Methods of Keeping Safe While Cleaning Building Windows

Window Cleaner cleaning the glass doorWorking outdoors is the main perk of a job as a window cleaner. They enjoy their work and are always aware of the dangers of their job. Instead of in-house window cleaners, Utah Window Cleaning Inc advises building owners to contract a commercial window washing company in salt lake city for their glass facade.

One reason is that these cleaning service companies employ professionals who specialize in window cleaning. In contrast, the in-house cleaning staff may not be as trained and not know how to clean particular types of glass windows properly.

Dangers of the Job

Window cleaning is inherently a dangerous job. It doesn’t matter if the window cleaner is hanging on the side of a skyscraper, using scaffoldings, or using a ladder and working six feet above the ground.

There is always the danger of falling. The danger gets worse when the wind picks up. Workers on scaffoldings are particularly vulnerable when the wind picks up or when there is gusty wind.

Washers hanging on the side of buildings are also not safe from high winds because they might get slammed against the glass or the wall. The best that can be done under both circumstances is to try to keep level and stable.

Working with Fear

These workers are not fearless. On the contrary, they know their job is frightening, and they fear for their lives. Fear is a big part of their lives, and they feel it every day. They understand that they can make a mistake, or an accident can happen, and that’s the end of the story.

Another risk is the integrity of the cable itself. Window cleaners who hang from a cable inspect their gear thoroughly before they start work every morning. Their lives may literally hang by a thread.

Those working on scaffoldings at least have multiple cables to work with, but losing even one of the cables means an unstable platform where the workers can easily fall off.

Window cleaners know the risks they take, and they face them every day. They have a dangerous job, and as such, safety is always a priority.