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Saving Fuel Starts with Your Tires

Auto Mechanic Examining a TireYou can’t be fuel efficient if you’re driving with the wrong tires. You need tires that are appropriate to where you are and your particular driving conditions. Winter tires won’t be fuel efficient in sunny Florida, for example, and summer tires won’t do a lot of good in snowy conditions.

Several manufacturers advertise fuel-efficient tires — but gaining the most mileage for those tires requires driving in roads and conditions that those tires were designed for. Companies such as Armstrong Tire say tire treads change depending on their primary use, and in states with little or no snow — shallower treads should provide better fuel efficiency. Shallower treads have more traction, increasing both your fuel efficiency and speed.

City Roads or Highways?

Opting to change wheel size can contribute to better fuel efficiency — but this also depends on your particular route. Smaller wheels and smaller tires are good options if you mostly drive around the city. Smaller wheels weigh less and have less standing inertia when coming from a complete stop. However, if you drive through the highways regularly, smaller wheels become more of a liability. For driving at constant high speeds, a bigger wheel is more desirable. Bigger wheels put less stress on your engines at higher cruising speeds — but are less efficient when starting and stopping. If you’re somewhere between city-driving and highway-driving, stick to tires the same size as the stock tires that came with your car.

Proper Maintenance

The condition of your tires directly impacts fuel consumption. Make sure you have adequate tire pressure as even a drop of 8 psi can lead to a decline in fuel efficiency. Switch up your tires regularly to distribute wear, and have your car’s alignment checked. These factors add up and making sure your tires are well maintained can get you a few extra miles. Go to a proper dealer when you feel the need to change tires — and preferably change all four. Maybe you can opt for fuel-efficient tires while you’re at it.

5 Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows

car window tintedInstalling window tint will definitely make your car look stunning. However, window tinting in Mesa, AZ is as much a necessity as it is a luxury, as it offers many benefits beyond style. They can help preserve the interior of your car, provide privacy, even prevent skin cancer, and more. Here are more benefits of window tinting your car:

1. Reduces Glare from Sunlight and Headlights

Driving while the sun is up or when other cars have their headlights on at night can cause discomfort and strain on your eyes. Tints can help decrease the glare caused by the sun or bright headlights at night, hence giving you a better driving experience.

2. Saves Upholstery From Fading

As a car owner, you know that cars don’t come cheap. That’s why you do everything you can to make sure that it lasts for a long time. However, regular engine tune-up and exterior cleaning are not enough. You also need to take care of the interior of your car. Your car’s upholstery can fade out prematurely if you leave it unprotected from the harsh rays of the sun. Professionally installed window tints can help prevent this from happening.

3. Provides Privacy And Security

This is probably one of the most common reasons people have their cars tinted. Window tints can help give you a sense of peace of mind knowing that prying eyes cannot look inside your car. Window Tints come in different shades. The darker the shade, the more privacy it provides you. However, driving at night can become a challenge.

4. Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Your upholstery is not the only thing sunlight can damage. It can also burn your skin and cause premature skin aging. In extreme cases, it may even cause skin cancer. A good quality car window tint can help block up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays so you won’t have to worry about skin disease.

5. Prevents Glass From Shattering

Another benefit you get from having tinted car windows is their ability to prevent glass from shattering. When an accident happens and the glass breaks, the film on your window or windshield will hold the shards together, preventing them from flying toward people.

Installing window tints is a great way to protect your car. Reap these benefits and have your tinted windows installed by the pros.

Buying a Car? 3 Tips on Finding the Best Deal

Smiling couple buying a new car from a salesmanBuying a car is a major decision. Individuals, families, or companies who intend to get a car must consider three things before proceeding with the purchase. First, they need determine what type of car to buy. Then, they have to allocate a budget. Lastly, they must find a reliable dealer who could give them the best deal.

Weber Dealers Association agrees that learning more about these processes is highly important.

What Car Do You Prefer?

Before anything else, you must decide what car you’re going to get. Consider how you intend to use the car and who else will use it. Will you use it for personal or for business purposes? Who is going to drive the vehicle frequently? How long will the car be used per day? Asking these questions will help you decide which car you will buy.

How Much is Your Budget?

Managing your budget for the car can be tricky. Suddenly you’re not so sure anymore on which car to buy because you saw another one that seemed to look better. When you have many options, it is important to stick to the budget you planned. The ones that look better most likely are more expensive, so check if it’s still within your budget or if you could bargain to reduce its price.

Which Auto Dealer is Trustworthy?

Finding an auto dealer you can trust is important. Look for one that’s near you, so you can save on transportation costs. For example, if you live in Weber, an auto dealer there should be enough for your car needs. In addition, check the credentials of the dealer. They should have a license to sell and records to show a good reputation. If they have these, then you are sure to get the car you want at a reasonable price.

These are just some of the most important questions to ask yourself when buying a car. Finding the best deal is easy when you keep these tips in mind.

Signs You Did Not Know Point to a Malfunctioning Suspension

Mechanic checking a car suspensionMany car owners in Auckland fail to realise just how important having a solid relationship with a highly experienced and qualified mechanic is until their rides start showing erratic behaviour. In many cases, these suspension-related problems have started small, and drivers could have easily prevented them from worsening if only they had a professional look into and repair them early on.

Although this does not automatically mean that you need to bring your vehicle to repair shop every time you experience some issue with it, it pays to know at least the basics of suspension problems. To give you some idea on when you shouldseek the expertise of an Auckland petrol mechanic, here are the warning signs that not a lot of people know are associated with faulty suspensions.

Misalignment of wheels

A lot of things can go wrong with a malfunctioning suspension, but many don’t know what causes it or that misaligned wheels indicate such issues. Carefully inspect the wheels when you have your car parked. Proper alignment means that the wheels point to the right at rest, or in case you have the steering wheel centred, then the front wheels should face straight ahead. These are quite easy to figure out but often overlooked.

Uneven wear on tyres

As you conduct the wheel alignment inspection, you should also pay close attention to the tyres and check to determine whether they have an even wear. When the treads have an uneven wear on them, such as when one side already has severe wearing while the other does not, take this as a red flag that you may have a suspension problem.

Your car’s interiors or exteriors may look good at first glance, but once you notice wheel misalignment or uneven tread tyre upon closer inspection, this should already prompt you to contact a petrol mechanic as soon as possible.

Get the Most Out of Your Cash By Investing in a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Classic cars in a rowAs you start shopping around for a car, you’ll have to make several decisions. You have to choose a specific make, model, and year, as well as the color and the features that would go into it. While these are definitely huge, the biggest decision remains whether to invest in a brand new car or a used one.

There are many pros to buying a factory-fresh vehicle, but there are also quite a number of benefits to choosing a pre-owned one. Before you discount the thought of looking at and shopping around for used cars, SRQ Auto LLC suggests that you consider the following benefits:

More than just a lower price

Not many people are aware of this, but automobiles depreciate so quickly – and massively – that its value can dip to as low as half of what you paid for it in just its first year of use. And this value loss actually starts from the time you drive it away from the dealership.

The good news is that you can use this depreciation to your advantage. This is one of the biggest factors that drive people to buy used vehicles.

Getting more out of your hard-earned money

Say you have prepared $20,000 for your new car shopping expedition. With this amount of money, you can bring home a brand new automobile, but only of the base model. When you choose to go pre-owned, you can keep a quarter, even half of this amount as your savings, or use it to upgrade many aspects of your car, from the tires to the gadgets and the interiors.

There are many other benefits to going for a used vehicle, but these alone should already seal the deal for you. Besides, you’d also want to do the environment a favor, and pre-owned cars are the more eco-friendly choice.

Car Maintenance: Lifting a Car Without Breaking a Sweat

Car MaintenanceHaving a hydraulic jack works well when changing tires. If you’re the one working under the car, you might be thinking that it takes more than just a jack. Yes, working and tinkering your car can be fun, but you have to do so with the right tools and equipment. You wouldn’t want to end up being crushed and pinned down by your car, right? Ouch.

Getting a Lift

Nope, it’s not about hitching a ride. Asymmetrical hydraulic lifts are rapidly becoming the craze of car hobbyists today. More so because they’ve become a bit affordable with models available for home garages. Instead of lying on your back to tinker the bottom part of your car, which can be exhausting, having a lift makes the job easier.

What Type of Lift Should You Get

Depending on the structure of your garage, you might want to get a lift that can accommodate a reasonably sized car — with lots of room to spare. You can opt for AutoLift, BendPak, Launch, Danmar, or a host of other quality hydraulic lifts. According to Mobil Oil, there are at least 60 lift makers in the U.S. that offer different models that can be used in a family garage or in an auto shop.

The Installation

Installing lifts can be a bit tricky and might require help from professionals. For instance, if you opted for a BendPak lift and wanted to install it yourself, make sure you first learn how to do it from a professional. JMC Equipment added that a BendPak lift installation requires not only erecting the post and bolting it to the floor, you also need to ensure its hydraulics are bled properly.

Testing It Out

Before you fully use your new hydraulic lift, make sure to test it out first. You wouldn’t want your car to fall down from a height of about six feet or so, would you? Such a fall may or may not break your limbs, but it sure could do some serious damage to your car.

Working under your car can be done with the help of wood blocks or metal stands and a jack. They can give you a foot or two of space between your car and the garage floor. In such configuration, however, all it takes is one little slip and your car can suddenly crash to the ground. To be safe, install a lift. It’ll make your car tinkering tasks a whole lot easier.

Naturally Out of Proportion: Why You Should Never Replace Your Car with Fake Parts

Car Expert From ChilliwackNo matter the maintenance, there will come a time when your car needs some replacements along the way.

But, don’t get preventive maintenance wrong, because it does work.

When it comes to replacing your car part, however, never go for a fake one despite how much you can save. Because, according to used car experts from Chilliwack, fake parts come at a low-balled price for a reason.

For one, it doesn’t guarantee anything; this means you’re the only one at risk when accidents do happen. For a better understanding of why you should never bargain for fake parts, read on.

Salvaged and Fake Parts are Always Risky

Choosing to replace broken car parts is indeed cheaper with subpar products. By doing so, you can cut hundreds, if not thousands, of bucks in a single repair. But as a rule of thumb, it’s best to never mess with the following parts:

If you’re lucky, you can get a good enough fake car part that can last for a few months. However, this isn’t a solution you’ll be comfortable telling your passengers, right? There are two other options you can go for instead.

OEM Parts

OEM parts are the exact original parts. These are the highest quality of car parts you can get for the repair. But, considering the price and availability, it’s a case-by-case option at best.

Aftermarket Parts

Contrary to OEM parts, aftermarket parts aren’t from the original build of your vehicle. But, whether you know this or not, you’re probably using one right now if you have had any history of repairs. These do not cost as much as OEM parts, and the quality might not be as exceptional because it’s not part of the original design.

Fake car parts should be a big no because they present some hazard waiting to happen.

Parking Ideas and Tricks to Save your Car from Unsightly Dents

Red CarWhen you just bought a brand new car, even a small scratch on its body could frustrate you. What more if it’s a huge dent caused by careless people in the parking lot?

Any car owner knows that there are unfortunate instances on the road that can cause dents to their cars. Most of these events, however, typically happen in the parking lot. Good thing, there are ways to avoid mishaps that can lead to dents and dings. Here are some few parking ideas and tricks to save your car from such unsightly flaws.

Park as far as possible from others

One of the best things to do is to park your car away from other vehicles in the lot. This way, you can lessen the potential contact that can cause dents and dings. If you don’t have the luxury of space, at least, find a spot where there are fewer vehicles. A good place to park is usually at the far end of the lot or the area where a typical driver wouldn’t find a convenient spot in terms of distance from the entrance.

Don’t resort to the first available spot you see

Unless it’s a crowded, small parking area, with only one spot left, it’s best to go around first to find a good spot to park your car. Don’t park right away when you see a vacant space. Chances are there are unoccupied areas where you can find only a few neighbours. This way, you can minimise your car’s chances of being bumped and door-slammed.

Park beside vehicles with fewer, shorter doors

If all that’s left are a few spots beside a car or between two, park beside those with shorter and fewer doors. This gives your vehicle lower chances of sustaining scratches and dents, according to the experts from Novasmashrepairs.com.au.

When you take these measures seriously and religiously, you’re saving your precious car from unsightly flaws. At the same time, you’re saving yourself from the cost of repairing dents or the need to use to DIY solution. Make sure you park your vehicle correctly to avoid accidents that could endanger you or your car.


Practical Hacks to Hire a Car for Your Wedding Day

Wedding CarIf you’re looking to make that grand and extravagant entrance, consider hiring a car for your wedding day. Brides want to feel special on their big day, and luxury cars are a great way to add glamour to your wedding day. Although the décor and food play a role in how your wedding turns out, a wedding car can either make or break the mood.

It’s essential to choose the right wedding car from Sunshine Coast. This will ensure that you have the peace of mind that your wedding day will be memorable. Here are some great tips on how to choose a wedding car.

The colour and model

Go through the list of rentals from a car hire company and decide which colour and model will best suit your big day. When choosing a specific car, go for one that complements your wedding theme and venue.


This is an important factor when choosing a wedding car. You can either go for a classy, vintage car or choose a luxury model depending on your preference. There are some sophisticated cars for brides who are more into details, and there are elegant vehicles that go way back.

The interior

Before deciding on a particular car and paying for it, check the vehicle. Does the interior look as advertised? Are the seats comfortable and able to fit you and your bridesmaids? These are some things to look out for to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. Some companies provide additional embellishments and services such as snacks and free champagne.

Are there other options that you’d be interested in? Look at the list of the rentals available and decide if there is something that fits you. Don’t forget to ask about the pricing too. 

Rusty Car

Corrosion: What Causes Your Car to Rust

Rusty CarBuying a car nowadays is more of a necessity rather than just a way to seek attention. When you have a busy life, you cannot risk your job and relationships by being late all the time. If you have your own vehicle you get from one place to another conveniently – not to mention quickly.

You should also bear in mind, however, that owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. It needs maintenance for it to work smoothly and last long. One of the most common car killers is rust.

Here’s how your vehicle gets it: 


The major culprit of rust is salt. If you are always driving in areas near beaches, then you can expect rust creeping in your car eventually. Salt water combined with metal results to corrosion. One solution for this is to choose a car that has unique exterior parts such as plastic. Or, you can avoid the roads totally and set for another path.

Car Material

The core material used is also a factor for rusting. Paints used in metals, if scraped and not taken to repair companies immediately, will stain. Automotive professional A 1 Smash Repairs explains that this is because of the reaction of chemicals of the paint together with the metal plus other environmental factors.


Metals are very prone to oxidation in extreme exposure to a changing climate. The cold and the heat makes elements react with one another. That is why cars are coated or kept inside a garage.


You have to clean your car regularly and get it checked up once in a while. If you ignore minor breaks, you will eventually face bigger issues, and pricier too. Remember that rust does not only damage appearance but also the engine.

If you find something that is not right about your car, you should immediately take it to a repair shop. This way, you can prevent big problems in the long run. In addition, do not thrift on your car because it might come back and bite you in the heels.