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Car Maintenance in Henderson

For a Smooth 2017 Drive: New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Car Maintenance

At the start of every year, many people set New Year’s resolutions, such as losing weight and saving more money. If you’re creating a New Year’s resolution list, make sure that you include your car. A well-maintained car gives you a reliable source of transportation not just for this year, but for many years to come as well. To keep your vehicle in good shape, here are a few car care resolutions you can follow this year.

Have Your Car Checked Periodically

Auto services shops like Pickering’s Auto Service believe that it’s ideal for car owners to know what’s going on under their hood. Thus, make sure to take your car for regular maintenance checks, where mechanics can check and change the oil, engine, battery, and air filtration. They’ll fix minor leaks and cracks right away and prevent it from getting worse as well. All in all, being diligent about sticking to your schedule will keep your vehicle running efficiently for a long time. A little maintenance can surely go a long way.

Keep Your Car Clean

No one likes to drive a dirty car around. This year, make the decision to keep both the inside and outside of your car neat and tidy. Get rid of all the trash from the interior and vacuum the floors and seats. Use a wet, clean cloth to wipe the dirt off the dashboard and the inside of your car windows.

In cleaning the exterior, it’s best to run your car through a car wash. Have your car washed at least every two weeks, in fact. In addition, don’t hesitate to have your car waxed. It will make your car look shiny and new and give the exterior additional protection from regular driving damage.

Drive Courteously

Driving can get frustrating at times especially during heavy traffic. This year, commit to becoming a courteous driver on the road by keeping your cool and having more patience with other drivers. You not only avoid stress but also prevent  car accidents.

Following these car care resolutions can help keep your car in top form. While these resolutions may seem like a lot of work, it’s actually time well spent as you will benefit from the extra effort you put in to maintain your vehicle. Just be sure to stick to the resolutions you wrote down.


Car Maintenance: Lifting a Car Without Breaking a Sweat

Car MaintenanceHaving a hydraulic jack works well when changing tires. If you’re the one working under the car, you might be thinking that it takes more than just a jack. Yes, working and tinkering your car can be fun, but you have to do so with the right tools and equipment. You wouldn’t want to end up being crushed and pinned down by your car, right? Ouch.

Getting a Lift

Nope, it’s not about hitching a ride. Asymmetrical hydraulic lifts are rapidly becoming the craze of car hobbyists today. More so because they’ve become a bit affordable with models available for home garages. Instead of lying on your back to tinker the bottom part of your car, which can be exhausting, having a lift makes the job easier.

What Type of Lift Should You Get

Depending on the structure of your garage, you might want to get a lift that can accommodate a reasonably sized car — with lots of room to spare. You can opt for AutoLift, BendPak, Launch, Danmar, or a host of other quality hydraulic lifts. According to Mobil Oil, there are at least 60 lift makers in the U.S. that offer different models that can be used in a family garage or in an auto shop.

The Installation

Installing lifts can be a bit tricky and might require help from professionals. For instance, if you opted for a BendPak lift and wanted to install it yourself, make sure you first learn how to do it from a professional. JMC Equipment added that a BendPak lift installation requires not only erecting the post and bolting it to the floor, you also need to ensure its hydraulics are bled properly.

Testing It Out

Before you fully use your new hydraulic lift, make sure to test it out first. You wouldn’t want your car to fall down from a height of about six feet or so, would you? Such a fall may or may not break your limbs, but it sure could do some serious damage to your car.

Working under your car can be done with the help of wood blocks or metal stands and a jack. They can give you a foot or two of space between your car and the garage floor. In such configuration, however, all it takes is one little slip and your car can suddenly crash to the ground. To be safe, install a lift. It’ll make your car tinkering tasks a whole lot easier.

Two Years Have Passed? Get These Car Parts Serviced and Replaced Now

Car Parts Service in TaurangaNormal wear and tear, combined with neglect and lack of proper maintenance, can put you and your passengers at risk of vehicle failures that can result in accidents. This doesn’t mean that you have to replace every part of your car several times a year, though. Some parts, like oil filters, need changing once a year, but others can last for many years without repairs or replacement.

When it comes to these three components, however, make sure you have a professional specialising in automotive services to check them every two years:

The Braking System

The brakes are the only thing that can put a stop to your car from hitting a pedestrian, an object, or another car on the road. Failure to take good care of this component can be dangerous, even life threatening. Brake pads need constant replacement and servicing, and a good time to do this is when you have your tyres checked or rotated by a professional mechanic.

The Radiator Coolant

Works as an anti-freeze and corrosion-prevention for your auto’s AC system, the radiator coolant has many functions. Seeing that this liquid serves different purposes, it only makes sense you have it checked and replaced when necessary. The more miles you put on your car, the more frequent you have to re-supply this liquid. It should also remain clean and a professional mechanic should test it for potency.

The Auto Trans Fluid and Filter

Vehicles that come with traditional auto or clutchless gearboxes rely on trans fluid and filters. These protect the parts under your ride’s hood from friction. These also make sure that all parts remain within a safe cool and warm temperature. You need to have it regularly inspected and serviced for a smooth-running vehicle, but after two years, replace it already.

Although most auto accidents in New Zealand occur due to impaired driving, motorist errors are not the only ones to blame. Always keep in mind that your car has different electrical and mechanical parts. Once these components break down or fail, they can lead to accidents too.