, then you might have to reconsider the idea of sending them to school yet.

Social Skills

As you send your little ones to school, they will meet and encounter a variety of people. One of the biggest worries of every parent is how their kids will react to this sudden change. That’s why to prepare them for this, it’s always good to have them go to public parks where they could also meet and interact with other kids. This way they could slowly come up with their own method when dealing with a new face. It’ll also help them feel less awkward whenever they’re in a crowd. You may also consult your child’s pediatrician for recommendations on improving their social skills.

Support your child’s overall growth and development as you let them enter a school for the very first time with these tips. There’s no better way to harness their learning than to start it in your homes.

Importance of Preschool Education for Kids

Woman teaching the preschool kids in schoolThe first time your little one steps out of your home is probably to attend a preschool. This is one of the “firsts” in your child’s life: the first time they are out of your reach for more than a couple of hours. A Kearns preschool can nurture your child in his or her early years.

Here are some benefits when you start them young:

Structured Learning

A preschool, by design, provides children learning in a comfortable environment. There are some things only a teacher, and their peers can teach. The atmosphere, the settings, and the activities of preschool are in such a way that makes the child feel at ease and secure.

They afford children a certain amount of freedom within the rooms and allowed moving around, unlike a traditional school with desks. They learn through play, charts, blocks, non-toxic clay, worksheets, toys, and other learning games.

A Venue for Communication

A preschool is a place where your little one learns to communicate and interact with adults and children of their age. This helps a great deal in laying a solid foundation for the child’s development. Children who attend preschool have more self-confidence.

Besides getting excellent grades, the children will also exhibit evolved social skills, which they will need when they are older. Since the environment is a playful one, the children tend to learn quickly.

Learn to Take Care of Themselves

When they attend playschool, the children learn that there are places besides home that can be safe and fun. They learn the importance of time, they wash hands on their own, get toilet trained, eat simple snacks on their own, keep the books, and toys in their assigned places after use and much more.

They learn to share and to follow instructions.  The teachers at preschools are experts, and they encourage the children to ask questions and remain curious.

Some preschools also teach children the art of counting numbers, recognize, and read the alphabet, recite nursery rhymes, solve small puzzles, learn selected games which helps improve motor skills and much more. Thus, preschools help children learn a lot of basic stuff in a fun filled and friendly atmosphere.

Ways to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Very Special

Child's Birthday PartyIt is undeniable that many parents want to give their kids a very special birthday celebration. After all, birthdays do come only once a year, so making it memorable should be a top priority.

Whatever theme you decide on, ranchatsanpatricio.com suggests choosing a party venue that can also provide decor and rentals. If you are among those parents who wish to make their kid’s birthday celebration memorable, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Throw a Lego-themed birthday party

Many children love Legos. If your kid is also a brick lover, throwing a Lego-themed party for their next birthday makes them feel very special. There are tons of birthday party ideas related to this theme. You may get some inspiration from different views posted on the Internet.

For instance, you can hang a Lego party lantern as part of the decoration. You can even make your straws, cups, and plates Lego-themed, too.

Have them wear a birthday shirt

You may want to make your child feel they are very special on their big day. As such, have them wear a customized shirt that says, “Today is my birthday. I’m seven.” Additionally, you can make a birthday button or a birthday crown that they can wear throughout their special day.

This trick will certainly make them feel they are appreciated and loved as they could get birthday greets from people who see them wearing these things.

Create a personalized birthday book

You can never go wrong with this one. Your child will surely be delighted upon seeing their name and story in this book. Moreover, your child will treasure this type of gift for the rest of his or her life.

Consider hiring clowns

Everyone, including kids and adults, loves to watch a clown doing performances and magical tricks. They are perfect entertainers for birthday parties. Thus, it is a good idea to hire a clown for your child’s party to keep all your guests amused. Make sure to discuss the clown’s activities before you hire them.

Most parents love to make their child’s birthday special. Doing so, however, requires creativity and hard work. The suggestions above could help you throw a memorable birthday celebration for your kid.