Finishing Strong: 3 Ways to Get Better Surface Finishes

Metalworking in TaurangaThe finishing stage of metalworking can be pretty wasteful for some shops. Naturally, this is something businesses could never ignore. After all, wasted materials are wasted money.

Whether you’re creating pipe fittings or any other piece, you would want to have the best finish possible. To do that, you need to know the right techniques and tools to accomplish a perfect finish.

Here are three of these tips and tricks:

Speed Up

Sometimes, all you need is turn up the speed a little bit more. This is because higher surface feet per minute (SFM) on any surface would reduce the built-up edge. As a result, you get to have a tool that’s sharp and durable. Consequently, it keeps the notion of tool failure at bay, which could damage a finished part quickly.

Cut Down on Feed

During the roughing phase, it’s common practice to use a high feed to shape the material as quickly as possible. Come finishing, the principle gets reversed. This is because a lighter feed merits a lower inch per revolution (IPR), which also slows down flank wear. The only risk to avoid here is to use feed that’s too light, as this would simply rub on the material, not cut it.

Inspect Tools

What machinists often leave out during finishing is the inspection of the tools being used. Most people overlook this, but toolholding and workholding are both important during this part. An old toolholder has a much higher tendency to move the insert, which could easily ruin a finish. Remember that any chatter due to movement would lower the quality of the finish.

These three tips sound simple, yet these are often ignored when handling various metalworking projects. If you want to achieve a better finish for your items, follow these tips. For sure, anything you work on afterwards would come out superb.