Ideas to Make a Golf Enthusiast Happy

golf club and ball in grassAre you running out of ideas on how to make a golf enthusiast smile? Though golf fans and aspiring players would always appreciate golf equipment and apparel, it’s high time to think something out-of-the-box. So here are golf-related ideas that you can consider for the next occasion or if you simply want to make your golf-loving kid, spouse or parent happy:

Play miniature golf together.

How many times have you refused your loved one’s request to spend a day at the driving range? Maybe it’s not your turf, but if you want something you and the entire family can enjoy, it’s playing mini-golf. It’s suitable and advantageous to both frequent players and beginners because it improves memory, encourages social interaction and develops one’s skill for planning and reading putts. If you live in Charlotte, NC, visit a putt-putt golf center in parks like Mr. Putty’s Fun Park and indulge in a fun game with your loved one.

Set a professional golf tournament date.

There’s nothing like the real thing, so why not surprise your loved one with tickets to a professional golf tournament? Not only does this allow the opportunity to meet pro golfers in person; this can also inspire budding golfers to polish or perfect their game.

Upgrade the golf technology.

Is your mom’s golf swing improving? Or is your husband still having a difficult time measuring yardages out on the green? Take your loved one’s swing to the next level by introducing the latest in golfing technology such as apps and devices that give accurate readings, analysis and measurements.

Spend a day at the gym.

Strength training is integral to one’s golf game, so spending a day at the gym with your loved one can inspire and do wonders. This is more crucial if you have a junior golfer at home as certain exercises are needed to improve golf posture, acceleration and many others.

Remember: you don’t have to be a fan of golf yourself to make the golf lover in your life happy.