How to Find the Best Compounding Pharmacy for your Customized Medicines

Pile of MedicineGetting the usual prescriptions can be difficult, let alone looking for a pharmacy that can supply you with your customized need for certain types of medicines. A compounding pharmacy is an establishment that allows people to get personalized medications and prescriptions.

They work with pharmacists, chemists, healthcare providers,and doctors to make sure that the medicines that they are selling to their customers are the correct formulation and dosage.

There are things you would have to consider whenchoosing a compound drug pharmacy here in Texas and today, we are going to discuss what those are.


The PCAB or the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board is responsible for accrediting and licensing compoundingpharmacies. If they accredit a pharmacy, then you can make sure they can be trusted and that they are a legal pharmacy and company.

If you find that your current compounding pharmacy does not have this accreditation, then better find a new one today, just to be a hundred percent safe.


Every pharmacist in compoundingpharmacies must have proper training and equipped with the right knowledge when it comes to medicines. They are dealing with the most sensitive cases, and thus, they must be professionally equipped and certified to handle your medications and formulations.

Ask if their pharmacists have undergone proper training from the PCCA or the Professional Compounding Centers of America. If not, then fin another pharmacy that you can buy your medicines from.

Batch Testing

Ask the pharmacy if they send their medicines out for batch testing before selling it to the market. This will show the purity and the potency of the medication that they are selling so you would know that it is safe to use.

Asking and interviewing the pharmacy is your right as a customer. Medicines can alter your way of life, so you would have to make sure that you are getting the best of the best.