Is it Okay to Walk on Your Roof?

men walking on the roofIf you have tried walking on your roof and incurred no injuries, this doesn’t mean that it’s perfectly fine to do so. Whether your roof is made of concrete or tiles, it’s best to avoid walking on it if possible. Foot traffic places unnecessary stress on your roof, resulting in cracks and weakened materials that can damage it. This is especially true if you experience a major rainfall afterwards:

What If

But what if you need to check your roof and conduct a repair? This task is best left to professionals, but if you have no choice, you have to do so carefully. This means wearing soft-soled footwear with a good grip and ensuring proper weather conditions to do the walking. You should also avoid carrying tools in your hand while climbing up a ladder. You can instead seek help or use a bucket tied to a rope.

But then again, this is not advisable. Whether the roof is steep or not, you should leave the work to the pros. Worcester, MA roofing companies note that it is always best to call trained roofers to perform the inspections and repairs required. Keep in mind that the few bucks you’ll save by doing repairs on your own are not worth the risk of injury or long-term disability in case you fall.

Roofs with Lack of Slope

If your property or building has a flat roof, you might assume that the lack of slope means that it can better withstand foot traffic and is therefore fine to walk around on. This is not always the case, as some flat roofs are prone to damage due to unnecessary foot traffic. There are certain types of flat roofs that are more durable, however.

Rubber, EPDM, and some types of commercial roofing can withstand minimal amounts of traffic, so maintenance or cleaning may not be much of an issue. If you need to walk or stand on a flat roof, be sure to avoid putting too much pressure on a single spot. You should evenly distribute your weight to avoid damage or indentations.

If your roof needs repair or any type of work, call licensed roofers. This is to make sure that your problem is handled or fixed the first time around.