How to Find the Right Student Accommodation

room with double deck bedJoining a higher learning institution is an exciting experience. There are lots of planning and decisions to make before you commence your studies. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in this regard is choosing a place to stay.

Universities in London provide student accommodation, but many students might want to explore other options. While there is a lot to choose from, not all of them are right for you. The tips below will help you select the best place to stay while attending university.


Whether you are looking for cheap accommodation or a luxurious place to stay, many options do exist. Make sure you are clear about the right amount you wish to spend on accommodation before you start looking. This will help you stay within your means.

What’s Included

Find out whether you are just paying for a place to stay or if there are other options included. Make sure you’re clear on the cost of your accommodation and extras. Nowadays, private student halls offer accommodation inclusive of utility bills and Wi-Fi.

Some of them even offer breakfast. Weigh the available options against your budget to determine what works best for you.


Read the contract first before you pay for student accommodation. Some places will ask students to spend holidays such as Easter and Christmas elsewhere. Others don’t allow pets or visits by anybody who isn’t a student.

Take your time to understand the impact of these rules on your daily routine before you make your decision.

When choosing student accommodation, think carefully about the location, costs, and rules. You don’t have to stay where you aren’t comfortable. With many halls available nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to consider every option carefully before you decide.