Remaking Wall Decor With Decorative Steel

Wall Decor MakeoverFor some time, wall decor has always meant lighting, framed pictures, wall decorations, and paint. Many people exclude steel as a decor concept, banishing it to structural role settings, such as fences, doors, and stair rails. Many people have forgotten the beauty of steel as a piece of decorative material.

However, metal is making a design comeback! If you want to incorporate steel into your interior decor, you will not only have to buy the steel pipes and bars, but also work with a reputable ornamental steel foundry to turn your ideas into reality. Wasatch Steel recommends that you choose a steel provider that gives you the right measurements that fits your design concept.

Go for Elaborate Fabrications

With machining and fabrication getting cheaper these days, you can now afford to get elaborate steel decorations without breaking the bank. Think of something that complements your home, but would also catch the eye. An elaborate steel forest or a floral metal wall plaque will make your home unique and classy.

Add Some Value to The Fabrication

While most steel decorations will stand out by themselves, the addition of LED light or other decorative lights will make your steel decor pop. Some backlight will accentuate the design, while LED light strips could stroke the edges, lending the design a fresh breath of life.

Simplicity Still Wins

If you are not into elaborate decorations, you can still use simple but intuitive steel pipe designs. Think of a mounted candle holder that resembles construction scaffolding, or precise geometric stair rails and window frames.

This will give you a way to use steel in your house without sabotaging your modern design theme.

Interior design professionals admit the fact that more and more people are contemplating to incorporate decorative steel into their design ideas. You can even use other metals such as copper or bronze. With these possibilities, the prospects of steel as a decorative concept will open up a wide range of design ideas for your house or office.