Link Building Techniques for Your Law Practice

guest blogging

guest bloggingLink building was dead a couple of years ago, but it has energetically come back to life. Acquiring links is still vital to the success of any website. Haphazardly getting links without considering their source is a recipe for failure.

Lawyers face the same challenge as any other business looking to grow their online presence. There are ways to boost online presence through link building techniques, with help from SEO experts, such as

Guest Blogging

Guest posting has taken a massive hit after Matt Cutts made a statement about the death of guest blogging. It is only partially true, Google attacked major blogging networks to penalize spam guest posting. Guest bloggers who create high quality content are still a viable link building option.

Content is still firmly sitting on its throne as king. Create content that other people will love to read and a link back to your website will be your reward. There are mistakes that online marketers make that hurt their online rankings, create content that people will share and acquire links from quality websites.

Infographics Galore

Infographics are a creative and effective way of attracting and keeping website visitors. Infographics present information in an inventive way for readers.

An effective infographic visually presents data clearly, quickly, and in a memorable way that entices readers to share it online. Although their effectiveness has waned, they are still a viable option to acquire back links and to entice visitors to read your content.

Social Media Frenzy

You may have content that people want to share and read, but it is only half the battle. To win the war, it is imperative that you market your content through social media. Post links to your content on all your social networking sites. Submit the same content to StumbleUpon, Reddit, and other similar sites. Social media activity will help generate buzz for the content you create.

Guest blogging, creating infographics, and social media activity will help you acquire quality backlinks and gain influence in your chosen niche.