Maintaining Dust Collectors in 3 Effective Ways

a man collecting dust from the carpetWorking in industrial and construction plants could put one’s safety at risk. Aside from the physical nature of this work, workers are exposed to chemicals that can affect their health in the long run. Safeguarding one’s health is the responsibility of both the worker and the company. Most companies do so by having the right tools to help reduce health risks, like dust collectors.

A dust collector, like its name suggests, collects dust from the air with the goal of reducing harmful substances released into the environment and those inhaled by workers. While the lifespan of dust collectors are relatively long, it should be regularly maintained to make the most of it.

The art of inspection

Breathing cleaner air is something people often take for granted. After all, you cannot actually see air. Inspecting your dust collector and all of its parts is necessary, as this can make sure that it’s functioning well.

Never substitute air filters

Air filters are essential in running a dust collector. Usually, it’s the part that needs the most checkup and replacement. Cleaning air filters regularly can help ensure cleaner air. While buying new air filters can be costly, you should never think of substituting or changing air filters of one model from another. Doing so can damage the machine.

Watch out for leaks

Air leaks can happen if your machine is not maintained or inspected properly. Check your engine for dirt accumulation. Fix this problem right away once you notice it.

Dust collectors play an important role in various industries in keeping not just the workplace safe, but also the health of every worker in the workplace. Therefore, making sure that it’s always at the top of its game is a must.