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3 Types of Learning a Preschool Should Have in the Curriculum

Child PreschoolPreschool can be terrifying to some parents because it may be the first time that they will entrust their kids to other people. However, you have to face this because your kid will definitely learn a lot of things outside the four corners of your home. When assessing various preschools, you should keep in mind that learning is holistic. Here are three aspects of learning that they should incorporate into their curriculum.


Cognitive is the learning which relates to the brain or the intellect of the child. This involves recognizing shapes, learning how to read and write, and recognize sounds. This is important during the formative years of any child. That’s why most of the curriculum revolves around cognitive learning. Simple activities like storytelling, reading, watching education films, and using flash cards can help develop your child’s intellect.


Aside from cognitive learning, your child will also be exposed to more people and more social situations when they go to preschool. That’s why they will also learn some social skills in the process. The preschool should incorporate group activities to encourage kids, especially those who are shy, to develop their social skills and be more at ease with their teachers and classmates.


Your child will also develop their physical or motor skills in preschool. They are still growing, so this is important to help them use their bodies more efficiently. The preschool’s outdoor play equipment should only come from the most trusted manufacturers to ensure the safety of their students. They should also have regular cleaning and maintenance schedules for the playground.

Cognitive, social, and physical learning all happens in preschool, and the school you will choose should know how to incorporate all these skills to maximize the learning your child gets during the formative years. Be careful in choosing and don’t settle until you find a preschool that you can entrust your child to.

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Factors Giving Academic Problems

Child Development in New YorkThe education system is designed to deliver gradual learning in order to give children time to cope effectively. However, despite the educational sector’s tedious planning, a lot of students still tend to flunk or have problems in certain subjects. This is not rare, but before the kids are scolded, understanding the various factors affecting their performance should first be understood. Sometimes, they are already doing their best.

Tightly packed schedule

Going to school is not all about the academics and surely not just facing the books. There are extracurricular activities like clubs and sports that would exhaust the kids physically and decrease their capacity to learn. Also, with most of these events happening after school hours, children are left with shorter time and strength for studying at home.

Teachers need to be questioned

The ability of a kid to learn is based on the teaching capacity of a teacher. They may have several degrees, but there will always be some who are not going to be as effective as they claim to be.

In this case, it is up to the student to cope up and self-study, which is a little bit hard to do for the much younger ones and those in need of further supervision.

Difference in learning styles

Despite being attentive, if students are not taught in a manner they are comfortable, they would find it hard to understand. There will be some who prefer having written materials, doing a hands-on application, or be presented with images.

With their needs not being met, they are left doing some additional personal effort. In such cases, Central Park Tutors recommend seeking help from tutoring centers in the NYC communities.

Seeing their children with low grades immediately marks a red light for parents. Though, instead of scolding, finding the root of the problem and providing a real solution should be done. It is an effort that will be good not just for the grades, but for the kid as well.