Maintenance and Care for Geodesic Domes

geometric pyramidChoosing the right geodesic dome for sale, from the various kits that suppliers offer, is usually the biggest worry people have when looking for community greenhouses. However, when you consider your needs and visit a supplier for advice, you can get the right dome that will meet your needs satisfactorily. That, however, is just the first phase of owning a dome; caring and maintaining your dome is equally essential as it will determine how long the dome will serve you.

That should not worry you much, though. The main structures of your dome that require your attention are the cover and the frame, which entails:

The Cover

Brush any debris and dirt from the dome skin while checking for signs of wear. Community greenhouse kit suppliers advise cleaning the cover at least after six months using warm water, a mild soapy solution, and a sponge. Ensure that the dome cover dries entirely after the cleaning session If you plan to pack it.

Dome Frame

It’s the frame that gives your dome a structure and determines its stability and structural integrity. Therefore, it’s best to check the frame’s support structures regularly, such as the bolts and nuts, to ensure that they’re well lubricated and are tight enough to hold the structure in place. When storing the frame, ensure that you clean and dry the frame for next use.

The fabric that most domes come in are special fabrics of PVC vinyl, and they require extra maintenance and care. The frame also requires special care to continue supporting your dome. Clearly, adopting a maintenance routine will keep it looking new and extend its life, so you can enjoy an extended service from your geodesic domes.