Furnishing Your Condo Unit: 4 Points to Consider

Couple Planning on Furnishing

Couple Planning on FurnishingSo, you have read some of the latest property reviews and have finally decided to buy a condo unit for you and your family. While waiting for the turnover, it’s best to start planning the logistics.

Real Estate Hub shares some expert tips on furnishing your condo:

1. Prioritize the Basic Needs

Make a checklist of everything you need. This includes a sofa, dining table, chairs, beds, basic appliances, and other essentials. Consider the space available in your unit. Take note of all the measurements in every area and prioritize the basic items.

2. Check the Daily Storage Requirements

Most of the time, unfurnished units only have hanging rods in the closets and a few hanging shelves mounted on the wall. Inspect these fixtures and determine the items you can add. For example, drawer chests and portable shoe cabinets are helpful additions without consuming much space. They can be both decorative and functional.

3. Provide the Right Lighting

Installing the right lighting fixtures can highlight the best features of your condo unit. Expect that your unit may only have just a few light points. It’s better to consult an electrician to see how you can improve or install more light fittings. Adding decorative lights, such as desk and floor lamps can boost your unit’s overall look.

4. Maximize the Unused Spaces

This is one of the best ways to make your condo unit look more spacious. Check out some of the unreachable spaces in every corner. For example, you can convert the space above the bathroom mirrors or under the bathroom lavatory into a long-term storage space. You can simply install hanging shelves using the same color adjacent to the walls.

Furnishing your own condo unit is the most practical way. Plan early, so everything will be ready when you move in.