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3 Places to Visit in Manila by Car

Manila skyline at duskIt’s no secret that the mass transportation in Manila is horrible. That is if you compare it to the convenience of the mass transport system in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. But don’t let that stop you from visiting these three places in Manila. For your convenience, rentcarmanila.com recommends renting a car in Manila with a self-drive price option. This way, you can explore Manila on your own time without having to deal with public transportation.


Aptly named the “Walled City,” Intramuros is a must-visit for all tourists and locals. It’s considered a historic core in Manila where visitors can marvel at the architecture dating back to the Spanish era. If you want to learn more about the Philippines’ rich historical past in terms of culture, food, and architecture, you should head to Intramuros.

Rizal Park

Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines and the famous Rizal Park was built as a tribute to the patriot. It was on this site where the national hero was executed by gunfire in 1896, an event that pushed forth the Philippine Revolution. A trip to Manila is not complete without paying tribute to the country’s national hero.

National Museum of Fine Arts

Near the Rizal Park, you will find the National Museum of Fine Arts. The famous museum is home to some of the greatest sculptures and paintings by Filipino artists dating back to the 19th century. These include the works of Felix Hidalgo, Juan Luna, and Fernando Zobel. The pièce de résistance of this museum is the Spoliarium by Juan Luna.

Don’t be afraid of the news about the horrible traffic in Manila. There are ways around it, so don’t let this stop you from exploring the many great places the Philippine capital could offer you. Rent a car and explore these places on your own.

Buying a Car? 3 Tips on Finding the Best Deal

Smiling couple buying a new car from a salesmanBuying a car is a major decision. Individuals, families, or companies who intend to get a car must consider three things before proceeding with the purchase. First, they need determine what type of car to buy. Then, they have to allocate a budget. Lastly, they must find a reliable dealer who could give them the best deal.

Weber Dealers Association agrees that learning more about these processes is highly important.

What Car Do You Prefer?

Before anything else, you must decide what car you’re going to get. Consider how you intend to use the car and who else will use it. Will you use it for personal or for business purposes? Who is going to drive the vehicle frequently? How long will the car be used per day? Asking these questions will help you decide which car you will buy.

How Much is Your Budget?

Managing your budget for the car can be tricky. Suddenly you’re not so sure anymore on which car to buy because you saw another one that seemed to look better. When you have many options, it is important to stick to the budget you planned. The ones that look better most likely are more expensive, so check if it’s still within your budget or if you could bargain to reduce its price.

Which Auto Dealer is Trustworthy?

Finding an auto dealer you can trust is important. Look for one that’s near you, so you can save on transportation costs. For example, if you live in Weber, an auto dealer there should be enough for your car needs. In addition, check the credentials of the dealer. They should have a license to sell and records to show a good reputation. If they have these, then you are sure to get the car you want at a reasonable price.

These are just some of the most important questions to ask yourself when buying a car. Finding the best deal is easy when you keep these tips in mind.

Signs You Did Not Know Point to a Malfunctioning Suspension

Mechanic checking a car suspensionMany car owners in Auckland fail to realise just how important having a solid relationship with a highly experienced and qualified mechanic is until their rides start showing erratic behaviour. In many cases, these suspension-related problems have started small, and drivers could have easily prevented them from worsening if only they had a professional look into and repair them early on.

Although this does not automatically mean that you need to bring your vehicle to repair shop every time you experience some issue with it, it pays to know at least the basics of suspension problems. To give you some idea on when you shouldseek the expertise of an Auckland petrol mechanic, here are the warning signs that not a lot of people know are associated with faulty suspensions.

Misalignment of wheels

A lot of things can go wrong with a malfunctioning suspension, but many don’t know what causes it or that misaligned wheels indicate such issues. Carefully inspect the wheels when you have your car parked. Proper alignment means that the wheels point to the right at rest, or in case you have the steering wheel centred, then the front wheels should face straight ahead. These are quite easy to figure out but often overlooked.

Uneven wear on tyres

As you conduct the wheel alignment inspection, you should also pay close attention to the tyres and check to determine whether they have an even wear. When the treads have an uneven wear on them, such as when one side already has severe wearing while the other does not, take this as a red flag that you may have a suspension problem.

Your car’s interiors or exteriors may look good at first glance, but once you notice wheel misalignment or uneven tread tyre upon closer inspection, this should already prompt you to contact a petrol mechanic as soon as possible.

Get the Most Out of Your Cash By Investing in a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Classic cars in a rowAs you start shopping around for a car, you’ll have to make several decisions. You have to choose a specific make, model, and year, as well as the color and the features that would go into it. While these are definitely huge, the biggest decision remains whether to invest in a brand new car or a used one.

There are many pros to buying a factory-fresh vehicle, but there are also quite a number of benefits to choosing a pre-owned one. Before you discount the thought of looking at and shopping around for used cars, SRQ Auto LLC suggests that you consider the following benefits:

More than just a lower price

Not many people are aware of this, but automobiles depreciate so quickly – and massively – that its value can dip to as low as half of what you paid for it in just its first year of use. And this value loss actually starts from the time you drive it away from the dealership.

The good news is that you can use this depreciation to your advantage. This is one of the biggest factors that drive people to buy used vehicles.

Getting more out of your hard-earned money

Say you have prepared $20,000 for your new car shopping expedition. With this amount of money, you can bring home a brand new automobile, but only of the base model. When you choose to go pre-owned, you can keep a quarter, even half of this amount as your savings, or use it to upgrade many aspects of your car, from the tires to the gadgets and the interiors.

There are many other benefits to going for a used vehicle, but these alone should already seal the deal for you. Besides, you’d also want to do the environment a favor, and pre-owned cars are the more eco-friendly choice.

Naturally Out of Proportion: Why You Should Never Replace Your Car with Fake Parts

Car Expert From ChilliwackNo matter the maintenance, there will come a time when your car needs some replacements along the way.

But, don’t get preventive maintenance wrong, because it does work.

When it comes to replacing your car part, however, never go for a fake one despite how much you can save. Because, according to used car experts from Chilliwack, fake parts come at a low-balled price for a reason.

For one, it doesn’t guarantee anything; this means you’re the only one at risk when accidents do happen. For a better understanding of why you should never bargain for fake parts, read on.

Salvaged and Fake Parts are Always Risky

Choosing to replace broken car parts is indeed cheaper with subpar products. By doing so, you can cut hundreds, if not thousands, of bucks in a single repair. But as a rule of thumb, it’s best to never mess with the following parts:

If you’re lucky, you can get a good enough fake car part that can last for a few months. However, this isn’t a solution you’ll be comfortable telling your passengers, right? There are two other options you can go for instead.

OEM Parts

OEM parts are the exact original parts. These are the highest quality of car parts you can get for the repair. But, considering the price and availability, it’s a case-by-case option at best.

Aftermarket Parts

Contrary to OEM parts, aftermarket parts aren’t from the original build of your vehicle. But, whether you know this or not, you’re probably using one right now if you have had any history of repairs. These do not cost as much as OEM parts, and the quality might not be as exceptional because it’s not part of the original design.

Fake car parts should be a big no because they present some hazard waiting to happen.

Safety Reminders in Choosing a Car Towing Company

Car TowWhen you find yourself in a car accident and you need a car towing assistance, you need a company that is not only near the area of the incident but also a reputable one. Remember that the reputation of the company matters. Frequently, emergency services dispatch the car towing to the location of the incident. The reason for calling them is to help bring your car to the nearest auto repair shop because keeping the tear-off parts of your car is very important.

131tow.com shares some safety reminders about automobile towing that you need to take note of.

Long Distance Towing

There are a number of reasons why you will need a long distance towing service, whether to you want to save money and time, or you are really in need of an emergency service. When you need a tow truck, it is always best to ask help from a professional and trusted service provider. Some towing companies are not limited to transportation hindered vehicles or providing roadside assistance. Always remember the security measures in the towing process to avoid pointless reimbursement and unnecessary accidents, or more damage to vehicles.

Document or Get Photos

It is a great idea to capture some photos of your car’s condition before allowing getting your car towed. The documentation may come in handy should any unexpected or unexplained damages occur en route to your car’s towed destination.

Vehicle Towing and Its Equipment

Vehicle towing is primarily dependent on the type of car that needs to be towed. Keep in mind that towing an automobile is different from towing a boat. Ensure that you know the dissimilarities of towing different kinds of automobiles. Also, towing equipment is a very important factor in choosing a car towing company. To guarantee a safe travel and journey, ensure that your car is fully equipped with the right sorts of towing tools.

Remember these precautionary measures and you’ll be able to take better advantage of having your car towed.

Parking Ideas and Tricks to Save your Car from Unsightly Dents

Red CarWhen you just bought a brand new car, even a small scratch on its body could frustrate you. What more if it’s a huge dent caused by careless people in the parking lot?

Any car owner knows that there are unfortunate instances on the road that can cause dents to their cars. Most of these events, however, typically happen in the parking lot. Good thing, there are ways to avoid mishaps that can lead to dents and dings. Here are some few parking ideas and tricks to save your car from such unsightly flaws.

Park as far as possible from others

One of the best things to do is to park your car away from other vehicles in the lot. This way, you can lessen the potential contact that can cause dents and dings. If you don’t have the luxury of space, at least, find a spot where there are fewer vehicles. A good place to park is usually at the far end of the lot or the area where a typical driver wouldn’t find a convenient spot in terms of distance from the entrance.

Don’t resort to the first available spot you see

Unless it’s a crowded, small parking area, with only one spot left, it’s best to go around first to find a good spot to park your car. Don’t park right away when you see a vacant space. Chances are there are unoccupied areas where you can find only a few neighbours. This way, you can minimise your car’s chances of being bumped and door-slammed.

Park beside vehicles with fewer, shorter doors

If all that’s left are a few spots beside a car or between two, park beside those with shorter and fewer doors. This gives your vehicle lower chances of sustaining scratches and dents, according to the experts from Novasmashrepairs.com.au.

When you take these measures seriously and religiously, you’re saving your precious car from unsightly flaws. At the same time, you’re saving yourself from the cost of repairing dents or the need to use to DIY solution. Make sure you park your vehicle correctly to avoid accidents that could endanger you or your car.


Towing Truck

Smart Tips to Prevent Poor Towing Service

Towing TruckIt is inadvertent that you will not be able to accurately predict when your vehicle will give up on you. Even the most prepared individual will somehow meet the opposite of Lady Luck. If you happen to be cruising on the loneliest highway in New Mexico or even the forest-clad roads of North Dakota, the last thing you will ever want is your vehicle giving up on you.

These are the times when you really need roadside assistance. However, the nearest help might be several hundreds of miles away. You clearly do not have to wait for this to happen. Right now, even before you meet Lady Misfortune’s strike, you need to subscribe to a reputable Brisbane towing company, such as 131tow.com.au. Otherwise, you will be left at the mercy of the open roads.

The Dos to Choosing the Correct Towing Company

There are literally hundreds of companies that provide towing services. In fact, even insurance companies and the AAA. Here are the must-dos for you in choosing the right one.

  • Read and perform your research on all of the towing services that you can find. Make sure to take note of their organisational values. Take time to read feedback as well as customer reviews. This should be a good indicator of reputable service.
  • Seek recommendations from your friends, automotive dealers, and other persons in the know. While some may consider it very biased, you can temper it with your own research. The Internet is full of invaluable information.
  • Choose a towing service that offer value for money. Make sure they have extensive coverage and provide all-around roadside assistance as well. More importantly, choose one that offers a 24/7 service wherever you may be.
  • Choose one that is affiliated with reputable organisations. This will give you the peace of mind, as each company will be responsible to upholding the image of the organisation.
The Don’ts of Choosing a Towing Company

As there are rules to follow, there are also things that you do not have to do.

  • Do not be stingy. You may be paying less now but when it comes to the real deal, you might end up paying more.
  • Do not go for fly-by-night companies. Sure, they might offer you excellent service on paper, but will these hold when you need them most?
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask for proof as to their credibility especially if customer feedback is leaning more on the negative. The last thing you’d want to happen is being scammed or receive poor service.

Choosing the correct towing service now will save you a lot of hassles in the future. The one thing that is very important to remember is for you to seek only companies with a proven track record in towing services.