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Making Your Property Investment Work for You

Property InvestmentSome people buy real estate to own property, but some do it to expand their investments. There are many options open to you: resell the property for a profit, build a residential unit for lease, or even create a commercial area for rent.

If you want to enjoy extra income, then renting out your investment property would be the way forward. However, there are a few guidelines that you must remember. This will protect you and your investment in the long run. Many Australian property investment groups could offer valuable advice to property owners.

The Process of Renting Out Property

Renting out your property is not as simple as offering it to the first person that says they want it. You will need to screen your potential tenants. Some of the things you should check for credit history and employment references. You should also check for a criminal background check.

Documentation is Key

You could agree on something verbally, but written ones still carry weight. Ask a solicitor to help you outline the agreement. Ensure that the terms and conditions are outlined clearly in the lease.
State your policy on repairs. It should also include when the lessee is responsible for the repairs, and up to how much you will take care of general wear and tear on the property.

Secure the Property

While your property is still on the market, make sure to secure it and prevent trespassers from entering your property. This includes maintaining the security gates, greenery, and lighting in the yard.
Building insurance is not negotiable. You must cover yourself against vandalism and burglary. Any other possible types of damage to your investment should also be covered. If you think it is too much, you could ask a property investment group to help you manage your property. However the best property investments are the ones that need the least management.
If you choose to hand over administration to a property investment group, ensure you are both on the same page. All decisions must be signed off by you as the property owner. You also need to be clear on what you expect of them. Ensure that your property is always in good hands.

Missing out on Music Royalties

A portrait of a drummerSupporting yourself through music is tough. It requires an immense amount of hard work, patience, and shrewdness. Otherwise, you’re going to go broke by spending more money to produce and distribute your works instead of earning from selling records and playing live.

One of the main things to focus on is royalty collection. Getting compensated every time someone else uses your music is a great way to earn revenue. However, many artists, especially indie ones, struggle to fall short on collection. If you get most of your royalties, these are the possible reasons:

You Don’t Know What You Can Collect

Many indie artists are not completely aware of the royalties they can claim. In music publishing, you can generate money in the form of mechanical and performance royalties. The former refers to every composition sold or reproduced, while the latter talks about whenever your song gets played in public.

You could also get paid through licenses for synchronization and sampling. If your composition gets duplicated in print form, you should also get paid for print rights for sheet music.

You Don’t Invest in Accounting Enough

Royalty management can be technical and complicated. You must use advanced royalty accounting tools to ease the process, boost your collections, and generate greater revenues. Or else, you might lose a lot of money without realizing it.

You Don’t Have Control of File-Sharing

The ambiguity of fair usage is perhaps the biggest thorn in the side of independent artists. Channels such as YouTube, offer a great platform for distributing music. Unfortunately, they also empower fans to do whatever they want with the content for free. Once published, users could download singles or even whole albums at no cost. The absence of proper licensing regulations hurt indie music artists the most.

In a perfect world, independent artists get adequately paid to the last cent. In the real one, though, living off music isn’t always sustainable. You must have a strong game plan to collect the royalties you could realistically earn. This can help you keep doing what you love while providing for yourself and family.

Three Ways to Have a Good Relationship With a SaaS Vendor

A group of employees working on a program Software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors offer more than an application or software. They provide expertise in a specific area that benefits their clients on a long-term basis, such as a full-service online banking system for credit unions and community banks. So when you engage with a SaaS vendor, you are entering into a partnership that goes deeper than merely buying a product from them.

Of course, you’ll want to have a partnership with your SaaS vendor that is mutually beneficially for both of you. So here are some of the best management practices you can observe when working with SaaS vendors:

1. Include service level agreements (SLAs) in your contract

Many SaaS vendors do not state the level of service they provide in the contract, so make sure you look for it before signing or renewing a contract. If they have promised 24/7 service or 99 percent uptime performance, then you had better receive it once you sign the contract. You can add SLAS through an addendum to the contract, so don’t be afraid to speak up about it.

When dealing with multiple vendors, consider using management software, as advised by MetaSaaS.com. This application can help you keep track of the contract terms during renewals.

2. Ask for the vendor’s security, IT, and financial audits

In a way, you’re outsourcing a part of your business operations when working with a SaaS vendor. Thus, it is important that they meet your corporate and security standards. Most SaaS vendors let their clients take a peek at their security, IT, and financial audits, especially during the clients’ annual audits. If your vendor can’t provide these necessary documents, you might want to look for another provider.

3. Participate in product development

SaaS vendors continually improve their applications to improve their service to their clients. Again, you’re outsourcing a business operation when you engaged with a SaaS vendor, so it is crucial that you have a voice in the SaaS vendor’s product development. Make sure you participate in the user conferences and meetings. This way, you can contribute ideas for future product upgrades.

With these three management tips, you can make certain that both you and your vendor will get the most out of your business partnership — from the beginning until the end of the relationship.

Gain an Edge over the Competition

Business Growth ChartMany firms have a hard time delivering their client’s solution in a timely fashion, and it lowers their competitive edge. The article highlights some of the proven ways to improve the project management process.

The key to running a successful business in the current cutthroat market is supplying your clients with innovative solutions. As competition heats up, there exists a need for companies to make an effort to stay ahead of the curve. Increasing your management efficiency for your varied projects is a sure way to remain ahead of the pack.

One way to do it is using key performance indicators (KPI) dashboards. For any executive, KPI dashboards can give them a good view of their overall performance. Choosing a measurable variable to effectively rate whether your business is achieving its objectives is a good way to demonstrate a strategy’s effectiveness. Using it in multiple levels is essential in evaluating whether your organization is achieving it targets.

Cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’

successful project execution entails getting every aspect of the project correct right from the outset. Otherwise, you are likely to experience difficulties that could ruin the results. You need to have clear milestones, deliverables, and a timeline for your each execution. In this case, more is better, and you should make each process as detailed as possible. Glazing over some important issue could result in a bit of controversy later so you should seek to clarify each element from the start. While amendments are common to such projects, you should set out a guideline to help you deal with them.

Get the right people on the job

Matching the most qualified workers on each project enables you to get more work done with minimal interruptions. Hence, you should make every effort to match your employees to projects that suit their skills, experience, and knowledge. Such an approach ensures the timely completion while avoiding costly failure. It also ensures that you get to handle more projects without the need to hire additional staff or incur undue losses.

Make use of emerging technology

Modern project management software eliminates hassles when executing a wide variety of projects. One click on the executive KPI dashboard lets you keep any eye on all current projects. You can make the adequate follow-ups with the managers. Such a move enables you to nip various problems in the bud and ensure success.

Improving efficiency is the key to staying ahead of the curve in a cutthroat market. With these pointers, you can ensure the timely completion of any client’s project and increase customer satisfaction.

Knowing the Ideal Social Media Platform for Your Business

Social MediaSocial media has become a popular mean to connect with people all over the world. Its innovation has helped businesses reach audiences they have never imagined. If you’re planning to take your business to the world of social media, below are four websites that will help you do it successfully.


Every day, billions of people use Facebook to share updates, photos, and videos, making it the most popular social media site by far. Its high level of engagement is one of the main reasons why Facebook has become a necessity for businesses worldwide. It allows businesses — whether big or small — to interact with customers and advertise products or services, gradually increasing a company’s credibility and revenue. Facebook is also one of the best platforms to start a business or hype an existing yet dwindling one.


Many companies still haven’t discovered the marketing magics of LinkedIn. According to an agency from Minnesota, digital marketing efforts can increase dramatically thanks to the B2B powers of the social media platform. Businesses use LinkedIn for professional marketing; expanding business connections, sharing expert insights, and connecting with people from the same industry. With over 400 million registered users, LinkedIn is definitely the ideal social media platform for B2B marketers.


Google+ may not be as trending as Facebook, but this Google-powered platform is a great tool for businesses that wish to enhance their search engine optimization (SEO) value. Bloggers and B2B marketers typically use Google+ to hype existing posts coming from other social media websites. It’s great for e-mail marketing, too.


The micro-blogging capabilities of Twitter is ideal for targeting customers on-the-go or customers with a short attention span. Twitter’s 140-character limit has attracted 320 million active users, making it the top platform for information-hungry users. It is also the right social media site if you want to lead conversations, build your brand through mentions and retweets, or create a trend by using hashtags.

Social media for business isn’t all about posting and sharing — it’s about choosing the right platform and targeting the right people at the right time. Boost your business online by choosing the ideal social media site.

Gym Business: How to Get More Members and Keep Them

Gym BusinessThis is perhaps the most health-conscious generation, if the growing number of gyms and gym memberships is any indication. The fact that the biggest generation now occupying positions in the American workforce is the millennial generation is also good news for gym owners, because millennials are proud of their fit bodies. Just check your Instagram feed.

Today, it is not surprising to find dumbbells and sneakers under your 23-year-old colleague’s office desk, or for young applicants to ask whether the company has its own gym or at least offers free memberships at the local club.

If you own a gym, it may be easier to find new members, but the growing number of similar establishments nearby may be a cause for concern in the near future. To help ensure you have a place in this field for years to come, here is some advice.

Don’t forget that this is the digital age

The age of Snapchat and Instagram is in full swing, which means your gym members would love to post pictures and videos of themselves using the treadmill. To help accommodate this “need”, offer free Wi-Fi at your gym.

The Internet is not just for your members’ benefit, though. It also means you can market for free or for a small fee by contacting people through their smartphones. This is one way to retain members. Send them bonuses like extra free hours if they hook up with your Facebook account, or something similar. For members who have been with you for, say, six months, send them a digital coupon for a free extra month. Even a free bottle of Gatorade may get you a loyal customer.

Another good program is to offer discounts to a member who invites a friend who also becomes a member. Also, be friendly. Treat your members like family, and they are less likely to try another gym.

Use technology to make things easy on you

A gym check-in software is a good example of tech that makes your life easier. The same software may alert you if a member hasn’t updated their fees. The reason you need tech on your side is so you can focus on marketing and other activities that improve your members’ experience. The little things should not bog you down.

Keep your equipment state of the art

It may mean more investments, but millennials like to be updated when it comes to whatever they use, from the latest coffee machine to the fastest laptop, from their Nike Air Max shoes to the best gym wear. If half the machines in your gym are old or worse, broken, you can’t expect your members not to start looking for a new place to sweat it out in. Know what’s in as far as gym equipment is concerned and you are more likely to keep your members hooked.

A gym is a good business, but it’s a lot of hard work to run. Keep this advice in mind and you have a better chance of keeping your customers and inviting new ones.

Promotional Products: Widespread Reach at Low Costs

PromotionSome businesses may not realise it, but the use of promotional items helps with the advertising and branding of their company. Even with the boom of digital advertising and online marketing, promotional products are still relevant and they still work – 52% of people say that companies who give away custom merchandise leave a more positive impression and 50% of people who receive these use it in their daily lives.

If you have no experience with giving away custom branded merchandise as a means of promoting your brand, then the Speedex Group shares their insight on how these can greatly benefit your brand.

Show Off Your Brand Through Custom Branded Merchandise

These days, the most popular promotional products are flash drives, mugs, and pens. Not only are these items a great way to make your brand known to potential partners and customers, but when they’re useful, recipients can make use of them for a long time. People keep these products for an average of a year or more.

With your logo showing in front of the items, the recipients somehow become walking billboards, as they unconsciously promote your brand the more they use your custom merchandise.

Compared to outdoor and radio advertising, promotional products are said to deliver better ROI. Consider this when you look for a way to market your brand; think cheaper but with a wide reach. While mediums such as radio, print media, online advertising, and television come to mind, think of your budget. Custom branded products are a more cost-effective alternative.

Promotional Items Change Consumer Behaviour

Statistics show that promotional products can change the habits of buyers, as many of them are willing to switch brands just so they receive free customised merchandise.

If your business hasn’t tried integrating promotional products into the marketing strategy, start now. These can do wonders for the branding of your business – giving away these items can go a long way.

Enhance Your Corporate Image And Team Morale With Custom Work Wear

Corporate ImageAmidst the tough competition among businesses nowadays, these companies need to advertise and promote their products, services and brands to widen their potential customer coverage. Promotion through traditional means can incur a lot of expenditure and profit for the company. However, apart from conventional promotional mediums, there are other ways which are deemed effective and at the same time inexpensive.

Whether big or small companies, they build their reputation through many ways and one of the most effective is through promotional products. Corporate uniforms or staff uniforms are a type of promotional products which represents the image of the company.

Here’s Why Staff Uniforms Are Cost-Effective Promotional Products
  1. First Impression Lasts

As a customer, staff uniforms are one of the first things you notice when you walk into a company, store, shop or restaurant. Aside from making the staff recognisable, uniforms can reflect the image of the company. If the uniform looks good, the company gains praises from its customers.

  1. Custom Corporate Wear Communicate The Company’s Values And Personality

Some companies tend to choose practical ways to showcase their products, mission or services. One of the ways to communicate the company’s values and personality is through custom corporate wear or staff uniforms. These not only help popularise a business among customers but also enables it to carve a unique positive image to the common public.

A uniform can say a thousand words about the company and it tells customers who the company is, and more importantly, what values does it have.

  1. It Boosts Team Morale

One way to boost team spirit and morale is to let employees wear custom corporate wear because when they wear them, they will be proud to be part of a team. The uniform is a source of pride and it makes them feel like they are part of a team, which in turn, could foster a sense of pride in their jobs and help boost employee performance.

By wearing custom corporate wear ordered online, employees if a business will feel valued and happy as they get the impression that the company regard them as valuable to its success. As much as apparel is fashionable and comfortable, employees love to wear staff uniforms because it motivate them to work more resulting to improved productivity, and in turn, more profit for the company.

3 Ways to Encourage Employees to be More Productive

Productive EmployeesIn any business or office setting, productivity is one of the most important ingredients to achieve growth and success. That’s why as an employer, you need to motivate your employees to do their best to be as productive as possible. This will ultimately benefit you and your business.

Finding ways to make your workplace conducive to productivity and rewarding your top performers are two ways to do that. Here are some ways to help your employees be more productive.

Improve the Workstations

The office should be as clean, organised and conducive to productivity as possible. TheCaretakers.com.au and commercial interior designers say that setting up office partitioning is the first step. While you can’t give everyone their individual offices, partitions can serve as a way to give them some privacy so they could focus on finishing their tasks. Go paperless whenever you can to avoid clutter. Their workstations should be spacious enough for comfortability.

Give Away Rewards and Recognitions

People naturally do greater than expected if there are rewards they can look forward to. Giving simple rewards and recognitions is a good way to let your employees know that you appreciate their hardwork. You can start by rewarding your top employees with gift certificates, small tokens of appreciation or extra leave credit.

Limit the Meetings

Sometimes, the problem is that team leaders and managers take too much time in meetings. This prevents everyone involved in the meeting to make their day as productive as possible. To prevent this, tell your leaders to stick with the agenda and keep it short and to the point. Meetings shouldn’t run for more than an hour, especially if there are only a couple of things to discuss.

Follow these simple but effective tips to encourage your employees to be more productive during office hours. Make sure they know what they’re working hard for and what they could get out of it.

For Better Teamwork, Try Cloud Solutions

TeamworkBy now, you should feel the rise of remote workers. While that could create more smiles for more workers nationwide, it’s also a gargantuan challenge for any enterprise that needs quality results in its output. Pooling human resources in one office seems like a sounder decision than pooling same resources located miles apart.

Thankfully, cloud technology provides the very tool to get you the teamwork you need from remote workers.

Working Without Walls

As time goes by, the advantages of working remotely make more and more companies allow telecommuting. Now, not only are professionals finding themselves having more quality time with family, they are getting better work-life balance.

Fortunately, it’s a two-way street. Business managers are finding their office less occupied – having more breathing space with less workers on-site. Gallup shows 37% of workers in the U.S. are telecommuting. Though not on a daily basis, many of these workers are doing work remotely at least occasionally – a far cry when telecommuting benefited but 9% of the total workforce in 1995.

A Management Nightmare

As expected, the prospect of remote workers scares a lot of business managers. If your idea of maintaining quality work output is to constantly breathe on your worker’s neck then it can certainly be a challenge. However, you can still achieve excellence by focusing on results and using timely management tweaks.

One of these, and perhaps most helpful, is a cloud project management software. You can have a worker sit in his cubicle all day and not yield significant results. However, with a cloud project management software, you can easily track results even with workers located oceans apart, cites LoadSpring. Further, with cloud project management, there is no need to constantly exchange emails as your workers can access data anytime anywhere over the Internet.

Add minimum upfront costs, and quite simply there’s just no beating the cloud when it comes to keeping your team together. The future of work is in the clouds, indeed.