Get Covered: The Best Insurance Coverage for Workers

a businessman holding in his hands virtual representation of his insured employeesThere are a lot of insurance companies that offer group plans to businesses. Some offer flexibility for workers when it comes to the coverage that works best for them. Unfortunately, group plans are boxes which aim to address the general needs of the group and provide little leeway for the individual. With that in mind, one point of view worth looking at is how companies like provide individualized plans under a group plan coverage.

Going Beyond Group Insurance

Most workers do not have a choice in their insurance coverage. There is, however, a way for them to choose a better plan. An intermediate agency can prepare individual coverage under the umbrella of a group coverage. The agency can route and package the group sale into several smaller group plans covered by different health insurance companies. This will allow employees to choose a health insurance plan that fits their needs. Packaging these into smaller groups can also lead to smaller overall premiums.

How Efficient is the System?

Health insurance coverage is an important part of an employee’s benefits package. Private health insurance coverage was 67.5% in 2016, while government coverage was 37.3%. Categorizing by sub-types, employer-based insurance was 55.7% of the total population, compared to the number of direct-purchases by employees, which was only 16.2%.

Group insurance does not necessarily address the needs of the individual. Instead, it leaves this concern to companies working as brokers who are affiliated with other health insurance companies. This provides the flexibility that workers need and gives benefits to stakeholders.

In this case, the best benefits can be found by re-bundling packaged plans from different companies. Health insurance companies which handle matters in this manner have a distinct advantage in helping workers.