Middle School: Finding the Right One

Student on Campus

Student on CampusMiddle school is a crucial part of your child’s academic and overall growth. These years are the period where subjects become harder, so are making friends and a name for oneself. Therefore, if your child is transferring to a new school, it is important to choose one where your child will be comfortable at.

Salt Lake City has a wide array of middle schools, both public and private. The task of choosing where your child will go is in your hands as a parent. To make it easier, City Academy and other educational institutions list five important points to consider.

Do your research

Search the Web, ask your friends and family, and read about the school. Doing your research is the single most effective way of making sure that you are making the right choice for your child.

Talk with the principal

Once you have shortlisted the schools, pay them a visit and talk with the principal, and mingle with the teachers. That way, you’ll have a better glimpse on what your child’s academic and social life will be like should you decide to enroll him there.

Attend a class

Do a sit-in in one of the lectures, or simply do a surprise visit and observe from the sides. This is one of the most effective ways to evaluate the quality of education and learning style the institution has to offer.

Visit the school

Look around, walk in the corridors, check on their lockers, be mindful of the facilities and fire exits, and just allow yourself (and/or your child) to imagine what it feels like to study there. If it gives you and your child a sense of ease, then it is a good sign.

Most importantly, always follow your gut. If you or your child feels uncomfortable, no matter how well-known the school is, you can always find another one.