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3 Common Car Rental Mistakes You Should Avoid

a girl drivingSeveral situations may require a car rental. It could be that you want to go out on a vacation trip with the entire family or go on an adventure with friends. It could also be that you own a car, but it isn’t as big to accommodate the people you plan to take with you (and their belongings).

The best option would indeed be a car rental. Before anything else, you should learn about the common car rental mistakes that could cost a fortune. You wouldn’t want your car rental experience to become a nightmare, right? This guide highlights some of the pitfalls to check on.

1. Renting a car at the airport

A rental business at the airport can be expensive, as they are highly taxed compared to those operating from farther and remote areas. Therefore, as Warner Vans of Utah and other experts explain, as much as renting a car at the airport is convenient, it can save you as much as half of the price if you look for a sprinter or any other car service elsewhere.

2. Failure to carry out pre-rental inspection

Remember that you’re not the only client using these cars. Other clients might have used the car and have tampered with it in one way or another. Therefore, it’s best to check the condition of the front and rear lights. Do a walk-around with the agents to see if there are spots, dents, scratches, stains, and damages to the car’s components. If you notice any issue, ensure that you note down and let the agent know. Failure to do the inspection could mean you coming back to pay for damages that you were never responsible for.

3. Failure to work pricing plans

Some companies prefer customers who rent cars for more extended periods than those renting just for a few days. Consequently, such dealerships tend to set lower prices for clients who hire their cars for a week and more, but overprice those going on two to three days trips. Therefore, it would be ideal to see if your car rental shop uses such pricing structures and see if you can extend the period a little more.

There are many advantages that come with using rental cars. But at the same time, rental cars also come with a fair share of their troubles. You must be careful, especially in budgeting, so you don’t spend your cash unnecessarily.

Top 3 Indicators of a Damaged Car Battery

a girl checking her carSometimes, car batteries can make matters seem more complicated than they are. Remember, the condition of the battery affects the functioning and performance of your engine. As such, a failing battery translates to constant breakdowns. This is why having some knowledge on the signs and symptoms of battery failure is critical. Formula Motorsports shares some of the ways to know if your car battery needs a replacement.

Engine cranks but doesn’t start​

It often happens when you turn the key. There are many causes of the failure of your vehicle to start, but the main problem is always with your battery. However vigorous the cranking may sound, your battery could just be some volts short of what your car engine requires taking off. At this point, you’ll need to hunt for a new engine.

No lights​

When the alternator isn’t running, your battery powers all the lighting in your vehicle. Therefore, if your car seems to fail on all lighting and other accessory functioning, then the battery should be the first thing to check on. The chances are that its wiring is loose, the fluids aren’t at their optimum, or it’s totally damaged beyond repair. The best decision to go for at this point is to set aside funds for a new battery.

Frequent jumpstarts​

Occasionally, your car might need to be jumped to start it off. That shouldn’t raise your eyebrows since sometimes the engine might get affected by prevailing conditions such as freezing weather. Your car shouldn’t be jumpstarted more than twice a week. If such is the situation with your vehicle, the issue is obviously with your battery.

Car battery failure is mostly caused by negligence. The fact that your car is running smoothly doesn’t mean everything with its battery is okay. As you take your car to the garage for repairs, take time to check on the state of your battery as well. Tighten loose wires, ensure the fluids are at their optimum levels, and your battery will last you longer.

Why You Should Avoid a Car Accident at All Costs

a car accidentCar owners want to avoid a road accident more than ever, as prices for parts and repairs in the U.S. have increased by more than 61% in 2017. New technologies contribute to higher costs, including the one being developed by Porsche. The carmaker has been developing augmented reality glasses for car repairs.

Even if you don’t use high-tech solutions for car repairs, the higher prices can mean a bigger chance of your vehicle being totaled in an accident.

Overall Value

Jerry Lambert Automotive notes that an auto mechanic in Salt Lake City or Provo may inspect your car after an accident. They may say it would need to be totaled if the total costs, including its scrap value, are equal to or more than the car’s value prior to the accident.

Some states set the threshold for totaled cars when the cost of repairs reach more than a percentage of its value before the accident. Simple repairs may even be a triggering factor for insurance adjusters to total your car due to the higher prices of car parts and services.

Higher Sales​

The higher cost of cars and ancillary expenses didn’t stop Americans from buying more cars. In May, nationwide sales increased due to a stronger demand for SUVs and pickup trucks. The Memorial Day weekend contributed to a spike in sales for both car types, which accounted for around 67% of overall sales.

Over the previous year, average sale prices for new cars amounted to more than $36,000. With the cost of insurance and more expensive car parts, vehicle owners should pay more attention to keeping their cars well-maintained.

Some accidents are unavoidable, but you can minimize the risk of your car being totaled by ensuring that the parts remain in good condition. This includes bringing it to an experienced auto mechanic for regular inspection.

3 Ways to Find the Best Car for Your Needs

One of the biggest but most important purchases you can make is a car. Sometimes, Best car dealership in Battle Creekowning one is a necessity because you travel a lot for work or you need to bring your kids to school every day. When you decide to buy a brand new vehicle, you must prepare yourself for the monthly expenses that come with it. Here are some of the things you need to do to make sure you’re getting the best deal for you.

Do Your Research in Advance

Before you start looking at new cars for sale in Battle Creek, you must first do some research to truly know what you really need. You may have a specific brand and model of car you want, but what if there’s a better fit for you? Research about the latest features of cars and what cars have what you specifically need. This way, you can have a few choices in mind when you finally start looking around.

Shop Around

Be ready to leave the car dealership if you aren’t satisfied with their offer. Another car dealership may have a better one waiting for you. That’s why you need to shop around and visit at least three dealerships in your area. This way, you can compare their offers and ultimately choose the best one for your needs. Some dealers may even prevent you from leaving and give you a better offer just because you’re ready to walk away.

Test Drive It

Of course, you shouldn’t purchase a car without a test drive. Take it out for a spin so you can evaluate its condition and see if it’s the right fit for you. Assess the interiors to discover any flaws. You can hire a certified car inspector or ask a friend who knows about cars to accompany you to make sure you’re buying a good car.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a car. Make sure to follow them to avoid buying a lemon.

valuation services

Selling Your Car to Buy a New One? Read This

valuation servicesFinancial experts often suggest that you don’t trade in an old car to buy a new one. In reality, this situation may even cost you more money than if you didn’t trade in.

Prices from car dealers are definitely not set in stone. Often, there is a certain allowance for price flexibility. The reality is bargaining is the heart of a great car deal. Most cars being sold are marked up in many various ways – the more you haggle for a lower price, the less commission a dealer or salesperson makes. Salaried jobs in car sales are not common; they usually are given very low monthlies and have to earn the rest through commission.

Know the Value

If you use your old car as trade-in, and you are offered a high value by the dealer’s valuation services, this means the price they’re willing to put on the new purchase will change. You will more likely get a higher quote, considering they gave you some ‘help’ by posting your old car at a high price. In reality, this benefits both you and the dealership.

Go to a Credible Appraiser

It goes without saying that not knowing the value of your car before you bring it to a dealership is one of the most common mistakes car sellers and prospective buyers make. Always, always get a credible and written appraisal from a company you trust that offers valuation services. You have the Internet as your resource, but as with all things on the Internet, you have to verify because not all information online are accurate.

A foolproof method of getting the most out of your used car is to sell it yourself to direct buyer. You just need to have the accurate appraisal and from there, you can negotiate with potential buyers. It saves you the possibility of getting ripped off or getting an unfit return on your car.